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Likefireneedsair chapter 62 . 4/18
glad my curiosity forced my hand for i really enjoyed the story, onward to the sequal
Likefireneedsair chapter 1 . 4/17
i have to be honest, i thought no way in hell this was going to be good, i mean i never in my life would think to crossover one piece and ncis but my curiosity kicked my ass back till i clicked on the story
good for the first chapter and egar to read onto the next
Son Goshen chapter 62 . 3/1

Pirate Ace is funny. He's so confused with what's going on; it amuses me. I really want to ask for more but then that'll be selfish so I'll just settle for the sequel, heh.
Fi Suki Saki chapter 62 . 2/26
Umm..'is this some kind of prologue for new fic or you really ended here... (It doesn't feel like question)



In One Piece canon, Luffy's mother definitely not Rouge, right... I mean, Rouge killed before Luffy born! And our Luffy is 3 years younger than Ace!

And I'm sure Rouge love only to Roger and always be.

Come to think, I wonder why this Luffy the half-brother of Ace's mother is Rouge... why she had another child from another man?
Fairy of the Friz chapter 62 . 2/24
*runs around fangirlling like the retard that I am :P*
There's more, there's more! Please please please PLEASE keep writing these crossovers! I can't WAIT for the sequel!

Sleepyreader319 chapter 62 . 2/23
Loved it! Wish there was more of Luffy's crew though...
Whoa chapter 62 . 2/23
Super excited for the sequel! Im looking forward to it, hopefully you will find time soon!
kickassdani chapter 62 . 2/23
YES *pumps fist into air* three cheers for a sequel! Thank you soo much!
Big Sis of 8 chapter 62 . 2/23
Oh my gosh! I love it! :)
Curiosity chapter 62 . 2/22
hey, couldja do a chapter or something where sabo finds out about ace and luffy's devil fruit powers? I'd like to read that, if it's not too much trouble, that it...
teengens chapter 62 . 2/22
OMG UNEXPECTED BONUS! PLEASE! CONTINUE! There's so much good news with you and Anjelle! I am super stoked to see everything you guys come oit with in the future! I'm sorry that RL exists. It's sucky most days, but not all. Hopefully you'll it! Anyway, good luck and I can't wait to see more! SO EXCITED! XD
silent canary chapter 62 . 2/22
Thank you for choosing to do the sequel and posting Omake 2. It may be horrible but the second thing to go through my head while reading this(the first being that this is amazing) was that I really hope that in his attempt to punch a body that is no longer there, Akainu was unable to stop his momentum thus leading to him tripping and falling flat on his face...only to be kicked(haki induced) into the sea. Once I was free from my Akainu hating haze I immediately went back to thinking that this is awesome.

Poor OP!Ace, having to deal with all this weirdness right after all the emotional trauma he had to go through as a result of his imprisonment, the war, hearing his father's intent to die on the battlefield, and thinking that he was about to die himself. I really like that he wanted Luffy to be the last thing he saw before he died. I really like that both Aces are so distrusting/suspicious as I can see a lot of tension resulting from that. BR!Luffy seems very excited about this situation and I can almost hear the two Luffys asking the other if he poops or not.

I am so glad to hear that you intend to continue both of the Omake since they are both such brilliant, intriguing pieces that have so much potential. I can't even decide which one I'm more excited for(maybe the second one but only because as of yet both Aces are still alive). I hope real life gets easier. Take all the time you need, Adopted By Default and Immortality is What We Leave Behind are certainly interesting enough to make the wait easier (so I really hope for lots of updates of those *insert shameless begging for more chapters of your awesome works*). Once again thank you for all the time and effort you put into ALL of your stories, they never cease to amaze me and they continuously make me fall in love with One Piece, its characters, and the fandom in general, all over again.
Bard of Chaos chapter 62 . 2/22
Molly Grace 16 chapter 62 . 2/22
Great chapter. This looks like it has just as much potential as the Omake from last chapter. I can't wait to see what you have planned for them.
caring16 chapter 62 . 2/22
Ah man that was awesome, also found the link _ also looking forward to reading more, if you want you can rant to me bout anything im just a message away,
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