Reviews for Forging A King
disgusting chapter 45 . 8/11
you just shied away from making everyone else bugger him, that's how sissy you made harry.
gginsc chapter 58 . 8/7
Great story! I really love that Haldir lives. I thought he would take the girl back with him.
gginsc chapter 41 . 8/7
Yay! Bellatrix is dead! I'm glad you gave Harry a warning.
Guest chapter 16 . 7/28
Lin Manuel Miranda. I love his music.
Guest chapter 16 . 7/28
I've just started to read Sir Doyle's original works and I love them!
Guest chapter 15 . 7/28
The Legend of Jig Dragon Slayer by Jim C. Hines
Guest chapter 15 . 7/28
THANK YOU! I've read so many wonderful stories, only to find out that they've been discontinued!
Guest chapter 10 . 7/28
I read. And write, draw, crochet, knit, and sew. I like to try stuff. Currently I'm learning how to spin yarn.
Guest chapter 9 . 7/28
Gimli and Legolas in Helms Deep, when they were competing for the highest number of kills. Hmm, and when Gimli asked Lady Galadriel for a single hair from her head. He looked so content.
Guest chapter 7 . 7/28
Jeez, that's a hard question. I can't choose just ONE song, so I'll name a few. Hurt by Johnny Cash, Snugglefish by The Antikythera Crystal (Nathaniel Johnstone), and I Am Stretched On Your Grave by Abney park.
Guest chapter 4 . 7/28
A hobbit. I visited the Shire in New Zealand and I'd love to live there. Not to mention all the food.
Paul McKinnon chapter 36 . 7/30
Quick FYI, both the singular and plural of Uruk-hai is Uruk-hai. No 'S'.
glenn1970 chapter 22 . 7/22
All I can say is...WOW! I love this Story! So glad I found it. I just can't stop reading :-) You have put so much hard work and love into this story that it shines thru. It is a true work of art. Thank you so much for sharing it with all of us.

Guest chapter 58 . 7/20
Jim chapter 58 . 7/7
That was a great story, congrats!
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