Reviews for Shake It Out
A chapter 8 . 5/21/2016
I love it. THE FLUFFINESS IS THE BEST BIT but then again it is the hunger games. When is Katniss gonna meet Gale? Then Cato could get jealous !
Princess Rosalie Skywalker chapter 24 . 4/8/2015
I'm sorry, but I can't seem to find the sequel.. A little help please? I really loved this story and hope that I can continue reading it through the sequel.
perdita4321 chapter 24 . 7/3/2014
Hey! This was awesome, can you post the sequel so I can read it, too? Pleeeeaasse!
COCO chapter 4 . 3/26/2013
Hey, I really like this story and how you didn't make Peeta a potential threat to Catoniss. Cuz we all know tht Peeta is just too sweet to be that evil. So, keep up with writing! You're a great author!
Cookies4Lyfe chapter 3 . 2/11/2013
Reading this, I think Katniss should have gone into the games as a 12-14 year old. Then no-one would expect her to b awesome, but she would be. Someone should make a story of that on here. No idea why I said that but there you go :)
TheMiniWriter chapter 6 . 1/7/2013
OMIGOSH so sweet _
AnOn chapter 15 . 12/21/2012
I love the girl from Three you have made, the one that just doesn't give a shit about anything :D
Fleur24 chapter 23 . 12/17/2012
""Though, the humans are brightly coloured. They're all the same, yet so different. Similar, yet worlds apart. To Cato, sometimes they look fluffy and pink and he can tolerate them. The only Capitol citizens that always appear pink to Cato are Effie, Cinna and Portia - who spends more time with Cinna. Those are the only citizens of the Capitol who don't turn a different colour. Sometimes, rarely, Cato sees Effie flash a different colour."" Yep only tree Capitolites that he can stand.

""She hurts too. The injustice upsets her too. The cruelty that Cato and Dawn endured upsets her. Cato knows she tries to remind herself that she's a Capitol citizen, and she's the escort of the tribute that won."" I do like this. I LOVE how Cato can see that Effie is different now, that Cato's out of the arena and Dawn is dead. How did Dawn die anyway?

""But she is starting to look pink to him. Not like the other colour all of the other Capitolites are. Not a deep red. She's pink now. Because she understands."" AH another Capitolite who understands just how ghastly the games actually are.

Cato met Tigris! This is pretty cool! i always thought shewas an interesting person.

""To never be seen again. But she has been seen again. By a new victor, no less."" I really like this.

Its interesting that Lux had feelings for Satin. It seems a bit like Cato and Katniss. Lux doesn't want to live when Satin isn't

""Then do the humane thing," says Lux, "and kill me."

Cato doesn't know how it happens. He doesn't want to do it, but he does. He swings his sword at Lux's neck, and for a moment, Cato sees something. He would've missed it if he wasn't looking. A small hint of a smile is on Lux's lips as Cato's blade connects with his neck. Just before it cuts, he sees Lux's lips form a word. He thinks that word is thanks."" I'm glad that Cato does do as Lux asked and killed him.

Poor Ash! I hope he hasn't committed sucide.

"'NO!" Cato screams as he sends the knife flying at Trev's neck. Why did they trust him? Why? He just did that. Why did the believe that he'd changed? Cato wishes he'd made Trev's death much more slow and painful, but it's too late for that.

Trev's already dead.

"Dawn! Dawn! Dawn!" Cato chants as he kneels beside the dying girl. Blood pools out of her stomach.

"Cato," whispers Dawn. "Is Trev dead?"" So it's Trev's fault as that Dawn died. Why did they trust him in the first place.

""That isn't nice," says Cato with a pout.

"Aww," says Katniss in a baby-like voice. "Did wittle Cato get his feewings hurt?"

"Shush Flower," Cato closes his eyes and pulls her closer. "Time to sleep."" This part of the flashback was so cute!

Cato doing what Lux asked was rebellious? Or was it something else he did in the arena?
Fleur24 chapter 22 . 12/17/2012
At the edge of the trees. They're too close to the Cornucopia for comfort. Using the wave to get them there was clever though.

Poor Haymitch. He's not used to having to decide which tribute to save.

""Due to his stirring, Seneca can tell that Cato is not fully asleep, so it's unlikely that it'll kill him. But Dawn Lucas is asleep. Fully out. She'll only wake up when the wave hits her, and when the water floods her mouth. There's a high chance that she'll die."" That's sneaky Crane. Yes sending the Careers, Cato and Dawn is a great way to really start the hunger Games.

""Effie Trinket is thrilled. She has been attending some of the best parties in the Capitol, all thanks to Cinna and the little birds."" Effie disgusts me. In some stories, she's not so bad, but She's disgusting in this one.

The scene at Peeta's house was rather cool. We don't know much about his family, or what their like together.

I LOVE Getting into Madge's head! I'm glad that she has a friend in Katniss.

""She has also seen his secretive looks at Katniss. Madge has seen them from a distance, but she still knows that look. It's the look her father gave her mother. It's the extremely secretive look that Finnick Odair give Annie Cresta whenever the victors appear on the television. It's the look that many married couples give each other."" I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS. She's perceptive. I really like her.

Its sad how depressed and lost Katniss is without Cato. Cato has to come back alive otherwise Katniss will be like her mother after her father died, execpot that she probably won't come out of it.

"OK," his mother sighs. "Son, I'm sorry, but she isn't right for you," she says.

"Then who is?"

"A girl who loves you back," his mother explains. "But you're her friend. And friends are always there for each other."

So Gale decides he's going to help Katniss get through it."" I really like this scene between Gale and his mother. Katniss may not love him, but he can still be her best friend.

Yep Cato is so glad that Katniss made him learn to climb trees.

Its' good and bad that Dawn is provoking the Careers into attacking.

Yep Katniss has lots of admirers.

"'And he does. And Trev questions every decision he has made in the arena. He wonders if he is a monster.

He believes he is.

But then there's that question. 'What to do with Cato and Dawn?'"" That is the question isn't it?
Fleur24 chapter 21 . 12/17/2012
""Dawn ends up sitting next to Satin - just her luck - while Cato sits next to Lux. Cato isn't sure, but he has a feeling that someone had them sit in these seats on purpose."" That does like something Snow and the Capitol would do.

"'how have you not killed Satin yet?' Cato stops doing that when Dawn sends him an irritated glance, basically telling him to shut up."" It is amazing that Dawn hasn't killed Satin yet.

I like that the pin Mrs. Everdeen gave him amde it through the check. It would suck going into the games with out a district token.

This arena is like the one for the Quarter Quell in the books, but different at the same time. I like it.

""Well, Satin is in the Careers, so it decreases the kills they get."

"Point taken."" This is true.

I LOVE how Dawn carves that she was there in the trees.

""The first face is, surprise surprise, Satin Lytle.

"Well," states Dawn. "I think we can safely say that we all saw that coming."" Yep I saw that happening.

""His eyes fly open just as the first wave blows him from the tree."" The gamemakers are trying drown tributes a little early aren't they?
Fleur24 chapter 20 . 12/17/2012
The flashback woth Clove was interesting. At least he didn't have to go into the games with Clove as an oppenent.

Yep Clove's deffinitely insane and all those years at the Academy have made it worse.

""You aren't saying you were drunk, now are you Cato?" Caesar says with a knowing grin.

There's silence as Cato's face turn normal. "I don't think it's in anyone's best interest that I answer that question, Caesar." Cato's face breaks out into a smirk when the audience burst out laughing. Caesar is chuckling along with them, obviously loving the not-depressed District 12 tributes, unlike the usual."" Yep Cato and Dawn are a nice change for District 12.

""Are you hitting on me, Caesar?" Cato exclaims with wide eyes jumping back in his seat. The Capitol crowds laugh and Caesar laughs and shakes his head as in 'no'"" HAHA Cato's fabulous in his interview!

Its awful how they showed Dawn and Cato video of the reaping and made them see the devastated looks on their family and friend's faces.

I like how Mrs. Taylor invited the Everdeens, and Dabria and Nuri's friends over to watch the interviews.

""Katniss Everdeen wants to do nothing more than burn it down.

She wants to burn it down.

She wants it to fall, to crumble and tumble down like a house of cards."' Snow better watch out, Katniss is out to get him.

Getting Clove's POV was rather interesting. The Home does not sound like a pleasent place to live.

""She doesn't know why she does, but maybe because a small part of her doesn't want to lose him. After all, she had lost him once, but not for good. But now there is a huge possibility that he'll die in that arena, and he'll never see the light of day again.

And for some unknown reason, that terrifies her."' Its nice knowing that even she doesn't like where his family moved to, that she doesn't want her friend to die.

""Because with belief, comes hope."" This is very true.
Fleur24 chapter 19 . 12/17/2012
""So much of what he's found out so far tells him that Cato and Dawn are similar to Mr. Haymitch Abernathy. And that doesn't sit well with the President. There has never been a single tribute that has been what Mr. Abernathy was."" They are like Haymitch, but not like Katniss is. I can't wait till Snow meets Katniss and sees how rebellious she is.

WOW they have surveillance cameras to see who goes into the woods. I didn't know that. Oh dear they've identified all of Dawn's friends and family.

""The girl intrigues the President. There is something about her that screams, 'I am more than what I seem.'

"Yes, her name is Katniss Everdeen," Katniss Everdeen, President Snow thinks, I'll remember that name."" HEHE, you do that Snow. She's going to give you so much trouble.

""President Snow sighs. "For the same reason the Games have a victor. Hope. It gives them hope, hope that they will be able to keep their families alive. It's much stronger than fear. So we let them go into the woods, knowing the risks, and they can have their hope. No matter how short lived it is."" Good point.

Its rather cool how Nuri and Ash meet and talk about life now that their loved ones are in the Hunger Games.
Fleur24 chapter 18 . 12/17/2012
""How much do you bet that she'll be killed by a plant?"

"Forget the plant, she'll see a bug, scream and run away, then run off a cliff." She explains with a small smile.

He hesitates for a moment before he nods and smiles. "Nice, really creative."" I can see that happening. She might not even make it past the bloodbath.

""What, you're saying you wanted me to scare them, or something?" Cato asks, thoroughly confused.

"Didn't say that," Haymitch says, trying to justify his statement. "But it was implied."" Don't worry Haymitch, Katniss'll shot an arrow at them.

""Haymitch is hinting at something, something that the Gamemakers fear. Something rebellious. Something for the strongest. Something for a warrior. But Cato doesn't think anything of it. He just thinks that it's just Haymitch trying to make a joke, and a terrible one at that.

But he's not. And Cato has no idea."" Interesting.i like that Haymitch is hinting at the rebellion that's sure to come up in a year or two.
Fleur24 chapter 17 . 12/17/2012
I like getting Peeta's POV of how Katniss is doing with Cato gone. He's really smart and good frind for Katniss.

"'Peeta hears the ding of the oven, and he takes the two loafs out of the oven. His father walks in, and Peeta looks at him in a questioning way.

"Dad, can I take this to the Taylor family?" Peeta asks.

A sad smile appears on his face. "Of course. But go before your mother gets back."" I absolutely LOVE this!

Peeta's mom is a nasty piece of work. makes me wonder why his father married her.

""Peeta can see that this could be difficult for her, but he can tell that she needs to tell someone about him. Peeta's a good listener, so he'll listen.

Katniss smiles slightly. "He used to call me Flower. Still does."

"Because of your name?" Peeta asks, curiously, wanting to know more."" I LOVE this part!

""Peeta has loved that girl since he was five, and he fell under the same spell that Katniss' mother fell under when she met Mr. Everdeen. And what his father fell under. Peeta doesn't care who she loves, all he cares about is her happiness.

And if Cato makes her happy, he won't get in their way."" Peeta is fantastic!
Fleur24 chapter 15 . 12/17/2012
""They all step out of the elevator, and Dawn does something that makes Cato laugh. When she steps out the elevator, Calixte tries to push past her, but Dawn pushes her to the ground using only one hand. Well, Calixte is small. The District Two female tribute huffs and pushes herself to her feet and storms into the training room. Cato smirks as Victor trails behind her, looking like a lost puppy."" This is funny. District 2 has some interesting tributes this year. Both Cato and Dawn could take them in a fight.

""Cato quickly gets into a stance easiest for throwing a knife, and throws the knife, aiming for the eye on the dummy that doesn't hold Dawn's knife. And, as expected, the knife hits the dummy's eye, and Cato smirks. He normally smiles; but it's different now. He won't show any weakness, and smiling is on that list.

Cato turns around to see Satin clenching her fists and Dawn is smirking at him. He walks over to Dawn and she says, "That's how District 12 does it."

Cato laughs. "You got that right."" That's awesome. They certainly showed up the girl from 1.

""The District 1 male sees Cato heading towards him and he smirks at him. "Well, well, well, trying to beat me Twelve? District 12 scum, think they can beat me?"

Cato picks up a sword that resembles his own sword back home. "Nope, I just thought it would be fun."

"Then slice them up." Lux says, and he steps back to giive Cato some room.

Cato lets an evil grin appear on his face. "Gladly."" This'll be easy. He'll show Lux up just like he did with Satin.

""He sees Dawn smirk, then it fades and she places three fingers to her lips and raises them in the air. He returns the salute annd Dawn turns her head."" I LIKE this.

Its good that they're going to be allies until the final eight. They are both hunters so that will work to their advantage.
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