Reviews for The Forgotten Cullen
Guest chapter 15 . 11/11/2016
c'mon chapter 16 this is a really great story !
SebastianGirl1994 chapter 5 . 2/17/2016
Love the story, especially Alison's character. I like that she thinks differently to the others. I'd like to see her paired with Seth, because he seems outgoing and funny (which would be her exact opposite). He might even be able to bring her out of her shell, to have fun for once. He could remind her of Blaine or one of her other friends, which would be a comfort for her :) That's only my idea :)

Please update this story, I'd like to know what's going to happen and what the Volturi want with Alison :)
meerkatsandpineapples123 chapter 15 . 1/27/2016
Please update soon
Guest chapter 15 . 10/5/2015
cmon chapter 16 this is a great story!
stephcullen2000 chapter 15 . 4/19/2014
I love it so please update again soon, I would also like to say that I hope you make her become alec's mate instead of seth's as there is already a human/vampire-werewolf relationship. Also it would make for an interesting outcome because of the cullen-voturi fued and also because of Jane's relationship with her brother and the cullen's protectiveness over alison. I hope that you take this into account when you decide who to pair alison with xxx
fangs girl17 chapter 15 . 4/7/2014
Update soon please this story is so good
Shadowhunter-Herondale chapter 15 . 4/6/2014
Omg this was great! Allison is changing into a vampire :D I was confused when I started reading this chapter since I forgot what happened to Allison but I can't wait to read more.
Guest chapter 14 . 1/29/2014
Please write more!
G-Reader chapter 14 . 1/26/2014
Please finish this story it is really good.
unlockedmusic chapter 14 . 1/23/2014
I'm in love with this story please update soon
Bones0813 chapter 14 . 1/21/2014
Update soon
Shadowhunter-Herondale chapter 14 . 1/16/2014
The part where carlile knocks and then comes in was funny lol I liked this chapter can wait to see how Alison is after her change. Maybe she will be more attached to her parents and start living her family. Can't wait for the next update
jessicamakayla23 chapter 14 . 1/15/2014
Didn't see that coming. Plead update soon
deleemary chapter 13 . 1/13/2014
Update soon what happened
Shadowhunter-Herondale chapter 13 . 12/23/2013
Omg what happened to Allison? Can't wait for the next chapter. Hope u update soon
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