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Mata7Ashita chapter 15 . 8/28
I am love, love, love, love, loving this! Really curious how this is going to turn out.
Was hoping for a happier reunion between them, what's gotten him so angry...
Is there any chance this story will be updated?
Bridgette chapter 15 . 8/21
Please make more!
Guest chapter 11 . 7/12
hi, I recently started reading your fic in October and really enjoy this story and the interesting ways you re-imagined the original work. thank you for a wonderful story please keep writing. i'll be waiting patiently for each new update.
Lexik chapter 5 . 6/9
Alice feels pretty~ Wearing something nice every now and then does that. :) Bet it's been a long, long time since she's had the chance.

Alice's indecision about how to describe her returning feelings - flattery as being a combination of "Happiness, or maybe Liberation." And then I'm somewhat disconcerted because the capitalization of emotions looks like a tea brew thing more than how we usually describe our own emotions. Long road to recovery after a rough life. She's definitely making good progress though :)

"Hatter said she was too smart to be an oyster. . ." Should I laugh or punch him for his continued ignorant commentary? Oh well, he'll come around.

Chooses the top because she can, even though she's scared of heights. Daww. Then, her aspirations to explore all the little closed doors and nooks and crannies without telling her boss about it are adorable. Girl's certainly warming up to her freedom. :3

Oh man, and I've always thought dealing with drunks was weird. Overdosed tea-heads sound rather similar and just as difficult. That guy was one bad egg though. And Hatter was late! Gaaah, poor girl.

The pretend-mute thing does seem rather clever! This way her expressions just look like exaggerations for sake of communicating and less of an oyster flag. Or an employee dipping into the tea on the job. That occurs to me as pretty unprofessional, although Dormie had no such restraint earlier. He looks to be shaping up as the kitchen man, not a public face though. . . Oh, but Twenty began her work day with some tea, too. Hmm, must not as unsightly as the earthly parallel of coming in drunk or high.

Hmm, was Dormie given charge of the whole shop while Hatter and Alice disappeared on their shopping misadventure? Or does Hatter have other staff?

That greasy soup stuff sounds pretty gross. . . And begin made in a kitchen that's floor "looked like it hadn't been mopped in years" is a double strike. *shudder*
Lexik chapter 4 . 6/4
What a marvelous comparison :o Clothing shops and dodgy restaurant soup both "stuffed with odd bits and pieces, and best not to think about where it all came from." Truth be told, places like that are one of the few places I actually enjoy shopping; it's more interesting to look through, and if I happen to find something nice, it comes with the added bonus of being unique. I usually despise shopping as a whole, though :P

". . . Shopping usually did good things for Hatter's sanity." . . . I wonder about that XD

Another Wonderlander interacted with! Although, this one began her day with "a drop or six of tea." Hatter planning to add her to his clientele seems only natural. *nods*

What was it precisely that lit Alice's temper? Hatter certainly caught on that it was a mistake to bring her to that particular shop, but I was rather curious about what exactly stoked her ire. Or if it was a lot of things or just frustration in general. Hm, suddenly reminded of those stories you hear about folks who'd been in prison for a long time breaking down into tears upon walking into a store.

Oh, do I see a fair amount of disdain in Alice's opinion of tea? :o It definitely makes sense, though. I remember her mentioning rather curtly before that she doesn't drink tea. Also, her indignant hope that her emotions killed some tea-head. And here she was nothing short of irate when Hatter excused her behavior with a lie that she was "stuck on Anticipation." Although, that one could have just as easily been a three fold slight with not only the lie, but also the excuse of tea and her argumentative nature chaffing against the implication that she couldn't control her own behavior. And on top of that, her accusation to Hatter.

. . . Oh! It was the tea that ticked her off, wasn't it? Oh dear. Now I wonder how she'll cope with working in a tea shop. . .

I think I'd despise tea in Alice's shoes, too.

And Alice went because she could. . .

"He tugged the heaviest package out of her hand. . ." Eh? Didn't Hatter leave the packages with Twenty?

Haha, that conversation with Chez. Rather strange, but then, all talks with Cheshire Cats are obligated to be strange. He's so very cat: the polite smile that might as well have been a sneer, his disinterested grooming, and parting hiss. :3

And Alice laughed :D
Lexik chapter 3 . 6/1
A curiosity from the last chapter held my attention today while I was going about my business. Hatter's offhanded observation and how being argumentative was an unusual trait among oysters, since they weren't typically sentient enough.

Not sentient enough. That's a very frightening thing to think of another speaking creature. It's interesting to say because not only the double play on the word and the whole oyster situation. Is it that oysters are typically too strung out on drugs to be cognisant? Or that they are considered a subspecies? Or that their minds are too damaged from the terrible things they're experienced in Wonderland? The more I thought about it, the more it seemed likely a combination of all three.

This world is so intriguing :D

Anyways~ Lol, this chapter intro. The early fish had the bird over for tea because worms aren't a desireable meal? It's glorious XD

*blinks* Did you mean to say the same thing twice here? "At least, he would have felt this way if he had ever been given a puppy. Not that he'd ever been given one, but that was besides the point." It's worded differently, but both sentences offer the same information about not having ever been given a puppy and no more. *shrugs*

. . . I don't think I'd fancy getting thrown out a window either. And they're upcity! That could be very, very, very lethal, if I'm not misaken :x Glad Alice held her own :3

Loved the touch of how the salesman voice meant that Hatter very definitely had something to worry about. And a shotgun under the counter sounds exceedingly sensible. *firm nod* Especially with guests like that.

Oh! And here there's a line about it being rumored that oysters felt so strongly that they were incapable of more complex thoughts. Hmm. What a rift. So they really do think that little of oysters. Show him up, Alice :D

A coat that had been. . . collateral from an old client? That sounds like a grusome little story. x.x;

Aww, what a darling end to things~ "It's me job to take care of you." :3
Lexik chapter 2 . 6/1
I appreciated the differenciating between straight tea and tea as Wonderlanders know it. :D

Hatter sounds nothing short of maddening. As he probably should be. x.x;

Shribble kind of makes me think of Scrabble, especially since it leads right into Alice's claim of not knowing her words very well.

I'm not so sure what to think of the comparison between Hatter's expressiveness and the subtle, hard expressions of other Wonderlanders. It didn't show in Ricky from what I could tell, but then again, that encounter was from another Wonderlander's eyes where Alice was the peculiarity. And I haven't yet met another Wonderlander proper, yet.

Vulcans. Alice's subconscious fetching a word, but one she has forgotten both the context and meaning for, and her reaction is so saddening. It shows that she doesn't own her herself either inside or out. Although I'd never heard Vulcan used in such a manner before. Seems a very suitable comparison, though. Was Alice a Trekkie? :P

The emptiness of a draining stands out. Ricky who didn't care whether there was even anything to take (and apparently he didn't even drain as often as other masters had, which paints a rather disturbing image). It's nice because it's not just a slip of exposition, but also highlights just how miserable things were and Alice's unwillingness to trust Hatter. Poor thing.
Lexik chapter 1 . 5/31
Didn't know a thing about Alice 2009 before I cracked opened this fic. At the end of the first chapter, though, my curiosity overcame me and I fished up a synopsis to at least confirm whether or not oysters were human, or used to be, or what. :P

These people certainly take upcity and downcity rather literal, don't they?

The opening is really crisp. The squeaky crank and pulley elevator, rusty and hidden away in a forsaken hospital and his motions of checking over his contraband all work to set the mood. What a dreary city. Although granted, Hatter seems to visiting some of its worst.

"Is this a robbery?" Of all the things to say, haha! I suppose it is a sensible question and all, but what a thing to ask.

And then we jump straight from the drug trade to the slave trade. The negotiations were a personal highlight of the chapter for me. Before, I was just sleepily absorbing the atmosphere, not really certain what was going on, but this snagged my attention and kept it. It snapped the life into a dismal picture with familiar bartering, the brief (and much appreciate seeing since I'm very fandom blind) explanation about what it meant be Wonderlanders and oysters to be "stuck." Better yet, she cuts in to introduce herself, which was a suprise. :)

"Ricky must have lied about draining her, because she seemed completely apathetic." Maybe this wouldn't stand out for your average reader who already knows a bit about how this dystopian Wonderland works, but for me, this one really hooked my curiosity about what exactly all this draining and pearls of emotion was about. That curiosity kept me turning chapters :P I decided to back up for a proper review, though ;)
rats xp chapter 15 . 5/31
I wonder what happened to Hatter while he was gone, to make him so angry/irritable?
I'm really curious now as to how the next chapter will go :/
Thank you for updating, and I hope to see you again soon at the next update :D
kelleyj chapter 15 . 5/31
Wow Hatter is not happy at all is he Poor Alice what is going to happen to her. Happy you are back Cant wait until the next chapter really looking forward to the meeting between the three.
Hope Diamond chapter 15 . 5/31
Love it as usual! Can't wait for the next update
fruitsmoothy chapter 14 . 4/25
Ah! I have enjoyed this immensely! Your writing is so vivid and so interesting! It's driving me crazy wondering what will happen!
I love the little interactions between the hatter and Alice and the emotional mix when Jack got tossed in!
geminii524 chapter 14 . 4/16
At last! An update :) awwhh, Alice has been outed by that hateful Dormie. And somehow Dodo might hear about it. This is not good at all.

Please send another chapter soon!
RedCirce chapter 14 . 4/5
So I don't remember how I found this story (It must be magic, because I had it on notification though I hadn't read it) but I'm really glad I did because I am loving it and fascinated to see where it goes.

I really like AUs that stick to the original world with small, significant tweaks, and I like how you fleshed out Wonderland (the clothing shops, how the tea shop is run) while also showing how much an Alice that entered it a different way would be changed. I really like what you've done with the Cheshire, who is appropriately creepy and with shady motives, and I'm curious where you go with the revelation that Hatter was a former assassin for the Queen.

The developing trust between Alice and Hatter is well done, even as Alice's feelings for him become more complex as she awakens. I'm enjoying seeing him slowly shift from someone she's just grateful to, to (almost) a friend. It was really interesting seeing her go from being pretty flat, to more emotional, and working on settling in between those extremes. (Though it seems like she's still having trouble controlling her emotions when she needs to, poor Alice!) It's also interesting seeing her gain more and more agency, even as it ranges from good decisions like defending herself from teaheads to stealing tea for illicit meetings with a cat. I'm excited to see how you handle those threads when Hatter finds out- is he going to react as her employer or friend? He also seems like he he wants to protect her and help her heal from her mistreatment, so it will be interesting if he views her transgressions (if he finds out) 100% badly or appreciates that she's stretching her wings, albeit in some ways that may be unwise.

I'm really curious to see what Jack's deal is- is he totally playing Alice, or is he genuinely fond of her? Original flavor Alice was a lot more suspicious and closed off, but this world's Alice seems a bit more susceptible to his charms. I'm also wondering how much you will pull from the original plot. Is there a Carpenter in this world? Did Jack know who Alice was from the start, and tried to pretend their meeting was a happy coincidence? Does Hatter realize his jealousy might have more to do with Alice than not trusting Jack? So many questions!

Anyway, enough rambling. I really hope you continue this, it's fabulous!
kelleyj chapter 14 . 4/5
Happy that you are back. Looking forward to the next chapter. Please dont give up on your story it is a good one. So now some Wonderlanders know that she can talk. This cant be good at all. What is Hatter gonna say when he finds out, or is he going to find out. Hope to read soon whats going to happen. :)
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