Reviews for Bound to you
Fan chapter 20 . 10/8
Looooooved it loved it loved it!
Fan chapter 20 . 10/7
You gonna continue, right ?
Creativedesigns chapter 19 . 8/30
Hey noticed you sent something so is the rest of the story on wattpad? Epilogue couple more chaps? Please let me know. Thanks!:)
NandoAnand chapter 19 . 8/28
I love this story. I really really want an epilogue or something! That'd be nice. And maybe you can write one about Izzy and Alec as well. I really loved this. Amazing job..
Debra Williams chapter 20 . 8/25
thank you for the WONDERFUL STORY !
Daughterofjace chapter 17 . 8/25
I actually could not stop laughing during the name section because my cousins name is Breanna my sisters name is lily and my name is Ella Mariah Rose and Marie is close to Mariah and Clace was naming their daughter after a bath with roses
JtheReader chapter 20 . 8/24
Are you going to be continuing this story then? I love it!
sophiecampbellbower chapter 20 . 8/24
Is this story finished? Or are you still updating?
Guest chapter 20 . 8/24
It's nice to see you but will you still be updating on this story as a love this one :-)
hannah chapter 19 . 7/29
awww that was a good story and had a sweet ending
Guest chapter 19 . 7/28
Update please!
alisha24 chapter 19 . 6/28
omg this was carayzay but I love it do much thank you
crazyphoenix26 chapter 19 . 5/11
update ASAP. NOW. IDC if you are busy. I'm waiting. come on. I'm dying...
crazyphoenix26 chapter 19 . 4/26
I love it. Its really good
ASPIE chapter 19 . 3/16
I just found your story and I read the hole thing in a day. I love your writing. I loved the beginning where jace and clary could't stand each other and I love isabelle and alecs relationship and their awesome insults to each other. Your a really good writer
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