Reviews for Missing Him
TheDuchessTab chapter 1 . 7/11/2012
Great story! I still hold out hope they will find a way to bring back Jed and reunite him and Kate! I so loved the first series and was very disappointed about the way they announced they were doing series two, but I am trying to give the second series and the new cast a go because I still like the premise of the show. Great job!
callie rawston chapter 1 . 7/10/2012
And I hadn’t reviewed this either? Shocking! Thank you for the dedication though.

In the opening section Kate’s messed up thoughts over missing someone who was far from being just her family was so vividly described, with you putting across her strength of feeling and how they recognised something in each other. It felt real to me that they would have had to creep around in secret, almost shamefully, before being forced apart and that the reason she came back was to get some answers despite her own feelings of guilt. That she can remember being there screaming his name and knowing that she may as well miss him at Bedlam rather than elsewhere was also very Kate.

It made sense that despite her running she had not been able to shake off Jed and that he had invaded all parts of her life and mind, before filling her with devastation each time she woke up and remembered. Her grief was so beautifully described, as was the difference in how she had reacted to Ryan and Molly who would just never have understood the way she loved him. The scene you played out with the two of them playing cards and staying with her as she slept would have been so in character for the two of them, but whilst she had initially drawn some comfort from them I spent most of the fic wanting to jump into the screen and give Kate a hug, if only to replace the warmth of Jed that you describe her losing.

Your portrayal of Kate’s feelings before and after she saw her father, and found out about his liaison with Keira, were spot on also with her confusion as to needing to see him but hating him for Jed’s death evident in your words. Her acknowledgement that they would never have the conversation she needed to have about Jed’s death was sad but what got to me the most was her willing him to know why Bedlam hurt her so much, because I know that he never would have been able to.

Kate’s anger was so in character for her to prevent her breaking down, as was her need to remove herself from the situation even if she had no idea where she was going. The evident regret you intimated as she reflected back to the fact that Jed had once had the opportunity to leave safely but had been drawn back in broke me and by the time Kate allowed her fear to subside and be replaced with hopelessness of not caring what her dad or anyone else would have thought of her disappearance brought more than a few tears. I came out of the fic not being sure if I was willing her to fight to get away or I agreed with her acknowledgement that perhaps with Jed gone, she had nothing left to care about.

Definite tears in this one.