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Golykkoing chapter 29 . 6/15/2015
Please tell me you have not forgot about the scar on letty's thigh! Gasp! I thought you were better! Joking! I love the story! Keep goin! Seriously though read over the chapter"scars"
Sophiebadoffie chapter 21 . 4/18/2015
Who DF? -who da fak?
Nikki.P2 chapter 36 . 8/4/2014
I kind of hate that Letty still has such strong anger towards Elena. Elena was an innocent third party in Dom and Letty's messy life. Letty should to resent her but should resent Dom (if anyone). But really it is Letty's fault that Dom thought she was dead and moved on (although he cheated when they were together so who's to know what might have been).

Is rosa KIDDING about Dom and Letty planning more chicken ?! Can no one see that they are no where near ready for that? ( Ps not like they planned their first child anyway...)

I am so glad that you didn't have Dom pressure Letty into anything. That she makes the decision herself to

I felt my heart stop at her words looking between Dom and Ava my walls and even my strength to fight came crashing down. It was like the last two months had been nothing but a blur and with that one word that had tumbled from her lips I felt tears prick my eyes. I knew what I needed to do now as I found myself staring longingly at Dom. I was done fighting, I was done trying to be strong. We had to talk and sort things through once and for all. I wanted Dom back, not just as a friend though and I was going to fight to make sure that happened. I had given him till Ava's birthday and as far as I was concerned he had proved himself to me.

Ps. Why is Letty "done trying to be strong"?! Isn't she being strong by agreeing to be with Dom? By opening up to him? If say it's one of the strongest things she's ever done...

I guess we will see in your next fic!

Great story!
Nikki.P2 chapter 35 . 8/4/2014
Ooh the hug scene was sweet. Dom being extra sensitive and careful. And Letty pushing her own boundaries. (Just think-if Dom had been this man in the past Letty never would have gotten hurt!).

Love Letty being protective over Leon. (Leon and Elena together is ok in my book although it is way weird for Dom and Letty to have their ex lovers with them). Lol!

Slow progress between Dom and Letty ...
Nikki.P2 chapter 34 . 8/4/2014
Again with the anger from Dom! And all of it focused on Demetri and none of it on himself...

Dom:"I also knew the anger was always going to be there and the mark on her skin was always going to be a constant reminder." If you substituted the word "guilt" for "anger" it would have been even better!

Anger is useless here! Letty already saved herself (with no help from Dom) from her a user. Guilt might (just might) make Dom a better man and a better partner to Letty.

But it IS nice to see Dom taking it slow and not pushing Letty!
'After last night's confession I wasn't going to push her to do anything she didn't feel comfortable with.'

Letty rejecting the idea of her driving his car was a nice reminder to Dom that things have definitely changed. And I KNEW it was too fast to have her tell him about Demetri on night one..."Can we just forget about that, you caught me in a fragile moment. That wasn't something I wanted to come out. Not yet anyway."

And then Dom surprised me with the biggest insight I have seen from him ever:
"In all honesty though I think we need to address the issues that put us here in the first place before we can even begin to work through the new ones." I think we should talk about all the issues we have with each other from the time I came out of prison to when I left in you in the DR." ABSOLUTELY CORRECT! They need to figure out what is wrong with Dom that he hurt Letty over and over again (even before Lompoc-but especially starting when he told her he didn't love her in lompoc). They need to figure out why Letty *allowed* him to keep hurting her. (Letty seemed to have a good and close relationship with her mother-at least until Dom turned her into a criminal. I can't remember if Letty's dad abused her or just wasn't in her life. Something has to explain why Letty had no self worth going back to her early life. Why else would she accept Dom's treatment? ). Either way, they need to figure that shit out before they can truly be together.

And no more using sex to "fix" things. It doesn't work and it clearly didn't work for them.
Nikki.P2 chapter 33 . 8/4/2014
Horrifying flashback/dream (again-his did the Letty WE know from the movies become the plaything of that psychopath?).

Ps. I would LOVE to see evidence that Dom had nightmares of his own about Letty dying! It would be nice to see that Dom suffers even a tiny bit as much as Letty does throughout your story. Showing him sad and lost without Letty. Dreaming about her death- dying alone without him, of him not bring able to save her, would go a long way to convincing me that he cared about her even a quarter as much as she cares about him...

But the chapter was AMAZING! I can't imagine his hard it just be for Letty to allow Dom in this much! It is a huge step for her. And it's good to see him taking it slow, respecting her space and her pace, not pressuring her like he was before. Dom doesn't get to be in control here! This is all about Letty!

I want to see more guilt from Dom and not just anger! It is so good to hear him tell her that none of this was her fault (of course it is not but it's sad that Letty seems to think it was...)
Dom has a lot of anger- it how about he turn some of that inwards towards himself...? He says "I hate to see you hurt Let, this is breaking my heart." But let's remember that HE. Is the one who has hurt Letty the most. why didn't his heart. Real when HE was hurting Letty?! I was worried that Dom felt no responsibility at all for leaving her. But luckily he says he feels partly responsible. ("Partly" ... I kind of wish he told her that he felt responsible for her being hurt because he want there when she needed him. She could tell him they it's not all his fault but if love to see more, way more , guilt and regret from Dom!). Dom's anger also makes it seem like he sees her differently after this revelation.

Letty: "I'm sorry but I just can't start where we left off."
It's not just the rape that makes it impossible for them to just start where they left off. What about all the emotional trauma Letty had from being abandoned by Dom?! If she hadn't been so hurt by his actions in leaving her, she wouldn't have cut Dom completely out of her life and let him think she was dead, and hidden Ava from him. That ohrase makes it sound like the rapes are the biggest obstacle to her trusting him, when really it is his own actions that are responsible for her not being able to trust him...right?

My heart broke at this kind near the end:
"Don't make me regret it Dom." I whispered.

It reminded me of when Letty told Dom that every time she told him she loved him he found a way to break her heart. If reminds me his much energy has in their ( say more than Dom really). Again- she is the stronger and braver of ther two of them!

Ooh. The hand bolding, on too of her letting him sit/lay next to her in her was too much for her first time sharing something like this with Dom. So much for slowly opening up to him. She's just running towards him in leaps and bounds!

(Again-I am confused about timeline... Letty already had Ava when she went to berlin and met Demetri. So a maximum of 6-7 which time he turned her from a strong capable woman to a broken mess...? I need to reread Dominican darkness)
Nikki.P2 chapter 32 . 8/4/2014
Haha Funny that Dom is jealous of how Letty and Mia are getting along. He wants it to be easy for him doesn't he? Mia didn't rip Letty's heart out multiple times, so Mia does to have to work as hard as Dom will have to.

It's beautiful to see that Dom is so taken by Letty (after chapter upon chapter of Letty being completely sucked into Dom - it's refreshing to see some small evidence that he might feel the same way about her...). "She was fucking beautiful and even after all this time she still didn't realize what she did to me."

Beautiful to see Dom noticing and admitting that he missed out on so much. I know it is mean of me to say it but I am GLAD he did. He will never get those moments back. I hope that regret stays with him for the rest of his life so that true next time he tries something stuoid and selfish he will remember what happens when he makes bad decisions...

Nice to see Dom actually telling Letty about his regrets. She deserves to hear them! Every day for a long while!

Nice to see ongoing evidence that Dom HAS regrets and that he "was saddened by the news and felt guilty for not being there for her like he was meant to be." He hasn't really walked much about them up until now...

Ps. While it is sweet (and clearly a plot mechanism to get them back together) that Letty wants Dom to stay with her to keep her nightmares at bay, I feel like Letty is diving he's first back into weakness when she has been so strong up until now! And it is a huge step for her to show him this weakness! I mean Leon just left right? It's like dotty is leaping forward in terms of trusting him-too quickly...
Nikki.P2 chapter 31 . 8/4/2014
I love Mia and Letty connecting but his incredibly sad is it that Letty refers to herself as damaged goods?! I hope she isn't talking about the rapes! No one can make someone else "damaged goods"! Letty sounds like a strong woman who went through a shit load both before and after Dom left her. What happened to Letty with Demetri was asful but not her fault and certainly doesn't make her damaged goods! How sad is it that after he shitty boyfriend Dom was for YEARS that Letty is the one who thinks she is the one who is damaged goods and not him in their relationship...

I am still confused how in such a short period of time Letty went from being a strong independent woman to someone who was beaten and is now "scared of" men. (Ps she didn't seem scared of Brian or roman or tej or anyone else here...). Ava was only about eight months old when they found Letty. Letty was three months pregnant she. She "died". So she spent 6 months getting in feasibly pregnant and then delivered Ava and then weeks or months later met Demetri and Carlos etc. Right? Not a huge amount of time for her to become a beaten down broken woman...! Did I miss some timeline issue? And the whole time she knew she was living for ava! So I can't really see Letty as a broken woman despite her words to Mia. Letty says that Demetri was possessive controlling and violent ... But wasn't Dom possessive and controlling too? At least Dom was never violent with Letty...

And I will say that I LOVE that Letty saved herself from Demetri in the end-Dom didn't save her, SHE saved herself! Yay! Why have her backslide from the strong woman she was forced to become (after years of emotional abuse from Dom and then maybe a year of physical and emotional abuse from Demetri/Carlos/etc.)? Letty was strong enough to raise her girl by herself, to survive being abandoned by he man she loved, and killed her abuser! She is the very definition of a strong woman! Don't have her turn into a church mouse now...

"If… if you being safe and happy means you and Dom not being together then that's something we'll all have to live with but at least promise you'll give it a go before you decide that."

Finally someone who cares about what Letty wants and what Letty needs more than Dom... Beautiful!

I love that Mia loves Letty unconditionally! :-)
Nikki.P2 chapter 30 . 8/4/2014
I was sad to see Dom take three entire days to tell Elena to leave! Each days was another twist of the knife in Letty's heart! Doesn't he see that?! How much more does Letty have to suffer because of him ?!

I almost want to keep a running list of things Dom says to other people that he hasn't said directly to Letty. Like this ( to Elena):
"I can't, I need her. She's my everything; you know that better than anyone."

I hate that Dom kissed Letty BEFORE he told her he chose her! Sex is not a substitute for working out your problems. (At least Dom notes that their "problems had to be worked through properly, not like this.")

His final words to her were excellent!

"I choose you Letty…I understand now what you wanted, what you needed. What I was doing was harsh and wasn't fair on anyone, especially you and Ava and it's something I should have realized from the beginning but I didn't and I'm sorry. I'm so sorry I hurt you even more, if I could take away every stupid thing I've ever done I would do it in a heartbeat just to have you back again... Please Letty I need you, right now I don't care how I just need you to tell me what I can do to make this right, I can't live without you anymore, either of you." Her eyes met mine and for the first time I saw all the emotions she had hidden and it pained me. ( Nice touch with him noticing the emotions in her eyes! Took him long enough...).

Finally some honesty from Dom. Don't know why it took him this long though.

Too bad Leon made the decision to leave instead of Letty asking him to leave herself. Leon's basically throwing her into the water with Dom ( plus as Dom knows, it should have been Letty's choice to make Leon leave. I hope in the back of his mind Dom wonders whether she ever would have asked Leon to leave... He deserves to wonder...).

Nice to see Dom is in for the long run. That he loves her and is going to work for her.

"You wouldn't have wanted me to choose if you didn't. I love you Letty and I know you care for me too… I'm willing to do whatever it takes to prove to you that you can trust me again, *forget about whatever happened before* I can wait and I can be patient until you decide to tell me, if you decide to tell me. I want you back Letty and I'm going to try my hardest to make that happen." I said gently and she stayed silent as I watched her carefully.

OK-let's clarify one thing: LETTY IS NEVER GOING TO FORGET ABOUT WHAT HAPPENED BEFORE, DOM! NOr should she! She might forgive but she will never forget!

"We can try and be friends again but at this point that's all I can offer." I nodded and although that's not what I wanted to hear I was glad for a start. (YES! Letty ! Perfect! Don't just cave because he gave you a kiss and an apology. He's done that before. Make him work for every bit of trust he earns!).

"Thank you." I whispered. ( yeah! He BETTER be thankful for this * final* chance!)

"Don't screw this up Dominic, one mistake and I'll leave. I won't sit around and let history repeat itself." (AMEN LETTY! Don't ever lose that perspective! One more thing and you need to leave his ass. He doesn't get unlimited chances with you!)

"I understand. Thank you Letty, I can't imagine how hard this is for you but I promise you won't regret it." (I feel like we've heard similar words in the last when Dom has hurt Letty before. I guess we will see if the fourth time is the charm for them...?).

Can't wait to see him work his ass off for her! It's his turn after all! ;-)
Nikki.P2 chapter 29 . 8/4/2014
Too bad Leon had to ask the leading question...I was looking forward to Dom having to figure it out on his own. As it is, he's had help from Mia, from Leon, and even from Letty herself ( "choice"). And then Letty had to go and tell Dom flat out that he loves Elena!

(Ps. Why does Dom get to love two women but Letty ONLY has one love of her life...? I'm going to have to to read a fanfiction where Letty has a good relationship outside of hers with Dom... Just to give it some balance. Each story seems to focus on how Dom hurts Letty. This one is his continuous hurting her because he can't or won't face the fact that he loves another woman and he can't or won't choose Letty - without massive prodding!

Dom's final moments of clarity were great but too long in coming. Is he really that dense?!

"What about Leon?" he asked.
"That's decision she has to make. I just hope we can finally start to work through things when this is over."

Great to see that Dom knows he can't make that decision FOR Letty. That his decision has to be I dependent of hers with Leon! Personal growth from Dom- who eoukd have thought it could happen...?! :-)
Nikki.P2 chapter 28 . 8/4/2014
Love this whole story! The angst! The ( hopeful) growth from Dom before they can maybe get together. It is clearly a labor of love!

I agree that Letty seems to be growing weaker. For a woman who had been on her own and caring for a baby after being abandoned by the man she thought loved her, she now seems to be taking steps backward. But I cant wait to see what you have planned.

Dom on the other hand does seem more dense than a block of lead. When he says she's no longer the woman he fell in love with- guess what- she wasn't that girl after he broke her heart in Lompoc, wasn't that girl when he broke her heart by cheating on her. Why would he expect her to be that teenage girl after all these years?! It's like Dom is that same clueless (and arrogant/controlling) teenage boy he once was...! I get him being a little clueless but isn't this like 10 years after they got together. It's like he hasn't matured at all after watching the death of his father, Jesse dying in his arms, getting his whole team into massive trouble, watching Vince die, losing Letty! Who doesn't change/grow up through all of this?!

I do disagree with this though: " deep down Mia knows that he'll always love Letty more than Elena and that's what is going to count." It doesn't "count" if despite the fact that he "loves" Letty more he continues to hurt Letty! He supposedly loved her she. He cheated on her the first time. He supposedly loved her when he nearly cheated in her in the DR. and he supposedly loved her when he left her "for her safety". It takes more than love to make it work! Mia should know this! It takes trust too!

I'm so glad Letty is withholding herself from Dom until he proves himself!
"I want to see him choose first." amen to that!
Letty has out in way too much effort for Dom over the years. She should expend one ounce of effort on him now- particularly since he hasn't made the choice to purse ONLY her! It's Dom's turn to work at getting Letty. His turn to pursue her! Maybe they can take turns. The first decade was all Letty working for Dom. And this decade can be him working for her...! ;-)

I think one of my biggest complaints about Dom is his complete selfcenteredness and I ability to see things from other peoples point of view. He is ridiculously jealous of Letty but can't see that she would feel the same way. Now he has his EX girlfriend around his house all day... If Letty did something so stupid he would to ape shit crazy on her ass. His can he NOT see that he's hurting her? He clearly sees that she hates Elena and that every time Elena shows up everything goes to hell.

I don't know how much more of this Letty can take. I don't know how much more of his I can take! I mean after a while, Dom comes off as too stupid to live... Letty needs a grown up man, not an immature boy trapped in a mans body!
Nikki.P2 chapter 27 . 8/4/2014
Damn you Dominic! Why do you keep leading Elena on?! Screw you! It nice that you feel guilty about putting Elena in that situation but where is your guilt for everything you did to Letty?!

At least he is clear "I care about you Elena but I love her. I don't want to put you in danger."

Loving how smart Mia is and that she calls Dom out on his bullshit!
He says that he asked Elena to stay because he felt bad for getting her into this situation but when has Dom ever felt bad for getting any of his friends into danger? Sure he felt guilty about Jesse dying and Vince and Letty getting hurt in the first movie, but that didn't stop him from getting his friends and family into more and more dangerous and illegal situations (Vince even died because of it!).

Mia:"But you didn't ask anyone else and you put everyone in this situation back in Rio." Oh yeah! She called bullshit on your ass!

"Just go with your heart Dom, learnt to trust it again. I know patience isn't your strong point but at least give it a try. She's obviously been through a lot and lets face you were horrible right after you were released from prison. Take your time and just let her guide you." Thank tou Mia for pointing out to Dom that he can't rush things it he wants Letty back! And give. How horrible he's been to her in the past, the least he can do is work at it and be patient!

Then FINALLY FINALLY we see Dom having some introspection!

'What I wouldn't give to go back and relive those moments before I went and started ruining things. We were so good back then; the cheating hadn't started until I was released from prison. That place had ruined me. There were so many things that I wished I could forget about that place. Pausing I thought about it for a moment, would she be willing to come out here with me? No probably not, not yet anyway. Sighing I pushed the thought away and instead focused what I was going to do. I wanted to patch things up with Letty it didn't matter to me what she'd been through anymore I just wanted a chance to fix things.'

I wish Dom would be this honest with Letty!

At least he finally puts two and two together about Letty hating Elena.
'I knew how much Letty hated Elena so I had to think about what was best for Ava. No Elena and I were done, I was sure of it. I wanted and needed Letty and I wasn't going to give up until I had her again.'

Nice to see a little of Dom starting to show respect for Letty ( in a way he really hasn't in the past, treating her like a person instead of an object he owns).

"Can I come by tomorrow?" I asked quietly and she nodded.
"Why ask now, you've always just come over."
"I thought maybe I should ask from now on." I smiled a little at the surprised look on her face. ( sad that she is surprised because it shows that she doesn't expect considerate behavior from him...)

Actions speak louder than words and this is one of the first actions I had seen him do that show he might be changing!

Nikki.P2 chapter 26 . 8/3/2014
"She told me she's thinking about leaving.".
"Why?" Mia whispered. (REALLY MIA?! does the way things have been lately seem like a good or fun situation for Letty? What does she gain from staying. Maybe she wants to liver her own life where she can be free from all the painful memories of her time with Dom ...)

"She won't tell me what I can do to fix it, said I had to work it out myself." YES he does have to work it out for himself. She can't soon feed him everything for the rest of his life.
At least Mia points out:"We knew this wasn't going to be easy, I mean she's spent years resenting you." Lol! And Dom is moody in his retort to her... What does he expect? That he can screw her over all her life and Letty is just going to call back into his arms because he says so?! ROTFLOL! He needs to work at it and think about it!

And why is Dom continuing to share a house with a woman that until recently he was sharing a bed with while he tries to win back the affections of the woman he says he wants back...?!

Nice to see Dom apologize to Leon but he's back to his arrogant self right away:
"You don't apologise often." Leon said.
"Only in cases where I know I'm in the wrong." Haha! Only it would be more funny if it wasn't so true. Dom NEVER apologized because he never thinks he's wrong...

Leon continues to ROCK:"I forgive you for LA and for the other week but I don't forgive you just yet for what you put Letty through." YES! LEON! :-)
"I guess I should have expected that but I don't forgive myself for that either."

It would be so nice if Dom would tell Letty some of this. That he will never forgive himself for hurting her...why doesn't he ever TELL her things like this?!
Nikki.P2 chapter 25 . 8/3/2014
Why is Letty withdrawing into herself all of the sudden? In Berlin, she was clearly a strong woman who was in control. (Sure she was with Demetri-still can't figure that one out- but she loved for Ava). Now for no clear reason, she has given up her power and strength. WTF?!

Dom; "I didn't know how to fix it, I didn't know how to prove to her she could trust me again". Not sure either- too bad you can't take back all the times you screwed her over. Too bad we don't have a running tally of the times you broke Letty's heart! Too bad Letty never gets to break Dom's heart! Just for a change of pace...

Dom:"The only reaction I got out of her was when Elena stayed at my house, it pissed her off completely but she never said anything out loud I could just tell by the way she would suddenly find a way to leave." This seems so much like him flirting with other women in the past: he KNOWS it pisses her off and hurts her and he still does it! It's like he's a jackass teenager again! If he KNOWS that Elena being at his house is pissing off Letty then WHY does he keep allowing it?!

And instead of showing her maturity he again acts like a snotty teen and intentionally pisses her off: "Being frustrated with the way things weren't going the way I wanted them to I made a snide comment about her wanting to go back into hiding as quick as possible making her pissed. We'd yelled and screamed at each other for a good hour while Mia, Brian and Elena tried to break us up but then she slapped me leaving everyone shocked and speechless as she picked up Ava and left. "

I'm glad Letty took Ava away from him. I'm glad he is scared that she might leave! ( it's nice to see some evidence of emotion from Dom!). Sad that it took him a WEEK to apologize! Yet more evidence that he hasn't matured at all. If he was really serious about making things work with Letty he wouldn't Intentionally provoke her and then no apologize for 7 days!

Letty thinking to herself was well done (I keep wanting to see some of this from Dom-why is it always Letty thinking and having insight? When is it Dom's turn?!)

'It hurt to hear that she was staying because Dom had asked her to. It was like another punch in the gut to me because he could still somehow make it work with her but yet he couldn't seem to work out a way to make it work between us.' EXACTLY! For all his professions of love, Dom left Letty behind because it was unsafe but managed to make it work with Elena in the exact same circumstances! why does Elena get better treatment than the woman he supposedly loves?!

'I knew what I wanted him to do, what I needed for him to do: I needed for him to choose. Her or us, he couldn't have both it wasn't fair on either of us. I'd lived without him once I could do it again if I needed to (AMEN LETTY!) it was his choice and the sooner he saw that then the sooner I could work out what I needed to do. Leave or stay.'

Glad to see that Letty is going to make Dom figure it out for himself! If he can't then be doesn't deserve to have Letty because he hasn't matured or changed enough to be the man she needs!

"Letty…" He whispered shaking his head trying to form words. I stayed silent not trusting my voice as he stared back at me tears forming in his eyes but I didn't budge and surprisingly I didn't feel guilty about it. If anything I felt a little happy at the fact that he got a taste of how I was feeling. YAY LETTY! Get a little of your own back from Dom!

I can't believe how stupid he is! He notes that anytime Elena stays at his house it make Letty mad. How slow is he that he can't out two and two together. His did he make it so far in life with this little insight...?
Nikki.P2 chapter 24 . 8/3/2014
Dom is still slow with the empathy and insight:

"I'm sorry if Brian was too pushy earlier, we just…fuck I don't know. We don't know anything and you know how crazy that makes me feel." I wonder his Letty felt when Dom abandoned her and he told her NOTHING of his plan to get back with her...

And Dom:
"Let please I'm trying here and so is she, we're trying to make it easy for everyone the least you could do is do the same." Frankly, I think Letty has no obligation to make anything easier for Dom. Letty had done 95% of the work in their relationship in the past: she's the one chasing after him, forgiving him, being loyal to him. She should not have to erik at all, not one ounce anymore. It should be all on him if he wants anything with her.

"There's nothing easy about this situation Dominic. You can both try all you like you're still pissed at Leon so you can't sit there and preach at me to play nice just to ease your guilt." AMEN SISTER! ;-)

"I don't regret what I did with Elena because at the time I thought you were dead. You however knew where I was… so do you regret what you and Leon did?"
GLAD TO SEE A LIST OF WHAT DOM DOESNT REGRET. IT WOULD BE NICE TO HEAR HIM SAY WHAT HE DOES REGRET: hurting Letty, cheating in her , driving her away from him, not being there when she needed him, missing out on her pregnancy and Ava's birth... Still haven't heard it from his mouth.

Too bad she tells him that she didn't mean what she said to Elena. She could have said that she wasn't sure. That she had mixed feelings. That even though there were some feelings for him that he hurt her too much to ever trust him again! That she's sad that he broke her heart so much that she can never trust him again. But no - he gets to know her she still loves him.

Dom still wants and expects to be in control! He wants Letty to promise that she will tell him everything one day. Fuck you Dom! It is completely up to Letty what (and if) she wants to tell you at all. He doesn't get to have a promise. She doesn't owe him that. Glad to see that she tells him as much!
"I'll stop asking questions as long as you promise to tell me one day, I just want to work things out." He said quietly looking at me pleadingly.
"I can't make that promise, as for being friends I'll think about it."

Hold your ground Letty! He hasn't shown you that he is different than the man who hurt you repeatedly!

I hate how much power you give Dom over Letty's emotions. It would be ok if you showed us that she has the same power over him! But it's all one sided! SHE can't resist him but he clearly can resist her (by leaving her, by cheating on her , by contentmy flirting with skanks!) and now she's falling under his spell again.

Can't you show us how much Dom loves Letty? How entj talked he is by her? How much power SHE has over him?! Please?! :-)
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