Reviews for Harry Potter and the Power of Paranoia
Slytherin66 chapter 18 . 12/28/2013
This was good and a very good explanation as to why Harry can't trust the Weasley's. It's a good point about them knowing not just Charlie and not telling Harry. The First task really was the most dangerous as the other two could have Harry give up at the start the dragon could do him harm before he could say or do anything.

I never liked Ron from when he wanted to see Harry's scar and was told not to but the fact he waited until after the first task speaks volumes about the kind of friend he is.

Well said about the House team they are older and wiser than Harry, know him well yet they never really seem to help him out even with things like going to Minerva on his behalf to take him to the village in 3rd year with enough people or an escort why could Harry not get a visit. The word and worth of muggles in magical society is low so could easily be ignored. The Ball as well why did one of Harry's team mates take him aside and help him out so he could dance or just hurry up and ask someone.

A very good point about saving Ginny that debt alone should have been enough to have Harry informed of what is going on and not just in 4th year.

I like Harry's thinking and love any Weasley bashing as it has merit the family get much out of being friends with Harry even the ward upgrades and securty would be handy in a time of war yet the Weasley never support Harry when it counts.

Thanks for this it was a good read I look forward to the next chapter.
Kairan1979 chapter 18 . 12/28/2013
Thanks for the Omake. I don't think Harry is paranoid. There are too many black marks against Weasleys in Canon.
-) Molly yelling about muggles in the middle of King's Cross. It's breaking of the Statute of Secrecy.
-) Ron oblivously lying that 'all the compartments are full'.
-) After the Twins rescued Harry in CoS, nobody bothered to investigave, despite too many evidence that Twins weren't joking (I can't imagine the doting mother like Molly missing Harry's clothes, or the fact that he wasn't fed well).
-) Not telling Harry in PoA the truth about Sirius Black. Shouldn't he be warned that the murderer is after him? I doubt Harry will sneak to Hogsmeade if he was informed.
-) GOF - there's no help from Weasley Family so Harry could survive the Tournament. OK, Ron was a prat, but shouldn't the rest of them remember that they owe Harry a life debt for saving Ginny? Bill and Charlie aren't the members of the Hogwarts staff, so they can help Harry without breaking any oaths. But Harry only has Hermione and a hint or two from the Fake Moody.
-) Order of Phoenix - Molly refusing to give Harry any information about Voldemort and DE's despite him confronting Harry presonally several times.
Shaunee Altman chapter 18 . 12/28/2013
I didn't particullary like Ron, so this is ok with me. Good reasoning, I never before read that, so I give you points for originality.
Innoxious chapter 18 . 12/28/2013
Them not telling him about the tournament isn't a big a deal as you seem to make it out to be, it's not like they knew he was going to be in it after all. 'I know something you don't know... hahah' isn't too uncommon when it comes to siblings. It's not like they held back info that could have helped him because even he didn't even know he would be in it till his name came out.
Not telling him about the dragon after his name came out is a little harder to defend, unless they all just assumed or were told that Ron told Harry about them already.
Wolfric chapter 18 . 12/28/2013
Good chapter. There is much that was likely going on behind the scenes that will only be "discovered" in fanfiction. All though I think JKR once mentioned reediting the stories for future editions. Thanks for writing. W.
Entoarox chapter 18 . 12/27/2013
If I'm not mistaken charlie did try to warn harry, but as a way of getting around the ministry hinted about the task in a letter to ron, not knowing that he was being a huge prat again, atleast, not untill it was to late for charlie to do anything.
As to Percy, he is so far up crouches arse he tastes what the guy eats, if its 'classified' he wont talk about it, after all, that would mean he can think for himself.
Dr Stranger chapter 18 . 12/27/2013
Fun story. And a nice premise too.
rosepetal21 chapter 18 . 12/27/2013
the weasley were ok, I didn't mind Arthur, but i loved Fred and George. Ron and percy (were too full of themselves), molly alright (But she got a bit annoying) and charlie and bill were ok too. Love this story keep up with the updates. :)
crystaldove chapter 18 . 12/27/2013
Now this view is something that even I in my many HP soapbox moments have missed. Paranoia or not, he is correct following rules or not the least Charlie and Bill could have done was tell Harry about the dragons. He, Harry did something the other Weasleys didnt... keep an eye on and save Ginny. They owed him! What would have happened if Hagrid didnt tell Harry. I guess some would say that Charlie told Hagrid and he cant keep water. But from what was shown in the book, Hagrid came by a few times... so where was Charlie telling Harry then. He cant say he didnt know as it was in all the papers and he would have questioned why they were bringing an additional dragon.

And even before that; they knew about Sirius and Molly forbade Harry from being told. If not for Arthur, he wouldnt have known a thing, Molly's motto: blissfully ignorant and dead vs dreadfully aware and safe.
Runecutter chapter 18 . 12/27/2013
Not the worst omake i've ever seen, but not really that fantastic either...
Yes the situation with the dragon is awkward, but it just does not go far enough.. for example Arthur is filling a pretty strange post at the ministry... dealing with muggle things yet being rather clueless about them, talking about firelegs and pleasemen and being unable to pronounce electricity even after a decade of being the chief muggle artifact specialist at the ministry? Doesn't that smack of pureblood-nepotism even is his little, unimportant post is seen as a deadend and not paid so well... after all he makes enough dough to put five kids at the same time through Hogwarts... (the twins are two years older and Bill is nine years older so it's Bill from 82-84, then Bill and charlie from 84-86, Bill, Charles and Percy 86-89, Charlie, Percy and the twins 89-91, Percy, Fred, George and Ron 91/92, then Percy to Ginny with a full five kids for two years (94, that is the summer before goblet with Percy roughly 3 1/2 months in job at the chosing of champions and not yet six months at the yuleball...), from 94-96 it's four again with the twins dropping out early in their NEWT year and to the end of the series (98) they're down to two again... as Ron is only sick but officially enrolled at Hogwarts he should count for the tuition i guess... regardless of the time it's seven times seven tuitions in just seventeen years for an average of just under three kids at the school at any given time. That must stress any salary yet they come along pretty nicely, at least (with the exception of Ron's ball robes) there never is any comment on the clothes of twins or Ron while Harry's stuff is mentioned from time to time... Ginny probably gets slightly better stuff as a girl that can't wear too many of their elder siblings clothes but the boys should have a lot of hand-me-downs but it is never factored in their description (only by ron i think in one or two jealous rants how he never got anything nice... as if Harry ever did...) and they can afford to blow a pretty generous (900 galleons is not that much less than Harry's tournament wins and they made quite a big thing out of 1000 galleons for the champion) lottery win on a once of vacation trip instead of home repairs, replacement stuff for the kids or another car... so i'd call his salary comfortable and he is kept on and ultimately even promoted despite his shortcomings in the field... so how does he manage that? Must be some kind of protection or pureblood status...
Then there's the thing with taking him in, but never talking about his parents... if Charlie is nine years older than Harry the Weasley's are just a couple of years older then Lily and James and all four of them were Gryffindors, did they never interact? Although the Potters were close to Dumbledore as the Weasleys are now? As Molly's brothers were? Yet no stories? Not even rumors heard from the teachers when the already graduated Weasley's met the staff during Order business? Bill didn't snap anything up about the glorious marauders and Gryffindor's golden couple even though he started school so close after they had left it? (three years, so Bill's prefects would have been second to fourth years in the year J&L were headboy and girl...) After third year the Twins knew that Harry was the son of prongs, but besides the map we don't get to hear anything about legendary pranks or broom cupboards with their initials cut into the wood during detentions or whatever... and don't get me started on the poor job Arthur does on "convincing" Harry to stay away from Sirius Black... a family feeling protective of a child and "having him taken into their home" surely would at least respect an thirteen year old boy so much as to tell him the whole story about the hiding and Sirius betraying their trust yet we get only "don't go looking for him he's dangerous" and have to wait half a book for the wrong story being spread in Hogsmeade... That said, where were the details in the Prophet? Hermione surely would have collected her paper and shown it to Harry if anything important was mentioned when he broke out of Askaban, wouldn't she?

There's a whole cloud of secrets woven around Harry and the weasley's always had bloody fingers from taking part in the weaving... and THAT's the reason to mistrust them, not just a very complicated construction about how it's responsible to inform a boy about a lethal danger he's running into for the tournament... the Weasleys (and sadly Hermione too) replace the Order guards at the Dursleys' whenever Harry is not at the Dursleys'... Dumbledore's bunch through and through and therefore not loyal or honest to Harry. THAT is the reason he should distrust them. He can't know if they had sinister intentions or if they contributed to paving Hell Interstate No 1 by protecting his delicate childish sentiments whenever he was entrusted into their care...

Oh, and of course there's also the weird stuff with platform 9 3/4s in Harry's first year and Ron lying about free compartments before they even knew each other which reeks of "set up"
Ginny seems to be a riddle too.. didn't she ask the guys holes in their stomachs after they came back from having Harry for a whole year in their dorm and all that? And they did not tell about the normal Harry, just about whatever fit her fairy tale lectures? Ginny is the one girl which should not have any crush on an imaginary BWL as she should have had tons of time to ask four siblings about the boy she dreamed of for years when going to sleep... Yet the idiocy somewhat survives to sixth year and the break up scene with Harry... exactly HOW?
Why did Seamus, Dean and Neville never get a jumper? Or if they don't count as close enough at least Lee and Hermione which would certainly get as much mention in letters home as Harry did in Ron's dispatches? So once again why is Harry special? Because he's an orphan? So is Neville and we know Dean's father had vanished before he was even born...
btw why did none of the kids have any pets except "Scabbers" and after fifth year that pokemon thingy of Ginny's? The restriction to cat, owl or toad clearly wasn't important as Lee had his spider and Ron a rat both not mentioned and both pretty sure not magical... so money would not be too important either... having a pet squirrel or newt would have fit in right with the scurrile other traits of them, but they only had four pets ever mentioned... the rat Scabbers handed over from Percy to Ron, the puff-something Arthur and two owls, one bought by Sirius (Pigwidgeon) and one for Percy when he became prefect... Still Ron who at that time has he ONLY real pet (owls aren't quite as cuddly and will probably be 99% of the time at the owlery or out, flying) of five kids he is grumpy and sees not much in it? He always looks for ways to be different from his brothers and doesn#t take the one chance he instantly has got?
So how does it come they even took Scabbers in... Percy does not seem the typical animal person and especially no rat-type... compulsion charms? if so why did noone ever notice? it did never wear off even with several boys out of the Burrow and in foreign lands? even with Arthur and Molly not spending any time with Scabbers whenever he's at school? Or did they know who he was and took him in with the knowledge and order of Dumbledore to keep him at hand if he ever should be needed to free Sirius or gain Harry's goodwill?

Luckily for Harry he escaped just before fifth year so he didn't get all the joy of Grimmauld Place and Molly's strange commanding of the place over the owner Sirius... There's lots of stuff strange around this family and not all of it is just explained by JKRs attempts at being funny and light hearted in her writings... And if you mistrust Dumbeldore you can just include them as they are so close to the man.
Puidwen chapter 18 . 12/27/2013
honestly i think of omake's as being a bit more silly. But it would go good in the main story.
Ann Jinn chapter 18 . 12/27/2013
I just love this story.

Good job getting rid of Dumbles, and pointing out how he only thinks of himself.

To be honest, I don't think Harry is paranoid with the Weasleys. They always seemed like parasites most of the time, and never eve took the two life debts seriously - although in this story there was only one. Think Harry is just being very honest and looking back over time.

Great job.
HarnGin chapter 18 . 12/27/2013
Nice omake! Actually, I think you hit the nail on the head. Unless, they told Ron assuming he'd tell Harry...

Regardless, thanks for the entertaining little outtake. Happy New Year!
ARedHair chapter 18 . 12/27/2013
Nice. Certainly something Harry might wonder about. I've been inspired to reread bits of the book.

I'd missed Charlie telling Ginny at the station he might see her sooner than she expected. I wonder if there are some other beasts at the Dragon reservation that Mrs. Weasley wouldn't assume Charlie was bringing Dragons.

I wonder if Charlie knew Hagrid brought Harry to see the Dragons. Charlie may have known from Ron about the invisibility cloak. He might have had a chat with Hagrid and suggested it.

I'm surprised Charlie and Harry assumed the headmasters didn't know what the tasks were. Dumbledore was certainly involved with the mermen (talking with them after the task).

I've read fanfiction stories where Ron knew Charlie was visiting and deliberately withheld the information from Harry, but couldn't quickly find it in the book.
FatesShadow83 chapter 18 . 12/27/2013
Great little chapter! Even though its just an omake, Harry's point is still very valid. Looking forward to seeing what happens next! Merry Christmas!
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