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SeptarSenior chapter 5 . 8/11/2016
One of the worst versions of Marie I've ever seen, behind some of the Nazzarie ones. Seriously, basically she was like "I only did what I did not because its the kind of person I am, but because I was masking my true feelings for you. Even though if I showed my true feelings, I would already be dating you"

Its a pathetic way to make Marie soft
DanRider007 chapter 1 . 8/17/2015
I envy your writing skills. :)
k chapter 4 . 5/10/2015
Everything seems weirdly optimistic and over dramatic...
Mr.Ford chapter 81 . 3/13/2015
I am thoroughly glad that I decided to come back and finish this story, I took a break from it for awhile but I never forgot about it. Its one of my favorite stories on this whole site. I must congratulate you on this. Also thank you for mentioning me that put a big ole smile on my face hahaha
DanDrake chapter 35 . 3/1/2015
HA now i see why edd was so nervous when Rod asked if he was part of the mafia XD
Lewis-Sama chapter 81 . 1/4/2014
Awesome story, one of my favorite Ed, Edd, and Eddy stories. Loved the songs you had most of them I know and love to listen to. Kinda sucked that all the Kanker sisters had to outlive their Eds, but atleast they were happy together the years they were together.
Guest chapter 5 . 12/9/2013
Four and five are the same thing...
Alabaster Jones chapter 82 . 11/27/2013

Its been awhile. I understand your mindset, how the story sucked all creative juices out of you. The same thing happened to me with my story. After awhile, I just wanted to be finished.
All in all the ending was decent, and some loose ends were tied up as you said. Eddys ending is somewhat different but turned out very well in the end.
Overall, nice delivery. There are about five dedicated fans to this pairing on the site and you are one of them. Lets keep the tradition alive.

marcus nightfire chapter 82 . 11/26/2013
I really enjoyed your work
Dnrnova chapter 27 . 10/9/2013
I really enjoyed your story in the beginning and then you bought in religion.
Well before one can think I have no idea of what I'm saying, yes I'm Catholic
I simply found it boring to hear about the whole dang mass. I really wished for more character development. I don't know I really thought it was sweet. It is a beautiful romance, just very very fluffy
I guess I'm more of a spikes and punches kind of lady
redstreetcookie chapter 3 . 7/3/2013
i cant... i just cant... i have been pushing myself to read this for the past two days based on the glowing reviews for your later chapters but MY GOD these first couple chapters are horrendous...and i know this sounds odd but im not trying to be mean about it... The first chapter was pretty good...I actually wanted to know how this story would progress but as im sure you've heard already its going WAY too fast... Im sorry but when i saw that the story had 81 chapters i was extremeley excited.. i love long fanfics that give a lot of build up, (and there isnt a huge variety of Marie/Edd fics so i was hopefull), but you just have edd fall in love with marie upon the second chapter with no explanation...all i get out of this is "he loves her ...he loves her.. he loves her" but WHY there's no build up or reasons to why he loves her or even a clue as how his feelings for her began...and believe it or not that dream in the first chapter does not really count...And chapter three had to be the worst... she kisses him and all of a sudden they're together...WTH ..your telling me ONE HUG was all they needed for confirmation of their feelings...

And believe it or not having KiltedEngineer as the inspiration/help for your story hindered you more than helped because I dont find Bad girls with big hearts to be the gem that everybody else does...It was good and i did read it all the way through but it did have it flaws...the reason i bring this up is that your story suffers from a lot of the same problems as BAd girls with Big Hearts
-Rushed relationships between Edd and Marie(I actually liked May and Ed's relationship better in bgwbh because it was a little more paced)
-sexual content so early in the relationship
-Lots of Marie/EDD fluff without any substance
-predicatable plots and subplots
but where you failed KiltedEngineer suceeded ...the drama of the story kept me and other readers interested
where atleast there was SOME inner turmoil before Marie and Edd got together... in this fic they got together in a blink of an eye with little to no conflict or development...and while marie actually had reason presented in why she felt as though she had a terrible home life and felt like nothing in this fic it seems as though her home Life isnt so ruff ( to your credit it could have been something explained later but i just cant get past the third chapter...its just not brought up interesting enough for me to continue on)

Now you may be wondering why im comparing these two stories so much...well
-I read Bad Girls With Big Hearts recently so its still a little fresh in my mind.
-Your story though presented a LITTLE differently is way too similar...(based on the first 3 chapters)
-You make it known that KiltedEngineer is where you got your inspiration So for anyone who's already read Bad Girl's With Big Hearts It's Kinda impossible not to compare (which was again kinda a red flag because even though its mistakes were tolerable and plot was slightly interesting its flaws stood out in my mind like a sore thumb but on a whim I thought you could bring a better story to the table)
-I couldnt help but notice that you throw away a few of BGWBH's plots too obviously to try and differiate the stories for instance why would it be a shock that Marie likes Edd thats plan as day in the canon and we know May or Lee would obviously be ok with it felt like you were saying "hey its not the same as BGWBH Lee's ok with them together" when it wasnt needed

If you took time to read this please know i dont do this with ill itentions...In fact i've never written a review this long for anyone i only did this because i felt like this story could be great (or is great beyond earlier chapters) it's just that it has such great potiential and the first couple chapters turn me and a few other readers off from the story... not saying you should waste time and try to correct it but take this bit of critism into the next story you might write.
REDEADED chapter 1 . 7/1/2013
Getting good :)

Canon's Son chapter 4 . 6/27/2013
Cons: You know, it really bothers me that they say they are in love after only four chapters and basically 2 days of double dee realizing it. I mean, attraction is one thing, but love is another, and theyy barely know anything about each other really. I mean, what would I even expect from the next 70 or so chapters? I would like it more if you would have wanted till like, chapter 40 or something...
Pro: For what its worth its still a cool story, just that I like the I love you thiing to be the climax you know?
Canon's Son chapter 3 . 6/27/2013
Cons: None really, although I did expect double dee to be a little more nervous and eddy to have more of a problem, you did justify it so nice. One compliant though I forgot was that even though he was kinda a jerk before, Kevin wasn't THAT bad of a person. Kinda OOC to me really, it was more teasing and mental bullying then really fist fighting. :/
Pros: Everyone is still in character, and even though it's a. Edd/marie fic, I do want to know if eddy and nazz will get together. Even more interesting is if ed and may will. Course, you wrote everything so this won't really matter but ill read through and tell my reactions
Canon's Son chapter 2 . 6/27/2013
Cons: Perhaps its just the reeses puffs talking, but I thought that Marie would be a little more tough and defense then she seems. Also the whole double dee falling in love at first sight would be weird due to fear being what prevents most of his actions, as Marie would be part of it. Also the whole eddys brother thing and kankers and eds making amends kinda bothers me. Course, double dee would probably get over it, but eddy and ed would probably be more stubborn. Course, if they cease their actions I guess that doesn't really matter
Pros: Although I do think you're right able Double dee comforting marie due to seeing her cry, and although she seems less tough presented, and even though eye contact love is a little cliche, I still did do an Aww noise so you beat me there. :P 80 or so chapters to go...*sigh*
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