Reviews for SheWolf
precious.timoteo chapter 12 . 6/22
this is really getting interesting! i'm really excited for the next chapter! i love remus and hermione's relationship and always thought they would be perfect for each other!
Lee kadivar chapter 12 . 6/16
that is diffinately one of the most interesting takes on werewolf's I have come across. but who are we to tell anyone that something is fake or not. myths are supposed to be all fake anyways.
FenixFATA23 chapter 12 . 6/8
estuvo bueno
DarkFallenLove chapter 11 . 3/10
Please update soon! I have been with this story from the start (Since 2012 I believe?) and I've fallen in love with it. Every time there's a long wait I'm scared you've abandoned the story and I won't find out what's next! Love, love, love this story please update very soon!
L.L.A.P chapter 11 . 3/5
Come on. I love this fic and this pairing but pleeaaaase update soon.
KiyUzumaki chapter 11 . 2/13
Duuuuuuude please update soon!

Is Ron's gf Aria?
(I believe that's Her name, I couldn't go back to look at the moment. Lol)
Pinup95 chapter 11 . 2/12
anxiously waiting for the next chapter
Lupinica friggasdoiter chapter 11 . 2/11
Ooh has her sire shown up? Interesting.
hannah.kaho chapter 11 . 2/11
Wish i could use that lavender thingy for my hands, but i can't as i have allergies around lavender, which ends up giving me migraines. Also Bow-ties are cool!
WhiteHeart17 chapter 10 . 1/27
I absolutely love this story please continue it!
Lupinica friggasdoiter chapter 10 . 1/13
Who is she? A spy? Or one of the the red Wolf's " pups sent yo get his/her newest pup and mate?
Lupinica friggasdoiter chapter 4 . 1/13
I'd say her heats should factor in.
Shorty653 chapter 10 . 1/8
I enjoyed reading what was there so far, I'd love to see more.
Guest chapter 10 . 4/30/2014
Please don't be done with this story i love it too much! Its the only story like this out there
hannah.kaho chapter 10 . 4/7/2014
Can't wait for more :)
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