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Spaar chapter 3 . 4/3/2014
So, I've read the first three chapters, and this story is very interesting to me, it's basicly the polar opposite of something I'd normally read. I've got nothing against angst in it's proper place, but I find that I don't quite know what to feel about an entire story dedicated to making me frown, it's certainly well written, so well done in that regard. no idea if it's going to get easier to read but, as of right now, I'm feeling incredibly frustrated and dissapointed with shep for being such as ass, and essentially resentful that Li is in such a disheveled situation. Might read more, but good lord is this story oppresive, gunna have to take this in doses :P

Definitely not trying to bash the tale, like I said it's very well written, and does it's job, I'm just not used to reading something for the express purpose of making myself emotionally distraught.

- Mugg
battlechicken chapter 53 . 3/17/2014
Love you, and every single thing you write.

Thanks to Alcy for putting a little space between myself and flaming fox dude. Seriously sir, you are a major downer. I Just wanted to show you some love before the final chapter.

Bring on the angst, I'm ready...I think!
OriginalAlcy chapter 53 . 3/3/2014
Okay, so I’m two chapters behind which is incredibly neglectful of me. I think I’ve come to the realisation that, in this fic at least, Liara was always meant to be with Sam. Whilst acknowledging the undeniable connection that exists between Shepard and Liara, it’s an unhealthy one. Their passion is all consuming to the point of self-combustion on both sides. I’ve long been tempted to say that Shepard is past saving. The real hope I see is for Liara and Sam.

As always, brilliantly, concisely written. If only I had your talent with words, because it would save me a lot of time and hassle in struggling to convey the images I want to. I am very much looking forward to the conclusion of this wonderful saga, but at the same time dreading it because it means there will be no more to come. Although possibly some more on YT, pretty please?

On side note, it is very depressing to see the homophobic bloc has slithered into the Mass Effect fandom. I think everyone else around here will agree with me in refuting the absolute shite that some people spout.
The Fox Familiar chapter 3 . 2/28/2014
You are going to want my honesty.

First, this isn't even close to a darker re-telling of Mass Effect. In fact, it reads like a fangirl merely vented her frustrations on paper, and then decided to sell a ridiculous pairing. Second, I'm not flaming it because it's FemShep/Liara, I'm flaming it because it is bad. I am only two chapters in and I am groaning. I don't know what your reviewers have told you, but this story is awful.

And third, if you're going to make things darker, you honestly don't have it in you. 'Darkness' means cruelty, brutality, and genocide. But here? You just made the third game worse than how the main writers did it. You actually PULLED a Hamburger Helper.

Nice going.
The Fox Familiar chapter 2 . 2/28/2014
Wow. So Shepard is acting like a demanding asshole who uses others at her expense. If we swapped the genders and if a man said that to a woman, you'd be singing a whole new tune.

Still no plot, still no consequences. All I see is a would-be shit story involving testosterone.
The Fox Familiar chapter 1 . 2/28/2014
As soon as I saw who inspired you, I immediately snickered, because those people didn’t even bother fixing Mass Effect. They just copied and pasted the game, changed some things, and made everything gay. Not to mention one was a copy of the other, and nowhere remotely talented.

Where shall we start? For one, we have the typical fanfic lesbian romance and nothing resembling a plot; even if there is one, it’s not the main focus. Now, in this, Shepard acts like a man, despite being a woman, and does severe military misconduct. In this case, we have a strange romance that no one gives two shits about, and it so awkward and ridiculous to read that only a woman could write it.

“The temptation to kiss admit she had feelings for Liara” – Wait, Liara loves herself? Makes sense.

But this sentence is incredibly stupid. It’s the “oh, I hate you so much I want to fuck you” just makes me roll my eyes. There is no possible way you sat there and wrote this without that sounding cheesy.

Well, it did.

“I just wanted to protect you” – and yet another clichéd trope. To start off with, it is men, not women, who go out of their way to protect women. Women couldn’t care less if another woman, especially one in her way, dies. So this whole wannabe estrogen tension makes for a horrible story. If this is meant to be a ‘darker’ version of ME 3, you have already failed.
ScOut4It chapter 1 . 2/21/2014
I think I like rejected!Shepard :-)

I know I like femslash :-D

I also like your writing, so thanks!
Corentin IV chapter 53 . 2/18/2014
I remember playing from the first FOB, from this scene, until the very end of the game, for the first time; it was one of the most affecting interactive experiences in my recent memory. This scene is touching, and draining, and heartbreaking - especially so before EC, because this really is The End. The pure and simple togetherness of that scene, the intimacy and the sense of solace it imparts, there in the hour before Shepard's (almost certain) death is incredibly powerful. This adds flesh to the bones of that scene in a way that is uniquely GF, and uniquely wrenching for that reason - pushing the reasons Shepard is loved right into her. And I love the tell in one of those memories - Liara refusing Shep's help on Ilium with the Shadow Broker, putting herself second. It 'humanises' Liara again (wrong word I know) and makes sense of the fraught nature of their relationship in a very real way. And it humanises Muireall too - decisively, finally (and briefly). The closeness is similar to the scene, but not the same, and it's something to savour. But the moment is so short, and over so quickly! I wish it were 12 times longer. Also, did it make Muireall feel better, give even some small peace at the end of it all? Does she believe Liara loves her, or does she now believe she is capable or worthy of being loved?

Awesome stuff, Owel! Congratulations and well done!
sepoveda chapter 53 . 2/17/2014
I must admit to not being a fan of the Liara/Traynor pairings, but it somehow doesn't matter in reading this story. I kept reading even as the story left my comfort zone. As twists and turns didn't seem to coincide with my interests. I think that is the true testament to the quality of Glacial Fire. In conclusion. I wish to convey my sincere thanks to Owelpost and her army of collaborators that made it possible.
Zenphor chapter 53 . 2/15/2014
-Agonized groan.-

You know that an author is doing something right when you catch wind of the highly-anticipated update, then meticulously plan your day around the moment of its consumption so that the overwhelming grief won't render you nonfunctional ... only to cave in the final restless moments before bed, resulting in ugly bedside weeping.

Simultaneously resenting and adoring what you do, Owel. Keeping soldiering on, my talented friend!
Yestare70 chapter 53 . 2/15/2014
"She wants nothing more than to make this woman feel loved"

Very well done. Will Shepard follow through on those words?
Coltsbro chapter 53 . 2/15/2014
Very good chapter. About what I expected to happen. I don't know where things go from here, but it'll be interesting to see. I hope you update this soon. It was pretty touching seeing everything from Liara's POV and not Shepard's, and to see she really does indeed truly care for Shepard.
Apathicus chapter 53 . 2/15/2014
Aww, very nice.
fahRENheit2006 chapter 53 . 2/15/2014
More shocking sentiment that Shepard allows! She's becoming downright squishy.


I find myself craving some little insight into what Liara hoped to accomplish with this gesture, since I've become cynical that Shepard's warping influence hasn't permeated Liara's once-pure intentions completely. Because if there's anything I know about Glacial Fire, it's that nothing is given (or taken!) for free.
Corentin IV chapter 52 . 1/24/2014
*looks around suspiciously* is that... what I think I saw? Was that Glacial Fire being... sentimental? But I thought it was evil? Surely not. My eyes deceiveth. Such a small, small slice of it... like a speck of dust against the back tapestry of the story... but yes. Tis there. Loved the juxtaposition of the badass, tough beginning and the bittersweet, sensitive end - and especially Liara's tussle with the banshee, which was incredibly well evoked. That Liara's scream ends up mirroring the banshees own is a neat little comparator - and a reminder of the savagery that the situation on Earth demands from those fighting there.

And a denouement, particularly of such a complex and intricate story as this, is always going to be a difficult thing, and it's impossible to please everyone. There's a lot of reader energy invested in GF that must be harnessed and brought back to ground. This chapter feels very much a part of this ending process. Liara's one of the most selfish characters I have come across in a long time -Shepard has remade her in her own self-centred image - but while for Shep growth has been learning to live with herself, Liara's has been learning to... learning to... actually I'm not sure. I want to say, given the evidence at the end of the chapter, that she's learned to care for someone else, but I don't actually believe her. Her character is, in my view, fatally undermined in that respect. Her actions speak louder than words.

Awesome chapter, Owel! Finish line isn't far to go! Hang in there! -C
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