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Shark Byte chapter 59 . 7/28
Good chapter, and an especially easy segment of the plot to follow.

That last part seems pretty ominous. I wonder if the "syndicate" is getting involved?

Since The Uedas are characters that are from the Chobits story itself, and we already know persocom Yumi had died by then, I'm kinda hoping that the gang here does attend the funeral. A relevant, if somber, bit about the human aspects of persocoms.

Rika's bit of internal conflict there was an unexpected twist. Jealousy, Rika?
Chaos Invoker chapter 59 . 7/26
Ohoho. I wake up this morning and find you've posted a new one. Anyway, here's my take on it.

1) Yeah, that's the one thing about concerts. They're a blast, but they're not exactly good for your eardrums. Doubly so if you just got dragged along to the concert of an artist you don't even like.

2) I see our boy Satoru's making his moves, too. And is that jelly I smell? I won't bother denying that I like this particular subplot, especially considering it's more than a little bit similar to my current circumstances.

3) Robo-Alzheimers on the horizon. Oh, well. I didn't think you'd actually deviate from that particular event in the canon, but it's still a gut punch to read (not least because we're all probably still reeling from the previous one).

Looking forward to the next one, as always.
LeafeonLover chapter 59 . 7/25
Oh dear it seems yumis memory is going how sad. But i like how the momoko concert went id definitely go see that!
Lunar Delta chapter 59 . 7/25
I love the interaction between Satoru and Aurora; it was properly awkward but thankfully also respectful. I'm very prone to second-hand embarrassment and I totally felt it for both of them. I also feel like something big and ominous is coming. I hope nothing bad happens to Tomoko, she just got a new lease on life! And Yumi... poor Yumi, bless her soul. Just thinking about that whole mess is going to make me cry, I swear. (And don't even get me started on Freya. That seriously should not have been allowed to happen. What a horrible way to die, especially for someone who was obviously a kind, generous and very thoughtful woman.)

I do have one minor (really!) criticism. Lately it seems like the persocoms are a little too superhuman. I don't say this because it makes them seem threatening, but because it makes them seem a little unrealistic and diminishes the sense of their psychological humanity. Thinking super fast and having a flawless memory makes sense, but it seems highly unlikely that a retail persocom would be able to detect multiple light spectra. Assuming their eyes use anything like modern CMOS or CCD sensors, they would need to have multiple sensors in each eye, or several more pairs of eyes, because such sensors are inherently monochrome and only detect specific wavelengths through filters permanently glued onto the surface of the chip. Perhaps their sensors have hot-swappable color filters, but that seems a bit of a stretch for a household model. That's the sort of thing Zima or Dita might have.

I also wonder if a mid-range model like Aurora would come with lighting simulation software, or would have a reason for obtaining and using such software. Who wrote such a program and what is its purpose? Why did they decide a home persocom needed to have such software? Such functions are rarely standalone, and are usually a part of some larger package, like Maya or 3DS Max, or a video game engine.

In summary, it seems a little awkward when almost every persocom can do everything, even things far outside their intended function or processing capacity, or that they simply have no reason to be doing. Even if we agree that persocoms *really can* do all of these things, it's still kind of jarring to come across such passages in the middle of awkward social interactions. It is enough to say that Aurora appreciated the colors and design of her gift without describing her NASA-grade scan of the object. I'm not saying there isn't a place for such passages, because there is, but that one really seemed out of place to me.

(Note: This isn't a huge deal and it doesn't detract from my enjoyment of the story, nor is it so egregious that it should be avoided entirely. I just love long-winded explanations, so if I sounded too nitpicky I apologize in advance.)
Webidolchiu94 chapter 53 . 7/20
I can't believe u haven't reviewed in so long. It's almost been half a year if not more.

I remember the plot very well, which is great.

Anyway. I keep looking at Minako and Junji's relationship very fondly. I love how openly she expressed her concerns with him. He knows all that neat psychology stuff so I'm sure that helps a lot. But they have a great dynamic. She's cute though, offering a back rub. XD. I don't know why j thought it was. I just felt like it was.

Relationship Goals, starring Minako and Junji.

The island was a very interesting concept, in terms of world building. I can really imagine how it would look. Minimalistic in terms of signs and etc... I somehow would like to live there.

The persocom couple, who i can't remember thier names because I'm so bad with names and augghh. Thier son is just. So. Cute. Very curious, like the other persocom children.

To be honest I can see the adult persocoms being a bit racially intolerant towards Junji, who is nothing more than an ally. Megumi, oh wow u remember her name, was just interested in meeting Junji. It just shows how accepting Children be and how no one is born racist. That's learned. I dread to think of what her mother told her about humans later on. We aren't all bad, haughty persocom lady!

The ending of this chapter though was a huge twist. I wasn't expecting it at all. I mean. I trusted the colony ... and the humans turned out to be RIGHT about one thing. But still all that snooping was uncalled for. And treating them like hostages is RIGHT. Hitting my poor Junji. Stunning the ladies. Noooooo.
44R chapter 6 . 7/17
THe story seems fine.
there is very little detail on enviroments but it is okay, it probably would make it only slower.
MrReynevan2 chapter 55 . 6/19
I have this feeling that despite reading this story since 30th of June 2015, I haven't left a single comment... Sorry about that.

I really like the world you built. It really feels something that could actually happen if people started creating AI and robots. The social problems are depicted in an interesting way as well. Even so there is still some comedy, drama and romance here and there. Love this story
Shark Byte chapter 58 . 6/8
Interesting turn of events... As for Tomoko's personality... Considering Minako's first weeks, I wonder if that could just be what a Reishinka mobile acts like when no predefined personality settings are used...?

As talented as Amethyst is at things like Go and business, I guess I'll just have to chalk it up to her being in mourning over the loss of her father that she didn't see what those conniving corporate guys were up to. Now that she sees it... I look forward to seeing if she manages to pull a reversal on them.

When I read the part about Yumi and Ueda not being there yet, a single awful scene from the Chobits anime swam into mind. I know Yumi dies; I just hope it's not yet.
LeafeonLover chapter 58 . 6/5
Tomoko is so cute i want one.
25Dragonfly chapter 58 . 6/5
I hAve to admit, Tomoko-chan Has to be the cutest character in this series!

Both of your scenes with Amethyst-chan were exelentlly done! I especially liked the Dream scene. Well, I very much enjoyed this chapter and I am looking forwards to your next chapter!
Chaos Invoker chapter 58 . 6/4
Wow, that shout-out really made (what's left of) my day.

1) Bummer on Amethyst getting screwed over the way she did, though I suppose it wasn't all that surprising. If this story takes place before Rebellion where persocom rights really were a thing (and even then, not so much early on), then that sort of outcome would make sense.

2) That dream sequence was a breath of fresh air, I'd say. Between having her dad die on her, getting it rubbed in her face my some douchebag and then getting screwed over (and getting slashed up in her cameo over on my end), it was nice to see Amethyst get some sort of break for once.

3) Satoru's back and as amusing as ever, I see. Dude's still got it hot for the cute robot girl, too. And they're off to a concert! I've a feeling I know why Ueda and Yumi aren't there, but hopefully I'm wrong.

All in all, after all the drama in the previous chapters, this one's a nice breather episode.
LeafeonLover chapter 57 . 5/27
I like tomoko chan shes pretty cute. More chapters soon please.
LeafeonLover chapter 56 . 5/26
Amethyst chan is my favourite shed better ge that inheritance or ill be very upset.
25Dragonfly chapter 57 . 5/4
Hm, I was wondering about Hitomi-chan actually, she is one of my favorite characters. Also, may I ask what Junji's original job was? I seemed to have forgotten somehow.

Well, now you've done it! This mystery behind Tomoko has my interest piqued. Also, when Minako mentioned that some people were more stubborn to change their minds about persocoms, was that a shoutout to Kojima and Annai's situation in IWTLY? It kind of seemed to be like that.

I'm not sure if it was Intentional or not, but that first sequence where Hitomi first speaks to Tomoko was pretty funny.

Thanks for the shoutout I really appreciate it. Also the reason I didn't review sooner is because my computer crashed on me, just as soon as I had transferred all of my important Documents online.
Shark Byte chapter 57 . 5/2
I liked the sideplot about the little persocom Tomoko. I wonder if the Takedas will end up adopting her for a daughter?

Good to see Junji getting some time behind the couch, doing what he studied to do.

I do remember in the anime it said that persocoms could inherit. So I'm thinking that'll be at least a part of her side of any legal battle.

One thing I've noticed in near-end-of-story chapters is that the writing does get a lot more difficult, so I'm not surprised there. Mine is proceeding at a total snail's pace.

Looking forward to the next chapter, but don't feel pressured for time. We'll still be here.
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