Reviews for Shredding Destiny
Guest chapter 2 . 4/10/2020
Some know him as merlin
Some know him ad emrys
But we know him as dragooooon the great
tremaCEE chapter 8 . 7/19/2018
That was beautiful. I wish it continued. I wanted to see everyone's reaction, the celebration of Merlin's return, the reverence of the Druids. What about Morgana? Still in Camelot or elsewhere? I wonder how she reacted to Merlin's return. I can guess shock, awe, then a brief moment of anger for Merlin abandoning her years ago, then tears and apologies for the bad things she'd done.
Ah well...
Incredible story, anyway. It was wonderful seeing Merlin as Emrys, just the way he's meant to be.
tremaCEE chapter 7 . 7/19/2018
This is so so good. Wow. Merlin being reborn.
Although, I expected him to return much later, after the repeal on magic ban has gone into full effect, after Arthur has held another more fitting ceremony on his behalf, after all of Camelot and Albion have come to know the hero that he is.
tremaCEE chapter 6 . 7/19/2018
Oh dear...
As for Morgana, well...only the gods know how she'll turn up
tremaCEE chapter 5 . 7/19/2018
So wonderful. I love to read fanfics that talk of Merlin's true power and his magic. Especially in such a beautiful way. And I like that you acknowledged the fact that Morgause actually played a major role in Morgana's walk to madness. It was unusual the way she suddenly turned evil, as if she had never been good at all. I hope this turns out well.
tremaCEE chapter 2 . 7/19/2018
Amazing chapter. I can understand Arthur needing time to think. Loyal or not, Merlin had been lying to him. It would take some time for Arthur to finally let go of the distrust and welcome Merlin with open arms.
XYZArtemis chapter 8 . 1/14/2018
This story is amazing! Lovely grammar and plot :)
Crystalzap chapter 8 . 10/17/2017
sweet, I am so glad he came back :)

Though the dark shadow of the future was a little unsettling especial as Merlin didn't seem inclined to fight the ending he doesn't seem to like, as if he accepted it. Which isn't like cannon Merlin.

It was a nice touch throwing stonehenge in
gaylelbf chapter 7 . 9/16/2017
gaylelbf chapter 6 . 9/16/2017
So tragic, but hopeful.
gaylelbf chapter 5 . 9/16/2017
gaylelbf chapter 3 . 9/16/2017
So dark. Looking forward to see how he reaches the light.
Very well paced plot.
gaylelbf chapter 2 . 9/16/2017
Dramatic and suspenseful!
anon chapter 8 . 9/4/2017
it's just so good and the end made me cry and it's 1:30 am so anyways good work
Kerosene Stevens chapter 8 . 8/14/2017
Aaaah so sweet 3 I'm tearing up! This is not good for my cold lol
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