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Guest chapter 34 . 7/4
I love reading your story! Hope to see more on this story soon! Your a very creative writer and I think you do an excellent job! I finished ready up to chapter 34 and looking forward to ready more. I really like how you gave the dark a human and emotional side to them. It changes the entire perspective on character's like Bellatrix seeing her pain at the miscarriage and her love and concern for her children makes her more real and a genuinely likeable despite all the torcher and horrors she has caused. I also like how your story elaborates on characters from both sides. It takes a truly gifted writer to make readers root for Severus, Tonks and Remus one minute but, turn around and root for Harisson, his friends, Belatrix and even Voldamort. I would love to see Hagrid's character explored more in your books. He was such a beloved character in the original story. I would like to see him more involved with the Order of The Phenix and the light side, maybe trying to get the Giants on the light side.
From reading your story Harisson is growing up developing and becoming more and more like his father. I'm very excited to see how it will all play out especially between him and Serius who is searching high and low for his grandson. It makes me nervous about what might happen, Serius is my absolute favorite character you just love him, even after what he did to Belatrix he's just so genuine. I'm worried about what will happen to him when he finds out his godson has become the dark lords son. As it happens my least favorite character the one who truly seems to be naive, and acting the fool is Dumbledore. I really can't stand him in your story. In the original story Dumbledore is portrayed and perfect all powerful, infallible wizard, who in Harry Potters eyes can do no wrong and he trusts him entirely. In that story we got hints of Dumbledores imperfections but here they show more being able to delve into his mind. You've set the story line up so well! This is one of the best fan fictions I have read.
Micky D chapter 34 . 6/29
Great story i just found it recently however I did notice however I may be wrong that there was no real mention of Hermione after the attack at the masquerade ball no mention of death or otherwise as well as Harrison's other friends outside of Slytherin getting very few mentions anymore please add them into some of your upcoming posts if at all possible. Best wishes, Micky D
v chapter 1 . 5/25
Keep up i love it
ReusableMermaid chapter 34 . 5/22
I really really love this story and I am so looking forward to knowing more. Keep up the good work :)
Diamonds chapter 34 . 5/21
Messed up, my bad. Let me continue.
Harrison does not seem to respect a girl who isn't close to him. I can understand that he does lock himself up and that is a good that keeps him in character but so far in this story he has been wrong to three girls who didn't need it to go that.

Susan- Obviously as a first relationship when a girl is hurt she wants to make a boy embarrassed, just as much as he did her. Now not to say Susan did not have to go as overboard as she did and seek him out when she should just let it go. Its still a fact that Harrison broke up with her was because she didn't sleep with him, she was 13 and she want to feel pressured into something she wasn't ready for and it's a good thing she cut it off when she did but it suddenly ended and she is left hurt and confused and she didn't deserve that.

Ginny- I get that she is on the other side of the war and she is seen as a enemy from Harrison and his friends but she did deserve to have her virginity taken from her like. I hope she finds out what happen she gets her revenge for what happened because she did not give consent to,the right person and technically that is form of rape. Harrison, Leo, and everyone who knew about this plan were wrong and it needs to be acknowledged, because from now on Ginny's first time will be a suject of mockery and insults. It's not right.

Fleur- She is older girl, a young lady who went out with a boy, because that is what Harrison is. A Boy. He is only 14, 15 even and she consented to the relationship every step of the way, until she realized that what he did wars wrong, and she right. Rape is a serious issue and in this story, it's seen as shock value that most writers use to move the story forward. For Fleur to see what he did was wrong is good, but for every other girl to protect Harrison and agree what he did was right just because of war is wrong, it's needs to a shown to girls in the story and ones who read it to know that Rape culture is a serious issue and that is why victims are scared to tell their story becaus they will be made to think that their wrong.

But Harrison was wrong, it has to be shown, war is a major part of this story and that is understandable, but war is bad and the bad things to happen to anyone. Tonks didn't deserve it. Susan didn't deserve it. Ginny didn't deserve it. Fleur didn't deserve it. Even Bellatrix didn't deserve to not get over her angry over the death of her baby, she was using an emotion and that's okay, and for it to be told that she was grieving to long is wrong. Her daughter needed to be upset and show her distraught over the death of a friend, a family member. And it shows that its treated in the wrong way.

I just wonder if it will happen to Daphne, will she do something wrong in the relationship that will soon happen and have to bite her tongue because women don't get the luxury to be upset?
Diamonds chapter 34 . 5/21
What I've come to realize from this story is that while defiantly well written and interesting to read that it does captivate the audience. It seems a little... I don't know how to describe it. But for example, Blaise, he is a POC and it has been told that he isn't one, where is your diversity not only with minorities but with the respecy
paintpops chapter 34 . 5/10
Wooooow, i love this so much. Hopefully viktor won't do something stupid and put harrison in danger...
nini3773 chapter 34 . 5/9
Wow! I finally got caught up on this story that I couldn't put down. I am hooked. Wondering what will happen with Luna and Harry? How will they connect in the future she sees?
purplepanda18 chapter 30 . 5/4
this is fantastic story I love it soooo much the only thing is misspelling
White Magic17 chapter 13 . 5/1
My vote is Tom gets into Hogwarts somehow! Can't wait to find out. love this story so far.
MichaelOP chapter 5 . 5/1
Awesome dude keep it up
AlastairRevel chapter 34 . 5/1
this fanfic is awesome! cant wait for the next update.
TheHollowClown chapter 34 . 4/29
Though it already has been some time again already, I am ever so pleased to see that you are still working on this story. There are quite many fanfictions having this father!Voldemort premise, though there's only very few exceptionally well done stories having this kind of setting. I'm quite lucky to have found this one. A great story, with a Voldemort that's not a homicidal maniac whose lunacy has taken over every part of his life. Harrison is quite well done and his little feud with Ron and the Gryffindors was really entertaining. I'm hoping for some more action though :
Do you plan on 'only' doing until year 7 is finished, or do you plan on going on? I'd really like to see Harrison conquer the world together with his father to be honest.
Anyway, very much looking forward to the next chapter(s) and, as always, keep up the excellent work!
storyficsmith chapter 34 . 4/23
This is a great story, I hope you continue the story
CJ chapter 34 . 4/23
Love the way u r going with this can't wait to see were u r going with it
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