Reviews for The Son of Lord Voldemort
storyficsmith chapter 34 . 4/23
This is a great story, I hope you continue the story
CJ chapter 34 . 4/23
Love the way u r going with this can't wait to see were u r going with it
Serpent91 chapter 34 . 4/22
Well written story! I like most of it very much. I have a hard time getting the whole, liking to hurt people just because they are on the dark side though. I feel as though Hadrian and Luna for example could be dark without liking to hurt people. Hurting for neccessity without enjoying it for example. But it is a very well written story, so I won't complain about such a small detail. Well done indeed!
bring the money chapter 34 . 4/15
I don't think there are enough words to describe how amazing this story is! Keep up the good work!
Lyrsa chapter 34 . 4/14
I've been waiting you, please
post the new chapter quickly :)
emmak6 chapter 34 . 4/13
this is definitely the best fan fiction I have ever read. I am totally in love with this concept and it's so well written :) can't wait for a new update
Princess Mermaid 71 chapter 34 . 4/13
really good do more please
randomplotbunny chapter 34 . 4/9
I can't wait for more!
EpsilonPineapple chapter 34 . 4/9
This is hands down the best fanfiction I have ever read. And I've read some very good stories.

Keep up the good work!
Guest chapter 30 . 4/5
I cried for Theo's death. He has always been my favorite since I discovered the existence of dark Harry fanfictions. Now my heart is aching
Guest chapter 29 . 4/5
I'm on chapter 29 and I'm not sure if this changes in future chapters or if you even read this but right now I would like to see more of Harrison and his friends
Guest chapter 34 . 3/29
Awesome, completely twisted, but still amazing. That goes for the last chapter as well. Glad you're back!
foxee-chik chapter 34 . 3/29
Omg! Keep goin! I liked it! I can't w8 2 read the nxt chap! I loved the prev chap as well!
yukino76 chapter 34 . 3/27
good chapter thanks
beatshield chapter 34 . 3/25
Glad your back mate love this story
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