Reviews for Running Back
Golden feathers Edward chapter 22 . 7/8
This is an awesome fic! It flows so good that it makes me want to cry. And I am amazed that the cross hasn’t happened yet and you are already on chapter twenty two and over hundred thousand words in! It’s mind boggling! It’s like ready a good book lol. Well I will bid you a good luck with the next chapter and can’t wait when you update again! XD
tamashiyuki chapter 22 . 6/23
Be continued?
Very very good!
yaoishipsforlife chapter 22 . 6/20
Love this story! can't wait for future updates with takeru and sirius!
Guest chapter 22 . 6/9
And now the wait for the next chapter starts... by the way when is there gonna e an update? And also for one handed applause?
kat1316 chapter 7 . 6/8
I hate Malfoy but he is right that Harry is pretty ignorant
kat1316 chapter 6 . 6/8
please have Harry grow a spine Hermione and Ron are getting extremely annoying
AniMeOtaKuKiNg chapter 1 . 5/30
Pathetic. Is this supposed to be crossover story?There hardly any scene from Eyeshield. When you make Takeru, Harry supposed to be brother and a character from Eyeshield appeared, he only last for short scene. I don't feel like reading a crossover story here.
Xyori Nadeshiko chapter 22 . 4/25
Tsk weasley y granger son unos malditos bastardos
FANactic Writer chapter 22 . 4/17
Love the chapter and happily await more!~
Lunaxel chapter 21 . 4/9
I like the way this story went, and while I love the golden trio their friendship seem a bit unhealthy to me for the reasons you cited. And Seamus lol. That kid was on a roll
Tinshaw chapter 22 . 4/5
Great story, love this group of friends for Harry. I am missing Luna, but that could come later.
Kage Hakari chapter 22 . 4/3
So seeing as Thornly still identifies as "Thornly" couldn't Harry theoretically send him a letter by owl. In the interest of hiding magic he could address it like a normal letter, and have Hegwig drop at the front door. Then it would be as though it had been dropped on the way in.

Just an idea.

thanks for the chapter, I enjoyed it.
till next time.
GoldenTurboKeyblade chapter 22 . 4/3
Yay Sirius! Cant wait to see more and the brothers finally meet.
femalefarrier chapter 22 . 4/3
Keep going loving the story
hellkiss chapter 22 . 4/2
Seems so long since the last chapter
But reading this, it was worth it

Harry didn't read the challenge takeru wrote, did he?
Hopefully, Hermione will stay away from Harry now. But how will percy and the twins react to what Ron did? They seem to like Harry
I also love it when Seamus said that he thinks Harry is asexual. I never really met an asexual so I don't know if they realize it at 13 or later. Because I remember looking at boys and girls at this age. But that was it. It was when I was 14-15years when I started wanting to kiss them or have a relationship.
I think asexual are just not interested sexually to someone else. They can be in a romantic but platonic relationship, can't they?

Well love it
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