Reviews for Darke Shadows
Drimali chapter 43 . 10/20/2012
Hello, this is me... Again. Sometimes I wonder if I bother you by being your (almost) only one rewiewer. I think you have to say to me if this is it.

I'm happy you spoke more about Joseph and Cashemére. I already love the man, he seems sympatic from he beginning. I like when he is whis Marcia too. Indeed this is strange that he don't know anything about the world where he... Spend his ghosthood, but this is a happy thing that the first people he seen were his daughter.

And for Cashmére... I was wondering, and you, do you like her ? Cause this is like you don't want your readers like her. And I don't really like her. Maybe because she dislike Marcia. And I think she have no emotion, for leave her baby in the snow, and after, when she re-found the girl, she didn't seem happy. She's very strange.

One more thing, when you write your chapters, do you make them with just your memories, or do you use your Septimus Heap books ? Because sometimes it's like I was reading my own books. This is really similar.

Another thing, about pairings. Are you more for Marcia/Milo or for Marcia/Marcellus ? Will you write your next stories with a pairing with Marcia ? And do you already know if with who Odale will be in love, or do you choose it later ? Or maybe there isn't anyone for her ? She would be cute with Merrin, but I think you haven't write these scenes with him by hazard.

Last thing (I promise this time), yesterday, when I opened Physik, I saw the message Angie left at the beginning, and it was saying "For Rhodri". Did you take the name Rodrian from this or there isn't nothing to see.

I saw you posted the beginning of the Physic version. I haven't read yet, I think I will start soon. See you soon...
LiveLaughMagyk chapter 1 . 10/13/2012
I love this new version of Flyte, but I'm behind on Odale Overstrand Info. Who is she and is there a link to another fanfic that could explain where she came from?
Drimali chapter 34 . 10/7/2012
I'll leave a bigger rewiew later (when I'll have finish reading), but now I just wanted to say I love the title of the chapter. And for the poem, I particularly like the sentence "the flower who bloom in the snow". So this poem means that DomDaniel like Odale ? And that Odale like DomDaniel ? I hadn't seen things like that before.
Drimali chapter 17 . 8/1/2012
So Marcia came from Far Countries, as said Angie ? Great. I hope you would write about the Overstrand family soon. And I wonder how many brother Marcia has...

I think Rodrian would be a better name, as there is already a Alexander. But I think you have already thought of this.

Hope you had good holidays
Drimali chapter 11 . 7/16/2012
I particularly liked when Septimus thought Nick and Odale were so similar to Silas and Marcia.

Keep on writing !
Drimali chapter 8 . 7/14/2012
I liked the way you rewrited the bickering between Alther and Marcia. And the allusion to her brothers and to Odale's parents. Can I hope you write more about it, someday ?

And how can they go to the Port and come back to the Castle so fastly ?

Not sure Marcia will appreciate an other reptile in her apartements...
EvaTheNymphe chapter 1 . 6/23/2012
Nice , I see you've added a new chronological order to Sep's adventures , it's quite interesting ! I really want to see what will Simon do , now that he thinks he fooled Marcia :) I hope things will turn alright to her , though ;