Reviews for Not In Our Favor
insidejokepartyof1 chapter 60 . 3/4
OMG where to start? I have REALLY enjoyed reading this story, and can't wait to read some more Peeta POV's as you get them added in. Anyhow I thought I might point out that I saw several times throughout the story where you typed purposed instead of proposed. It was freakin' hilarious how Haymitch got to hear and just HAD to comment on Kat and Peeta's sex life. I had a suspicion that Gale's dad was Snow's character before you confirmed it. I also knew what was up with Hazelle the moment you had Kat and Peeta catching Hazelle giving medication to Kat's mom. I'm not sure how many more Peeta POV's you plan on writing or if you plan on writing maybe a sequel to this story. But I would LOVE to see any POV on Kat and Peeta renewing their vows. Anyhow I know I am forgetting to comment on something, but can't call to mind what at the moment. I started reading this story Sunday night and finished it Wednesday morning...see I had to keep reading until I finished up to current I enjoyed it so much. Anyhow can't wait to read more, soon hopefully. :)
Louise Mooney chapter 60 . 2/17
I have loved this story and I especially like that you have added Peeta's view too. I can't wait to read the next installment. Hope you have plenty of time so you can write more...I love your story and your writing is fantastic. This story is fab! Thank you for sharing xx
LSU lovePurple liveGold chapter 60 . 2/9
I love reading from Peeta's pov! this is honestly my favorite story, I love it! please update soon!1
Shanna319 chapter 60 . 2/8
Amazing as always my dear. I love reading the extension of this story. It was a beautiful journey you took us on and im glad i get to continue to enjoy it :) great job! Looking fwd to part 3!
mansts chapter 60 . 2/8
They are trully adorable!
Violet Ace chapter 60 . 2/5
So adorable! I can't handle the cuteness. Now I wanna go on a date with my husband :-)
Guest chapter 60 . 2/5
Love your story! Please update soon!
gazpacho14 chapter 60 . 2/3
Loved this chapter! And was sooo happy to see an update!
Angeldolphin01 chapter 60 . 2/3
I love it.
Guest chapter 60 . 2/3
I love reading Peeta's POV! And his nervousness about their first date!
Dudtheman chapter 60 . 2/2
ahhhhhhhh there so cute love the story!
Tea4e chapter 60 . 2/2
Haha, great update. .Love this date
Librariann chapter 60 . 2/2
Love love love it :)
christyjosh4eva chapter 60 . 2/2
Yay for the update! It was very cute I love the beginning of the first night! So excited for part two of this date! Can't wait for the update! :)
pokips chapter 60 . 2/2
So sweet and awkward. Love it!
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