Reviews for Butterfly's dream
Trishata96 chapter 59 . 7/17/2013
I can think of several things:
1, Shep and Kaidan are not going to be happy when they find out that the girls lost B
2, Al-Jilani is definately asking for a death wish. Aethya or Wrex should grant it.
3, Aria has some explainning to do when Shepard catches up.
4, B is getting grounded big time.
quicksilver21 chapter 56 . 6/26/2013
Wow, amazing story can't wait for the next update.
Guest chapter 55 . 6/20/2013
Little confused here. The clone has different fingerprints and eyes and says so in the dlc, so how does the clone have both exactly the same?
Trishata96 chapter 54 . 6/14/2013
you...killed Wrex, Tali, Liara, Garrus AND EDI!... I... can't believe that you just did that... please tell me this is just what you did with Kaidan... Though James found the bodies and he was nabbed for a bit...

Okay, you've put me into shock...
Abionastar50 chapter 45 . 4/16/2013
So jumpy want to know what's happening suh a cliffhanger but the whole chapter was stupendous
silverhawk88 chapter 4 . 4/4/2013
I this story is cool. I love the idea of Shepard having a kid. Found only three, this and 2 others. Thanks for the story!
Trishata96 chapter 32 . 1/9/2013
Vega watch out. Kaidan's got his eye on you. I hope for a hilarious confrontation in the future.

And yeah Udina got what he deserved.
gracie21 chapter 18 . 12/18/2012
I like the connections between the chapters. Using the same phrase but in different contexts is genius!
jadedStar chapter 29 . 12/18/2012
I feel sorry for poor Butterfly she is stuck in that body. Poor girl. Also poor Shepard, She going to go off to war alone without her family... you also got me thinking if they are going to get stuck in the citadel hmmm
Aincrad Administrator chapter 29 . 12/17/2012
This story is so heart-touching, keep it up and keep this story going strong.
Aincrad Administrator chapter 28 . 12/14/2012
I was just stating the funny part, and I agree Shepard was a little inhuman in the 2nd and 3rd game, that is why I like this story, anyway great job with this story so far
AngstyShenko chapter 28 . 12/14/2012
"Voice that could melt her panties." You win for best line of the century! XD Again, another great chapter! I've so enjoyed this ride!
Trishata96 chapter 28 . 12/14/2012
Oh god! i just got the image of Kaidan whacking James over the head for oggling his little princess. I need to stop laughing.
Jack and Miranada working together seems so likely when Butterfly's involved.
Though i'm sad that now one of their daughters is dead and the other with Cerebus.
'His voice always turned her on. Perhaps she ought to drag him to her cabin and have her wicked way with him, ASAP.
Jack and Miranda coughed in harmony. Shepard felt her cheeks turn red.
Damn. Was it that obvious?' Nice to know Shepard's got her priorities right.
Trishata96 chapter 27 . 12/11/2012
...and then Trishata96 passed out from happiness...
Oh god, what is James going to think when he realises that he been checking out Shepard's daughter, who he didn't trust and was only 2 a few months ago?
I love the Mako ref.
Thank you for not killing Kaidan.
Aincrad Administrator chapter 27 . 12/10/2012
Wow hit by a reaper beam, knocked around by kai leng, and tearing through hoards of enemy soldiers, not even phased in the game, but seeing her daughter all grown up and she passes out on the spot, how Ironic
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