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Chaos Invoker chapter 51 . 7/20

1) Any chance Rika will end up doing a Kotoko and getting a full-sized body? That'd be one hell of a sight to see.

2) I've been rewatching the series over the past week, and Ueda's story still gets me as good as it did the very first time I saw it. Not that it's not nice to see the canon cast show up here, but it's more of a bittersweet feeling when you know how they'll eventually end up (and yes, you managed to convey that real well before with that Freya cameo, too).

3) Well done on giving the supporting cast their day in the limelight, too. Satoru's a laugh, too, though I suppose the saying that 'boys will be boys' does hold true, especially at his age.

Till next time :D
Shark Byte chapter 51 . 7/20
A very well-put-together chapter. I did have to do a bit of look-back on previous chapters, though (I had forgotten who Masahiko and Kameko were).

I look forward to seeing how it goes on Alingin.. on Algaeinga.. on that island.

"Ri-ka likes Sa-to-ru" (sung to the tune of "Ring around the Rosies"). Now THAT could come back as a future chapter plot twist or two... I imagine for starters Satoru asleep and dreaming he's Rika's size, a gigantic Rika 10 times his size carrying him around.

Yumi's behaviour seems to match her personality quite well, at least what little the anime/manga described of it. It does seem dangerous for them to be going to that island, but this being a prequel, I know I don't have to worry too much about them .. Although, I wonder if something that happens there might be what caused her to start forgetting things...
LeafeonLover chapter 51 . 7/20
I was the two hundredth review win! Cant wait to see how things go on the island and their actully was a fiction book like minakos i would totally read it :P
Lunar Delta chapter 51 . 7/20
Ah, sorry I haven't reviewed in a while! My life has been busy too, but I read every single chapter and get irrationally excited whenever a new one comes out! Keep up the good work! Hopefully I will be able to post a real review soon, but things are looking good!
x00r chapter 50 . 6/21
Heh, watch your eyes, Junji!

Some fascinating concepts raised in this chapter, so subtly as well. The idea of copyrighted facial designs? Legal minefield ahead... What happens if such a persocom *was* made in the visage of a copyrighted design? Sure there's the fine. but are they forced to get rid of the persocom? Would the law on that vary by country? Hmm.

The price of the ears being mentioned provokes thought as well... it almost implies that there is a hefty 'tax' levied on them to discourage manufacturers from making too many units that can't be easily told apart from humans. I wonder if, in some places, persocoms would be required by law to have distinctive features to set them apart?

I'm looking forward to these plot threads..!
J chapter 8 . 6/18
I like this so far its really intresting im really hoping for a refrence to Chi and Hidaki
Shark Byte chapter 50 . 6/16
Good chapter, and their honeymoon does look like a success... although sometimes it seems like those two are just about to get into some marital problems, even ON their honeymoon. (Or maybe it's just harmless teasing?) It does make me wonder if this is a lead-in to a cliffhanger or something...

The way Momoko is acting kinda reminds of Ringo Seto... and Junji's reaction to Beatrice reminds me of Hideki.

Good bit of a plot twist regarding Anemkwoj. Perhaps she's going to be Ambassador Minako? I look forward to finding out.
LeafeonLover chapter 50 . 6/13
Well at least they werent ceitised for their relationship again. Honeymoon success!
webidolchiu94 chapter 50 . 6/12
Oh, I wonder why Junji liked LOTR, *snickers*. Anyway I was a dunce, and didn't know ff. net had an app. It's so much easier to review, now. So they're in California, right? Hollywood? Nice. Junji's biological reaction really was great. And I agree that Minako would look ultra shmexy in a maid outfit. Momoko was the wonderful surprise. Just like any other popstar, she's giving her handlers the slip. Reminds me of a certain rabbit, aheh. Her personality was the best part. Slightly fiesty, too. And is it me, or were you talking about the multiverse when she mentioned her song? :3 When you spoke of her not having a childhood that made me think of Elda and Freya and even Meroko. Technically they all did, due to their parents, imo. But it's different with Chobits, I guess. Good grief. Ryuhei seems to have just cursed them from beyond the grave. his followers are so loyal they make me sick. But he did give that evil overlord vibe, so it's not unfounded. Minako sure knows how to handle his follower though. I also got that reference. he considers himself a wizard, huh? -hugs you so hard- Yeah, and the honeymoon was a success, I think. And I also have trouble pronouncing the island nation...Junji is not alone.
webidolchiu94 chapter 49 . 6/12
Man. These American Persocoms really made me cringe. Even I was off-put at their personality settings. Is it wrong of me to like Beatrice, though? I mean, her mental growth was stunted after all. Maybe it was the outfit...anyway. Minako was smart though, complaining about the way they treated their coms. Maria was a good sport too. Actually, I was anticipating something bad, since misfortune seems to cling to Minako and her husband wherever they go. urg. That woman was so abrasive, though. Made me want to bite her! Broken, huh. Who does she think she is? Minako is the opposite of broken, and it's she who needs her skull cracked open. That colony. Man they seriously are interesting. Reproduction. Like, I think if I was a com, I wouldn't even care. But they are progressive, if not brave. Er, and thanks for mentioning my story again. I mean, it's really flattering. If I didn't know better, you like me or something!coughs into hand* Anyway, I'm looking forward to more soon!
Chaos Invoker chapter 50 . 6/11
Just my two cents' worth of feedback:

1) Is it just me or is it becoming a running gag that everyone seems so surprised that they're married? Then again, given how the whole human/persocom marriage thing wasn't very well-known or accepted in canon either, it does make sense that everyone they met who found out about it would either be surprised or disgusted or bigoted about the whole thing.

2) I didn't notice it before, but now that I think about it, I keep getting cult leader vibes from Ryuhei every time he shows up or gets a mention - yes, even after he bit it. Though considering his minions obviously still hold him in high regard despite the crap he pulled, maybe that was intentional? If so, hats off to you.

3) Also, might I just say that Minako getting all clingy and jealous at the start of this chapter was really hilarious?

Once again, keep at it.

PS - I didn't expect to find my name in your A/N, but I'm grateful for that shout out. Anyone interested can just click on my profile here and look at the material from there.
x00r chapter 49 . 5/16
Finally got to sit down and read this... worth it!

There is a lot going on in this chapter... it's fun reading about Junji and Minako's interactions and how comfortable they are with each other in that "slice-of-life" way, but then instantly the problem with the hotel persocoms... and then we've got the interesting issue of the general American public dealing with persocom-human relations... indeed I'm sure it would be quite the conservative issue in certain parts! And persocoms making persocoms? Ominous! That spells big trouble, to me :D is there a risk the situation could be exacerbated by the humans getting twitchy? I guess we'll find out.

Looking forward to more, as always!
LeafeonLover chapter 49 . 5/8
Man people are so rude they just can't handle too much public displays of affection so imagine what it'd be like with a Persicom I feel bad.
Chaos Invoker chapter 49 . 5/7
Before I get started on this review, lemme just say sorry for taking so long. Do be assured I've been reading every single update of yours (including the hiatus - my condolences on that, btw), but given how grad school's been getting in my way, I just decided to read on and then gift you with a lengthy note's worth of feedback when things cleared up.

1) Personally I found Ryuhei to be a bit of a tool all the way from his first appearance, so I'd be lying if I said I didn't think he didn't have it coming when he got his brain fried. That said, I still felt kinda sorry for him - rereading his death scene, I can't help but think of his whole arc as something out of Astro Boy or whatever.

2) I can't even tell you just how accurately you portrayed that loon bashing Minako as antifeminist, except to say that I've actually read that sort of crap too often for comfort. My one complaint there was that Minako never put the nitwit in their place in the form of a reply.

3) I'm not sure whether the wedding crashers who got pwned by Minako brought the pwnage on themselves, or whether they had it coming for crashing the wedding in the first place. Either way, I absolutely enjoyed how her well-rounded arguments shut them up every single time.

4) I enjoyed the honeymoon scenes, too. Though again, I kinda wish you had our heroine pimp-slap that woman who got in her face.

5) The wedding proposal really didn't disappoint. I know Minako and Junji have a lot of awesome and heartwarming moments in this story, but that one was probably THE crowning moment if you ask me.

Keep at it :D
Shark Byte chapter 49 . 5/5
That Subsection K-12 interpretation seems right in tune with today's politics. At least here in the U.S... "potentially harmful" is a pretty big umbrella.

Those two have sure faced a lot of bigotry, just about everywhere they've gone. But I guess that's about par for the xenophobic human race.

Good chapter, and I look forward to seeing how the hotel staff react to having their optional functions activated. I'm guessing they might go on strike now... or at least ask for a break now and then.
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