Reviews for In Loving Memory
Sardonic Kender Smile chapter 1 . 11/2/2012
This review box is inconvenient; I have to keep scrolling down to get all my FEELS.

ANYWAY, I'm like three paragraphs in and I already really like this. I was confused about Farina and Florina's roles at first, though: the "awesome Aunt Farina" note made me assume that Florina was the mother, not the aunt.

Here is a list of AU things you did that I LOVE:
1) Farina smoking. Because why does Farina care.
2) Eliwood keeping EVERY PICTURE of Ninian but Hector trying to erase Farina. Because Eliwood's sentimental and Hector is afraid of his feels ;_;.
3) Unicorn lamp
4) "He gave me money to take you ladies out to dinner" HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA YES. SO FANCY
5) Lyn stuffing hamburgers into her mouth. It just seems...right.

I like the idea of Hector getting (and STAYING!) married /immediately/ after finding out Farina's pregnant. Yes, he's rude and arrogant and oblivious, and his moral code isn't quite the same as Eliwood's or Lucius's (I think he's more like Lyn, actually), but when he believes something is wrong or right, it's very clear cut and he's very devoted to it. Always good in a man!

It's also interesting that you bring up Florina not wanting to replace Farina in Lillina's heart. The relationship they have is unique but not the first of its kind, and I've never thought about it before. It must be a difficult line to toe-knowing you NEED to be the mother, but wanting to respect the mother's space.

[Hector answered the door with his hair mussed and his glasses askew] GLASSES?! Hector?! I can't imagine it. TOO MANLY FOR GLASSES.

["And the ears. And the way she walks. The way she carries herself. Her chin. Her cheekbones."] This is really sweet but incredibly sad.

[But when I went inside, it was the toilet; the chain had fallen off and it had been running all day."] I almost cried.

[Size nine, just like you.] Lillina's got size 9 shoes and she's just thirteen? DUUUDE, kid better be a basketball player. I didn't wear 9s until I was in 9th grade (I went up a shoe size every year since first grade), and I have huge feet.

Anyway WHY WOULD YOU EVER SAY THIS IS BAD. I wouldn't agree that it's the greatest thing you've ever written, but I think it's /wonderful/. You write everyone so well and so colourfully AND place them believably in an AU. THIS IS GREAT AND I LOVE YOU.

Amielleon chapter 1 . 7/20/2012
MANNA THIS IS AMAZING. Why haven't I read it yet? - all right I only have myself to blame.

But Manna, this is amazing! Everything fits together wonderfully. The way the story is told is perfect, from the chronology to speaking of Farina in the past tense. Hector's expressions of grief are believable and perfect and IC and Florina's worries for its impact on Lilina and the way it hurts her that Lilina isn't all that broken up about Farina laksdjflaskjdf. And the idea of stepping in, and Florina stepping in for Farina and her relationship to Lilina.

This is basically the best thing you've ever written, by my memory. If I were still doing pretentious review bloggery, I would put pretentiously review blog this.
Pokemon-Paul-Lover chapter 1 . 7/14/2012
I really liked how you portrayed Florina as the ever sweet aunt. The plot for this story was interesting, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Nice fic :)
Mark of the Asphodel chapter 1 . 6/28/2012
Squeee. I was so surprised and happy to see this. I thought the AU worked really, really well- the motorcycle, Florina's horse obsession as a kid, Hector's wallet. I loved how Eliwood had his wife's picture everywhere and Hector had a... different... reaction. And Florina was just generally wonderful in this, sweet and resilient and really what she *could* be, given the latitude to be something other than a stuttering bride.

[Props for the "Sarah Plain and Tall" ref. I loved that book as a kid.]

Thumbs up!