Reviews for Break Up Song
JeniLyn2000 chapter 47 . 5h
Whoa, Liam and Lilly. I could see this happening, Lilly was a thrill seeker. As disgusting as Liam is, I can see where some women would be into it. Nicely done. The Cassidy you've written here, you're doing an amazing job with how you're writing him. Keep up the great work.
Angelpete87 chapter 47 . 21h
I like this chapter I agree with Veronica that Logan should just tell Duncan to move on and try to be happy. I hope Meg and Weevil are happy together I love seeing them together. I was laughing at Dick bothering Mac and having Bronson save the day with video games. I can't believe Lilly would sleep with Liam gross I hope Veronica and Cassidy are okay
kayte chapter 47 . 8/3
not nice. update now please. who has veronica? how is logan and keith going to find her? update now please.
jcampbell943 chapter 46 . 7/27
I loved the car kisses. Reminded me of gone in 60 seconds...totally hot :-).
Guest chapter 46 . 7/27
Loved this chapter! I like the dynamic between all of their friendships. I love that Logan is helping Veronica and that she's letting him, even if it's a bit reluctant. It was funny how Veronica was stuffing her mouth in order to avoid answering Keith.
kayte chapter 46 . 7/27
ugh, I don't think I can take it. It's coming, but its at turtle speed. Update please.
Angelpete87 chapter 46 . 7/27
I like this chapter I love protective Logan and I think that it is good that he is there to help Veronica. I loved Wallace's rap even though Mac and Meg made fun of him. I feel bad for Cassidy hopefully he gets some help. I also like Mac and Dick's relationship they really care about each other. It was nice to see Weevil tell Meg that he loves her
Guest chapter 45 . 7/19
I hope Weevil and Meg work things out I really like them together. I wonder what Logan's gonna do now that he found the pictures. I love Mac and Bronson here, he's like the perfect boyfriend. I really like how you include all the couples :) Great update!
Guest chapter 29 . 7/19
There is no way that Jake could force Veronica to live with him.
irma66 chapter 45 . 7/19
I like that you've brought Bronson into the story early. I always wondered whether there could be a relationship between him and their HS teacher, Mr Pope.
Glad you're updating again. I had to re-read the whole story to remember what was happening. That took a while with so many chapters so I suggest you consider doing a little synopsis at the beginning of each chapter if you end up on hiatus again to help us out.
kayte chapter 45 . 7/19
Nice! always never enough though.
spk chapter 44 . 7/18
WHOA...heck of a way to leave that! :)
AmyPC chapter 32 . 7/18
"He's my penguin." LoVe this! Great line. I am binge reading your fix tonight, thanks for sharing.
jcampbell943 chapter 44 . 7/16
I thought little was waking up? Since when did Able Koontz murder her in your story?

As for the other 43 chapters...I just found this story this afternoon and read non stop. It was nice seeing the fab four come full circle. I'm glad Veronica, Lo and Duncan are back on good terms and it was Duncan that turned on V...that was a good twist. I love the use of Meg, Walllace, Mac, Weevil and Dick...all my favorites beside LoVe. Please update soon...I'm anxious to see why it sounds like the guys are in jail.
Guest chapter 44 . 7/16
YESSS! Finally an update! I love this story so much! Hope you can keep updating regularly. May the muses be with you.
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