Reviews for Fire Emblem: The Tactician Book 1
DeliciousFriedRice chapter 2 . 5/15/2021
'Tactician magic'? *snorts* that sounds incredibly silly, but in a fun way.
bigmike589 chapter 14 . 4/5/2016
I laughed at the Wallace part
MisterAngelo'0 chapter 17 . 2/15/2014
Damn, I wish to see this story continues.
Its very good.
JinzoMask656 chapter 16 . 12/11/2012
great chapter!
Harkas chapter 16 . 12/11/2012
A very surprising turn of events oh imaginary rival! (Seriously why do you take all the good ideas?)
Anyway I personally like the recent chapters and since I haven't really reviewed your story yet (well I think I didn't) I'll take this chance to do so (be warned it probably won't be awe inspiring)

Personally you've had me from the start of the story and the way you changed the battles up is one of the main pros to the story. It keeps the story fresh and keeps the reader, or me I guess, guessing at what kind of twist you'll implement into the story next.

The characterization of Vesper and the rest of the cast is another one of the main things I like about the story. You seem to have managed to keep them in character while bringing them out of character in some situations ex. Kent is afraid of ghosts and is somewhat reduced to a scaredy-cat (not much but still... he stuttered).

The tactician magic is a great way of implementing the game's mechanics and is done without giving Vesper immediate "full control" as I feel inclined to say being that it gets stronger as more people join the cause. On a side note is the bond permanent? Because say I don't know, a few years after this story is over and say Sain kills a bandit as per his job as a knight. Would Vesper's "Tactician Mode" activate or is there a way to break the bond?

Any way nice story, keep it up! I'll be waiting with great anticipation for the next chapter.
DiLost chapter 15 . 11/30/2012
This story is an interesting novelization of FE7...
Even though he just appeared, Wallace is definitely Gar.
Hope you can update soon.
JinzoMask656 chapter 15 . 11/20/2012
Its been awhile since the last update! Great chapter! Thanks for the hard work!
KR Duelist chapter 15 . 11/19/2012
Oh cool! You updated! Great chapter by the way. So can I now put my Fire Emblem story in there?
Guest chapter 14 . 11/16/2012
good chapter as always but you have not updated in awhile D: checking ever week or so x.x
Sadaharu Chomper chapter 14 . 10/3/2012
Wow Korean Boron, you really need to calm down. It's not your story and you shouldn't even be reviewing if you haven't read it properly. Don't you think you're getting a bit obsessed with Rath? It just seems like you're whining because Rukaio didn't write him the exact way you want him to. Personally, I think Rath is more interesting this way. I thought he was pretty damn bland in the game but he makes a pretty awesome villain here and I certainly don't think Rukaio bastardized him for the sake of a Vesper/Lyn pairing.

Anyway, as for the chapter itself, it was pretty good. It was a lot more serious than the others, but it had its funny moments. The 'drunken womaniser' line made me LOL. The convo between Lyn and Rath was also pretty interesting and made for some decent character development.

My only issue with the chapter was also one of its more awesome moments. I can't help but feel the scene where Wallace revealed himself seemed kinda rushed and lacked enough description. But I can't wait to see how you explain the reveal next chapter.
FireEmblemFanMark chapter 14 . 10/2/2012
I like this story alot. Personally when I read it I see the story in an "anime' style and I mean that as a compliment. I like how you make Vesper capable without being a "stu." And I agree that the term "stu" is thrown around way too much. Anachronism's don't bother me since, well, Fire Emblem is a game and , you've got female knights and swordfighters who were not very common, at least in European Medieval history. Not to mention magic, dragons, enchanted swords, and flying horses. I like that the story takes it's own life rather than just following the game. From what I've read among forums and reviews people are split and either want fan fiction to stick to "canon" religiously, or the exact opposite. They want fan fiction stories to be unique and branch off as much as possible. This probably explains part of the reviewer who really was unhappy with your story.

One touch I enjoy is the fact that you characterize the other characters besides Vesper and that's important because too many stories focus on a few characters and let the rest remain in the background and that's unfortunate. Also I enjoy the "support" chapters. It's a good way to add character moments not seen in

The only real criticisms I have is,sadly, about Rath and Kent. I actually found Kent's a little more jarring than Rath's. Kent's suppose to be super serious so imagining him as being terrified of ghosts is tough. Rath's is also jarring but as the story's progressed it makes more sense. Obviously it's your story and I'm not asking you to change it, that's just my opinion on those two decisions. Those aspects make this story different and that's good. So yeah, keep it up and I hope you end up finishing the entire story of Fire Emblem 7. Very few do but this one deserves to.
voltaire22 chapter 1 . 10/2/2012
Hi there Rukaio101

The actual review part will be at the bottom paragraph.

I happened to scan the reviews for this story and there is an incredible troll, warlock, and in general Sheen-like inbred douche who goes by Korean Boron, which probably means that he's a racist redneck backwoods obese ignoramus and incestuous scumbag as well, and everything except the last paragraph will be used to put him in his place, in a Kentucky trailer park, like the tornado-tossed garbage deserves. I rarely read fanfiction but you, Korean Boron, have the rare talent to piss me off enough to respond to a troll.

1) Freedom of expression, that is, artistic liberties. If you don't like it, you're free not to read it and troll about it. In return, the author is allowed to write anything he wants. He has exactly zero obligations to you. You might moan that you're a reader, and yes, some reader you are, skimming off fanfiction like the freeloader you very likely are.

2) OOC. See clause #1. To elaborate, the author can write that Michael Jordan was a famous general in the American Civil War who fought General Lee to a standstill and then used space monkeys to toss excrement into the enemy camp and thereby infect them with space disease, allowing the North victory and then complete domination of Mexico. You see, this website is called fanfiction. See fiction?

3) Lyn x tactician. See clause #1. Furthermore, try Hector hard mode and tell me that you can survive it with you just throwing your units in a straight line at the enemies. The composition of the army is important, yes, but the use of it even more so. Remember Vietnam? Never mind. I doubt someone with your education knows Vietnam. I wonder if you're even in high school yet?

4) About you not liking stories centered on tacticians. Tell me, what made you go into a story in which the tactician is clearly stated to be the main focus? See clause 1.

5) Stu. About the only comment you have that makes mild sense. I have no idea either, since I only read the first chapter.

Now that is done, and I apologize for taking space to vent on that trailer trash, I'll review the first chapter since I thought it'd be polite to read it. I would say the modern nuances of the tactician's speech bothers me little. The Holmesian logic of the tactician bothers me; remember that Holmesian logic can be inverted quite effortlessly, i.e. she could have killed people with better swords and took those better swords, going for the dagger does not equate to paranoia or 'recent paranoia' as this is a medieval and feudalistic world. These are all conjectures, and reasonable ones, but not infallible. Even Holmes is fallible, and his few occasions of failure serve to make the plot unpredictable. Another thing that bothers me are anachronisms, but that's probably because I like to have a detailed world view and I'm a historian. Who knows? There could be doctors in this medieval world. Who knows? A frozen wasteland in the medieval era that sells its people as mercenaries could hypothetically be rich enough to afford schools for children. My personal opinion is that a more fully realized world would better help me understand the protagonist and his thinking processes. I'd read more if this version of Elibe is explained more fully somewhere, but again, depends on your focus. If your focus is the romance part, I don't care about those minor inconsistencies. This Vesper sounds like a pretty cool guy, but I don't like Stu tendencies or characters with no flaws. I hope there are flaws in subsequent chapters and that he doesn't develop into a Stu. Otherwise, I enjoyed the story, and I'm curious as to what his glowing light blue means. Thank you for writing this story.
Unknown Reader chapter 14 . 10/2/2012
Wow. I don't think I've ever read a review as close-minded as this 'Korean Boron's. This is a Fanfiction story and, last time I checked, this is a site to unleash your imagination or something to that degree. This is Rukaio101's story and it is written to be what this author envisions the story to be. Korean Boron is just letting their love for Rath cloud their judgement of this story. That or they think they are the author's priority and should have the story written to their liking. Which brings a question. If they like Rath so much and hate Tactician centric stories, why are they even reading this. Anyway...

This is a wonderful story so far. It may not be the best of the Tactician stories here, but it's a great read since you changed around several parts of the game. The topic of Vesper being a "Sue" is utterly ridiculous. Vesper has quickly become one of my top 3 favorite tactician OC's. He's smart, funny, and weak, but still useful.

There's nothing wrong with what you've done with the characters' personalities and if their is, well... that's up to the reader. I'm curious as to what happens next in this story and hope you bring about a new chapter soon.

Also, I know you don't care at all about pairings, and this is just me voicing an opinio, but I am liking the thought of Vesper and Lyn. I don't know, but from what I've read so far, I'm keen to the idea of a romance between the two. Again, just a worthless opinion here. Anyhoo, I hope you can update this soon.
Korean Boron chapter 13 . 10/2/2012
I'm going to need to read this fully and in more detail when I actually get the time. But from what I skimmed through the story, I am already pissed at how you decided to portray Rath. I will also begin to throw things if Vesper and Lyn get together at the end of the story.

I am unapologetically a Rath fan. I also understand taking "creative liberties" with character personalities, especially when they were not explored in detail. But now you are just taking it to OOC territory. Nothing in the game suggests that Rath would betray his people, even if his tribe threw him out. This alone is annoying.

Also, while I'm not going to say for now whether Mr. Tactician Vesper is a Marty Stu or not, tacticians are likely to become Stus unless you are the best writer in the world (and I doubt that you are). You're putting a fictional character in a universe that already has a crapload of character casts existing. The Tactician in the main story is very minor. Heck, he's not even that important anymore in Lyn's mode.

People who make the tactician fall in love with Lyn tend to overlook the fact that there is no option to get them together in the actual game, and that she has four possible male options. Negative points for people who make Rath, or any of her possible love interests, a jerk. (Seriously, check Lyn/Rath supports. She's hitting on him. Don't like that pairing? Then don't put it in your story. But for the love of fish, don't bastardize Rath or anyone else into someone they're not.) What makes Mr. Tactician more special than Lyn's other options?

Other writers tend to fall into the trap of making the tactician TOO important. He is a minor character in the game itself. Yes, you can give him a bigger role in the story, but the game is centered on the three lords. Not tactician. I don't really give a flying f*** if your tactician is some "great warrior" or "was banished" or "whatever". Most of the time, I just want to read about the FE7 characters. Not tactician.

And keep in mind, I'm not saying that your tactician is any of these. Yet. I need to read through the story first. But keep in mind some things: is your character too central to the plot? Do the others "respect him" too much? Is any character you hate or dislike a jerk to the tactician, only to be told otherwise by the other characters you do like? Is he too dramatic? Is he too much of a "fantasy" version of you?

I'm not going to say whether Vesper is a Marty Stu or not yet, but at least look back with a more detached view and see if maybe, if this weren't your story, he may bug you. Although, to be completely honest, I hate what you did with Rath's character and I doubt I'll like this story anyway. Please, "creative liberties" are one thing. Completely twisting a character's personality so it seems to be downright bashing ruins a story for many people, no matter how well written it may be.

Good day.
Tom-Ato13 chapter 13 . 9/17/2012
On OoC: Yes, there have been numerous OoC moments in this story, a lot of what that other guy(sorry forgot yout name bro) mentioned in particular. I, however, let it slide because I don't really believe this is a serious story. This is more of a humorous/parodic take on FE7, so I just took all those moments as they were. Nothing more, nothing less. If yiu were attempting a more serious novelization of the game, I'd definitely have called you out on it.

On Marty-Stu: I don't see Vesper as a Stu to be honest. But then again I don't believe an OC can be create without at least slight Stu characteristics. I only feel an OC is a legit Stu if he/she is overshadowing or superior to the canon cast.

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