Reviews for Fifty Shades Abandoned
gemini.dumas chapter 123 . 8/31
Ummm...I so do not like Luke being gay in this story. No, I am not against gay people (I better clarify that before someone takes it wrong), I just do not like the idea of Luke being gay. That's all. However, I do love this story :-)
gemini.dumas chapter 78 . 8/29
Ok, I've like this story until this chapter. There's no way Christian and Ana would let Elena come to their house. They have a restraining order against her. Not only did they break it by inviting her over, but she broke it, too. Also, they, especially Christian are supposed to be very intelligent. I think they'd be suspicious of Elena either: a. having her own agenda, or b. working with Hyde/Cam...
tiguesbunnies chapter 133 . 8/21
I have loved this entire story but it seems unfinished.
Jmm3785 chapter 133 . 8/18
Love it!
Jazminblu chapter 133 . 8/13
I finally read your fic...Loved it. Is there more? Oh I hope so
MELYLOOP chapter 133 . 8/8
mileydi chapter 133 . 7/30
I love this story, please continue to post new chapters. I would love to know how the delivery went and the sex of the babies.
Guest chapter 133 . 7/10
please update sone i love youre story cant wait fore more
RAGML chapter 133 . 6/30
I just have to say I made a record for myself reading 133 chapters in just 3 and a half straight days! I am so hooked! I had no life for 3 days and a half because I just can't put my phone down and take a break from reading! I swear I'm not even lying or exaggerating! I admire your dedication especially for this story! And your characterization of Anna in this story is just amazing! Other fanfics will just have Anna giving in to what Christian wants but Anna here is not going down without putting up a fight! I really hope you can update this story and able to finish this.
Wash1031 chapter 133 . 6/24
I really enjoyed this story please add more chapters looking forward to knowing what the twins were boys or girls
Rosies92 chapter 133 . 6/14
Omg! I loved every single chapter in your story! The moment I started it I just couldn't stop! It is amazing how you can put words into chapters and how you evolved all of them! I love the alternatives you gave about what could have happened and how Hyde and cam were involved and tried to destroy and come between their family! Loved how you impretionated the love between Anna and Christian and how they grew stronger and stronger!
Found extra cute the love between Clarke and sawyer, and how you showed how some ppl that cannot understand that there now stereotypes anymore and that ppl are equal can be dangerous, but no matter what love can conquer all!
Wish there were more chapters to your story! I literally couldn't stop reading the moment I started the first chapter and sadly it finished soon! I would love to see what happened with the twins and how their family grew more and more!
Thank you for taking the time on writing the different continuation and can't wait to read more from you!
Thank you for sharing this story with us :)
stearncs321 chapter 30 . 6/5
To bad it's been so long since you updated. I don't think you will ever finish it. To bad you had people counting on you.
goldeneyegirl2781 chapter 133 . 5/19
are you ever going to finish this story? i really good.
J chapter 3 . 5/1
you should turn this into a book!
xemma.lofthousex chapter 133 . 4/19
Brill read loved all the action and twists wished it finished better tho xx
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