Reviews for The Son of Lord Voldemort
Exosuho1991 chapter 34 . 8/24
I been enjoying this story since I started reading it yesterday, seriously I want you to continue if it's possible.
Thornado chapter 32 . 8/23
Thornado chapter 31 . 8/23
Did you delete Darkness Rising? I went to your profile but couldn't find it.
Thornado chapter 19 . 8/21
Should've just killed her. I don't want her or anyone in behalf of her going after Tom and Co. for what they did to her.
Thornado chapter 17 . 8/21
I cannot wait for the day Ron and Company die a horrible painful death. They're so annoying.
Thornado chapter 4 . 8/16
Woot! I wanna see Luna/Harry, but I'd be content to just have Luna by his side as his ally if it's not going to happen. Great chapter.
Thornado chapter 1 . 8/16
Oh good, I hope he stays dark. Every single fic I've read where Tom adopts Harry to make him a dark heir ends up with Harry going good ugh.
iiCedyii chapter 34 . 8/15
Best fanfic of all time
Guest chapter 19 . 8/4
I like Tonks, but she loves Dumbledork 2 much. Why didn't u say what happened 2 her before they sent her out?
leylinjan chapter 34 . 7/25
uhm... now I'm scared. But I guess that just shows again how great your writing is :)
Guest chapter 34 . 7/20
Please update! This is a captivating story and I love all of the unexpected aspects of characters. I can't wait to read the next chapter!
Reknill chapter 34 . 7/17
Me a encantado por favor sigue la historia está muy buena:)
souleater051495 chapter 1 . 7/10
that was really good read
Asyfina chapter 34 . 7/10
i love this story! OMG i really, really love your writing! i like the way you write about Harrison's character! this story is the best i'v come so far, sooo i 'm really looking forward for this story! i hope you make more update! i am really corious about what will happen next! pleaseee keep it up! sorry, english is not my first language.
Guest chapter 3 . 7/9
It's probably no use to note this, and I'm pretty sure many people have said this before, but on Chapter 3 I though Harrison summoned Trevor on the train with Accio. But then Hagrid said he found Trevor near the boats. Did Neville loose his frog a second time?
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