Reviews for Disturbia
insomniacClarinetist chapter 48 . 4/12
This is so beautifully written, especially the constant disorder of River's thoughts. I can't even express how much I love this story.
RionaEire chapter 48 . 3/19
Very well done as is now the case with your writing, I think you're one of the best River writers in the world. At any rate I would like to see what happens next in regards to her writing Simon a letter, it seems that she should have already written it by now, maybe she did and I forgot? I hope she has forgotten about that awful trick they played trying to make her think Simon came and abandoned her there, or I hope she somehow figures out it isn't real. Because she has to write to him, but she'd have to do it while lucid enough to think up the code that he'll understand but that the Academy people won't make sense of, so they think she's not lucid but she is when she writes it, you know? Good to see a new chapter from yourself though.
Silverlynx13 chapter 48 . 3/19
happy happy joy joy,

Have waited on pins and needles till you have posted again. May go watch Firefly on dvd now.
Guest chapter 48 . 3/18
hmmm that's LSD see that kids almost 20 years later and its still screwing with my brain. Let that be a lesson to you.
jjmjmay chapter 48 . 3/18
River is still smarter and better than them even as a tortured young woman. I felt so relieved for her to win her way free of isolation. When that is a good thing you've gotten a raw deal. I think River has done a great job keeping herself throughout this and that is key. Even if she must later become "her" so long as her is herself she can keep fighting.
I think you do a great job throughout having her mind make connections that the reader can see but might not be obvious at first glance to a sane person. It reminds me very much of the 3-4 year of my life I spent in a drug induced haze mostly LCD. You get to a point where even without the dugs your brain which is a computer has learned to run different programs. You almost develop secondary persona that observes yourself and your brain functions. You see all the crazy connections its making, know they aren't normal but almost suspect you are missing something. Its very easy to see why people who aren't mentally strong loose their sense of self or become schizophrenic, paranoid or both. Part of it is your own defense system and survival instinct if something horrible like this were to happen.
schur655 chapter 48 . 3/18
Extraordinary vision of what she went through at the Academy. Steel imbued arms I am assuming Blue Hands are a bit cyborg. Gotta wonder how cyborg you see them. I like the butterfly reference, what is emerging from the cocoon is not what they expected. Her body is to weak to resist but she still has what is left of her mind. A win is a win.
ScifiPapplova chapter 48 . 3/17
*scrolls through emails*
*sees favourite story has updated*
*does a little happy dance and confuses family who are watching*

Yaaaaay you updated thank you I love you! This is like the highlight of my day! As I've probably said before, awesome story, brilliant chapter, you're writing is amazing, you're fabulous and amazing and stuff! :)
Ta! :)
Silverlynx13 chapter 47 . 2/26
As always, I so love reading your tale of River. Please continue to write more
Guest chapter 47 . 1/23
Aaaaah! Help! Please not the reavers! I'll review ok? Ok good. You should write more stories. About Wash and kaylee and Zoe and Inara. (My favorite characters!)
Weepin' Willowes chapter 47 . 1/21
Oh, and I may have laughed at really inappropriate times. Like, mid psychotic rant/torture bout/emotional breakdown/bloody scene.
You can't put
(Pain death angst etc)
(More pain death angst etc)
And not expect me -and other fellow psychopaths- to laugh. Though I normally find the things contained within the parenthesis amusing to no end.
Okay, I'm done ranting. Will even just put the name at the bottom with a dash to show it's from said name, all alone, no randomly inserted stuff preceding or following it...
Weepin' Willowes chapter 47 . 1/21
Welp, I has read what you have asked, many pages, many stories, many chapters. I saved this for last (other than all the ones you specifically told me to not read...) to shake off the initial this-is-weird-to-read-in-excess-because-I-actually-get-the-thought-process-behind-everything-even-the-doofy-stuff-because-I-know (eghads, epic hyphen inhale)-you-so-it-feels-like-traipsing-about-in-your-sticky-notes(whichIhavenotdonepromisedon'tkillme)-or-your-psychological-report-from-a-vaguely-upset-psychiatrist (oh dear I hope this doesn't have a word limit).
Dear omnipresent-hopefully-benevolent-and-not-Cthulhu-being, I hope you appreciate this, and I hope the same being doesn't throw me into hell for abusing the dash/hyphen and parenthesis.
I liek ur stuffz _
That hurt.
Actual worthwhile criticism(you better have not skipped all that garbage or it will be "SHOVE THE -!" All day)
I spotted all of seventeen grammatical errors. Just some lazy their/there/they're and to/too and such. I HAVE PHOTOGRAPHIC EVIDENCE.
Oh god, I've become "that reviewer."
I'm not a stalker, I promise, bystanding review-scrollers.
I really love how it was all nice at first, an unsettling tinge of "oh, we all know what happens..." Then drops. "Welp. Shit hath gotten real, what have I gotten myself int- NEXT CHAPTER."
I may have to sit on you with my bony arse until you post another.
Or maybe go through your sticky notes.
This has been a productive use of my procrastination.
I can't wait until you get to the Session with your laptop backround...
"I can see you."
I think this is what a PM is for or whatever. I'll be damned if I make an account, though. Psh, effort.

some crazy peer who needs to sleep and stop procrastinating who's alias for such purposes for everything is Willow but I will again be damned if I don't overuse words and make life harder for everyone else
Less than three!
Warhead77777 chapter 26 . 1/20
I'm beginning to remember what it was that inspired all my best writing and I think it was reading something a little like this.

I'm pretty tired, so the edges of my mind are completely blown, not working at all. My bad if my reviews stop making sense or already have. Well at least I managed to plug thru some chapters for's been awhile.
Warhead77777 chapter 25 . 1/20
This is like reading rape...or something like that. Why do people prefer this half of the book again? I'm not seeing the logic in that exactly, but people never were logical to begin with.
Warhead77777 chapter 24 . 1/20
Well...It's all over...I wonder what the next half will even be about...

Yeah, the story was about this...only reversed...Completely and utterly reversed. It was about trying to give mass-murders a um...conscious. It was pretty dark.
Warhead77777 chapter 23 . 1/20
Ummm Why aren't her friends like...picking up on this?
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