Reviews for Pickup Lines Strike Again
Hannahdavies1993 chapter 10 . 7/23/2015
Great story loved it all!
Guestt chapter 1 . 3/28/2014
It's dessert (with 2 s's) not desert (that's the hot arid place).

Good start to the story (or continuation of the old one).
Guest chapter 10 . 7/25/2013
that is such a cute story i loved it. it would be great if you could write more similar to this one.
Alexis Gehris chapter 10 . 6/2/2013
Omg it is so amazing and so cute there's like know words to explain how cute and amazing it is and I love how the baby is a girl and named Alexis aka Lexi because that's my name and I think that's so special and great Job and well done on It
anonkp chapter 1 . 9/16/2012
SunnyCitrus10 chapter 10 . 9/13/2012
What a lovely chapter. Deeks is the most supportive and loving husband ever. And it's nice to see Julia helping Kensi. And Densi should have at least 2-3 kids. They woukd be gorgeous!
scalia chapter 10 . 9/13/2012
If I used the 411 method Id have both my kids at home : ) Im sorry to see the end of theis beautiful story but I loved every word of it. Hope youll post some more work soon, hope you get better soon and lots of kisses for the baby and mommy : )
Dixon-Vixen13 chapter 10 . 9/12/2012
Such a wonderful story you did such a good job.
kath46 chapter 10 . 9/12/2012
I loved the story, i loved the part of Deeks panicing about his phone...loved how the whole team came to their house to wait for Kensi to go into labour. Thanks for sharing, congratulate your sister on the birth of her new son. congrats Aunty Sarah.
miss-tarletone chapter 10 . 9/12/2012
Wonderful chapter! I loved it!

Congratulations on your new nephew! That would have been frightening, but it turned out well in the end. I can't even Imagine giving birth to another human! Especially a big baby like your nephew or myself (I was 9 lbs 8 oz and 21 inches long I'm pretty sure). I guess mothers have to be tough!
Somnium1 chapter 10 . 9/12/2012
Aww I think that tied it up nicely, I've enjoyed reading this series and I think you did the birth part justice. I look forward to reading what ever you come up with next.
secretxlittlexdarling chapter 10 . 9/12/2012
loved it :D it's a beautiful ending :)
conservativegirl chapter 10 . 9/12/2012
Awww, great, amazing chapter!:) i love it!
Congrats Aunt Sarah ;)
jmlane1966 chapter 10 . 9/12/2012
You have a wonderful way is writing these characters. I enjoyed this story as much as all of your others. Thank you for writing and posting.

Congratulations to your family upon the birth of your nephew.
It's Lauren Elizabeth chapter 10 . 9/12/2012
LOVE this story!
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