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PJ in NH chapter 13 . 6/16/2013
Waiting for this story to be completed before I save to my this done, but just hasn't been marked completed?
Anonymous033 chapter 13 . 3/3/2013
Hello, I'm back :P

After ... a long time since I last reviewed, I know. I get a little busy these days XD

But I like McGee's concern for Ziva! And the scuffle was fun, haha. And it's always nice to have McGee confused :P y'know, I actually think he's generally not as confused as he acts when it comes to Tony and Ziva (though he may be justifiably so in this chapter). He sees all the UST going on; all the longing they have for each other. He just knows it's not his business, so he never butts in.

"Zi." 'Nuff said :P

I love the case, by the way. It's very interesting; I felt as invested in it as I was in the Tony/Ziva story line in this fic. It was very mean of Tony to drop McGee in poison ivy, though :P okay, so it wasn't exactly his fault, but it wasn't exactly not his fault either XD it wouldn't kill Tony to be a little nicer! (I actually don't mind; I'm just picking on him. He should've been nicer to Bambi.)
And then the kiss, oh, the kiss. In the middle of the bullpen, right in front of McGee. Things are certainly changing, and I wonder how things will be at the office from now on. Will it not be more awkward for McGee? Or will he not think too much and just roll with the punches?

And then McGee and Abby teaming up to find out what's up with Tony and Ziva :D oh, they're playing a dangerous game. The line about the rat made me laugh, though. Is it really true that they're actually clean creatures?

THE JEWELLERY AND THE INFINITY SIGN. I actually didn't remember that little titbit from Under Covers! :O I can't believe I missed the reference! OMG, you should kill me now. But not really, 'cause then you'll be missing a nice essay-like review. Would you spare my life?

Aaand ... the dance. Awesome :D I think they were doing it partly to torture McGee and Abby and partly to work up a sweat *ahem* haha. And then it turns out that McGee and Abby are together! Well, I didn't expect that. It's certainly interesting o.o I like how Gibbs applied his Rule #1 to their situations, telling them to always be faithful and loyal and honest with their partners (not in so many words, but Gibbs gets his point across). I like it. It's really wise.


hslacer chapter 13 . 2/26/2013
You were right on Rule 1 . Don't let suspects stay together was Mike Franks's rule. According to the app I have anyway. Great chapter. Loved the way everyone found out .
Anonymous033 chapter 12 . 2/24/2013
Hi. So. Here I am :D

I love your description at the beginning, from how their things appear at each other's places to how they fit each other in their routines. And Ziva in Tony's work shirts :D I bet Tony enjoys that a lot!
(Random note: "dibs" is a weird word, I've always found.)
Ohhh ... Abby with the date; that was close. And Ziva never forgetting Tony, awww! Y'know, I think I kinda get how Ziva feels about Gibbs-it's sorta like when you're telling a parent you did well, and instead of praising you they tell you not to screw it up. It sucks, and I don't blame Ziva for wishing Gibbs had seemed happier for them.

Tony cooking and setting out a dress for her :D it's like they're married already. I had to laugh at him with Ziva's underwear drawer, though. Hey, if he closed it and left no underwear out, what kind of message would he be sending? :P ... No?

Whoa, Tony with the candles and flowers and CD :O he really did go all out, didn't he? And it was sweet, picturing them both together there, and really sad that Ziva had to leave ... but yea, Tony's right, and she's worth this. I hope he remembers that while he's waiting for her to come back.
And letting her wear his coat, too! *teary eyes myself*

That towel wasn't covered with sawdust, was it?
I love your Gibbs/Ziva conversation, how honest it was. Ziva was really working to tell Gibbs what it was she wanted from him, I think, and even though I may not necessarily agree with your analysis of Mossad officers, I do appreciate how blunt she was :D just telling Gibbs, "Hey, I need you to be happy for me." And Gibbs was happy for her.
I loved it!

I love the bracelet :D INFINITY BRACELET. It's so Them.

megamom2 chapter 13 . 2/24/2013
This was pleasure to read, light-hearted and fun!
Guest chapter 13 . 2/24/2013
good chapter, who was more shocked, Tim or Tony, Tim for when Ziva told him that Tony and her were a couple or Tony when he found out about Tim and Abby, had a laugh when Ziva made a quote leave Bambi alone about Tim in the poison Ivy which made Tony proud of Ziva.
jdeasselin chapter 13 . 2/23/2013
awwww...I love that Tony - and you wrote him very much in character - with the McNames and how romantic I am sure he would be if we could ever see he and Ziva dance. Adorable how Tim and also Abby are always keeping an eye on the two of them to try and figure out what is going on. I just knew Abby would be happy with the news and enjoyed Abby's outburst at the bar - although from the last interview Pauley has given - she does not want any 'hook ups' on the show at all. So very happy you did not follow that advice. This is a very sweet story. Thank you for this!
hslacer chapter 12 . 2/21/2013
Such a lovely romantic chapter. Please don't make us wait so long for another installment. This is such a great story .
KaiaBlackrock chapter 12 . 2/16/2013
Yay, I'm glad to see an update to this story! I liked the subtle tie in to the infinity tatoos from Under Covers. Very good chapter overall.
jdeasselin chapter 12 . 2/16/2013
Ha!...just wearing the bracelet...cute...
I love this story. It is adorable. Holding my breath until they declare their love for each other.
I am pretty sure Abby will be delighted and that McGee and Ducky already know about them...
Looking forward to your next chapter. Thank you for this.
prince-bishop chapter 12 . 2/15/2013
a very good chapter, up date soon
Robern chapter 11 . 10/10/2012
very very good, can't wait for the next chapter!
hslacer chapter 11 . 9/29/2012
Sure was a great wrap up. So special. Hope you get your Internet up soon .
MegpieLovesTiva chapter 11 . 9/27/2012
Awe(: This was utterly adorable! Loveddddddddddd itttttttttttttt! I can't wait for the next chapter! (:
AliyahNCIS chapter 11 . 9/27/2012
I, for one, am very glad they are in the same book now :P I'm glad they finally talked, even about the dreaded 'L' word, that they were honest, and that they're willing to put titles to this relationship and make it work. I think it's cute Z wants to keep T to herself for awhile. It's cute just to see them touching and kissing and enjoying that. Thanks for updating!
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