Reviews for The Son of Lord Voldemort
Potterbooks215 chapter 24 . 4/26
This is so well written and I love these types of stories! Please update soon!
waternymph569 chapter 24 . 4/26
really love the story the fact that harry has so many connections and knows all this magic is great! A part of me really wants sirius to join harry but i don't see that happening to soon with his character. Can't wait for the showdown between ron and harry with all the new spells he's learnt. I am curious whether harry is still gonna be one of the champions or is he going to support viktor? Anyways great book love ur writing style can't wait for an update!
Guest chapter 24 . 4/19
I only started to read this story a week ago but it's honestly been one of the best I've read! I have just finished reading this chapter and it was great! I can't wait for the next chapter!
booklover19a chapter 24 . 4/18
I'm so glad you decided to continue writing The Son of Lord Voldemort! It's even better than I remember! Keep writing! :)
Esther chapter 24 . 4/15
Please update! I love this. I know you told us not to write this, but I really love this. No disrespect meant to Joanne, but I personally think it's better than the original, and I would definitely buy this if it were published.
T51b Moridin chapter 8 . 4/11
Philosopher's stone will be mighty useful since it is actual accessible this time. I'm intrigued and looking forward to further developments.

I like what is going on with Luna. She's like a dreamy little mini bellatrix. Its rather funny and somewhat endearing. Hermione losing some of her books are everything and authority knows best attitude will be good as it will let her become more open to serving the dark side. Besides the dark side has all the nice shit anyways, at least this time around mwhahahahahahahaha.
T51b Moridin chapter 7 . 4/11
I always like when villains make sure to maintain their public image. It really helps getting things done if they know how to do things stealthily and without getting caught.
T51b Moridin chapter 6 . 4/11
That was super interesting. I really enjoyed that super tense situation. What a thing for them to go to the library and the trolls would attack the slytherin party instead of continuing. I'm not surprised I guess. I figure Quirrell thought the Slytherin group would still go to the dungeons...who is retarded enough to do that? Loved the chained Sectumsempra volley that was badass. Its nice to see them being dark and not necessarily evil. Amoral is a better term I think. They still have emotion and still care and love like any other. The only one who almost lost the ability was Tom and thats from making 7 goddamn horcruxes. I mean really you want to keep yer sanity but still do that haha.
T51b Moridin chapter 5 . 4/11
Well its good it will be a topsy turvey war. Though I'm curious as to the choice of such. Usually its the dark overwhelms then the underdog ends it in mount doom by throwing the ring in the lava this could be the complete opposite where most of the dark is losing and having to hide until one assassin ends the reign of the light by removing most of their important people in one fell stroke. Curious how you intend to twist this war.
T51b Moridin chapter 4 . 4/11
Considering he lived with his father for 11 years its no surprise ta he would pick up behaviors from him. I'm curious who the girl is and if the pairing is Harrison with Daphne or if thats an old marker. Whoever the new girl is *luna?* I think she could be interesting.
T51b Moridin chapter 3 . 4/11
Accidents tend to happen. I can see this harrison getting to setup many an accident. Oh dear that person seems to have perished from such a dreadful fall. Oh no indigestion. Ah its going to be interesting. I wonder if he will orchestrate the death of Ron Weasley. I honestly would enjoy seeing that.
T51b Moridin chapter 2 . 4/11
Ah apparition without the silly crack. Always thought that those who make a sound of popping are failing to do it correctly which might also be why it aggravates them and those they side along apparate as well.
T51b Moridin chapter 1 . 4/11
Its actually an interesting prospect. To use potions to genetically adopt what would have been your greatest downfall. Intriguing really. I mean the idea makes perfect sense as much as anything makes sense in a magical world where the laws of physics are butchered on a daily basis so really genetically altering people and safely too makes sense. Though I wonder why no one takes on the useful characteristics of magical species like basilisks and dragons using such powerful potions. It would make the pureblood regime even more powerful and truly separate the low class form the high class as only the high class can really afford such powerful potions.
Guest chapter 1 . 4/10
story..please, continue. please, need, now.
Angelique Deveroux chapter 13 . 4/10
Umm, Harrison stayed at Hogwarts for the winter holidays, so when did he see his father?
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