Reviews for Sharpe's Value
Six of Twelve chapter 12 . 9/6/2013
Excellent story - I read it all in one go. It seems a perfectly plausible scenario for Sharpe's introduction to the Peninsula. Odd to see Harper not by Sharpe's side. And it was nice to see the brief mention of Frederickson. Hope you write more in this genre.
Mr. RedEd chapter 11 . 2/27/2013
Very good! You captured the rhythm and style of Cornwall and his Sharpe stories perfectly. I like that you kept Sharpe's character faithful to this time period(when he was an overage junior officer and getting resentful of his unappreciated abilities and lack of opportunity). The meetings with Wellesley were note perfect. I would have been tempted to have him answer the General's question about his ambitions with something clever like, "No sir! My ambitions haven't waned. Just my opportunities and personal funds." But the younger Sharpe was never a big wordsmith, so that wouldn't have been right.
I felt that the traitor Machin's motives were far too thin as was his character. I was hoping for something more substantial. Like, he reveals to Sharpe that he came from a family of Ulster Protestants and his older brother had been brutally executed for taking part in the 1798 Irish Uprising. Or he was an idealist who believed in the French Revolution's Ideals and that Napoleon's Empire was the ultimate meritocracy.
The only historical quibble I have is that(as Cornwall has always pointed out) even Rifle officers didn't carry rifles, so it doesn't fit that Major Travers would call out Sharpe for not having one and instruct him to get one.
Remember, officers were supposed to order their men where to go and where to shoot, not distract themselves with shooting and loading firearms themselves.
Sharpe should have been carrying a smooth-bore pistol(like he was supposed to do). Then after firing it during the escape from the French camp, dropped it and picked up a Baker from one of the fallen Rifleman. Just a thought.

I had no idea that the 60th and the 95th were in Spain at the same time let alone on the same battlefield! Thanks for showing that to me, especially with the meeting between Murray and Frederickson. I've always felt that Sharpe should have ended up in the 60th since their Line battalions actually did consist of 5 Red coat companies and 1 Rifle company. That and their eclectic makeup of Germans, Swiss and other emigres(including Spanish&Portuguese by the end of the war)also fit a 'Mustang' like Sharpe better.
All in all, a great read!