Reviews for Weight of the Worlds
Acadienne chapter 21 . 4/23/2004
I finally got the chance to read this in its entirety and it's brilliant! You're sotry is very original and one of my favorite Ken-based fanfics :)Wondering story, characterization, and jsut plain everything! :) keep up updating more stuff and looking forward to reading it!
KOI Seracus chapter 21 . 4/2/2004
Whoa! I read "Revenge" (right name?) yesterday, but didn't have time to read this. I'm glad I remembered to come back and read. This is GOOD! I loved... all of it! The Kaiser/Sorceress scene was a bit much, but it turned out well. I must say, no offence intended, this was far better than the prequel. And I mean that as a full blown, goodness-this-is-good, compliment. _ I sound like an idiot.
And a sequel! Is that written yet? I have to go check. If it isn't, I'm looking forward to it. Bye now. Keep writing.
Guest chapter 21 . 3/22/2003
You didn't seem to work them that hard...Well, I enjoyed your story, really great! I will look forward to the sequel too. - Anyway, let your sucess carry on with you...!
AuthoressCrest I shall never sign in MWAHAHAHA chapter 21 . 12/14/2002
Hehe...*Blushes sheepishly* GOMEN! Im sooooo super sorry for not reviewing for so long. I dont really have an excuse except laziness. But I do have to say that this turned out to be a great story, and I have a feeling that there might possibly be a sequel. *Glomps KL* A great story by one of my favorite authors! *gives two thumbs and a toe up!*
Sylvyr Elf chapter 21 . 10/31/2002
Aaawww. How sweet. I loved the ending. Nice long story. Good job, as always.
Sylvyr Elf chapter 13 . 10/28/2002
Ouch. You were right, I reallly hate that cliffhanger. And I have to go to class now, it'll be hours before I can get to a computer. You really shouldn't be so mean.


Catch the rest of this later..~
Sylvyr Elf not bothered to sign in chapter 12 . 10/28/2002

YOU CAN'T DO THAT! It's not fair.

Great story though. .~

Sorry it's taken me so long to get around to reading this. (sheepish grin)
James6 chapter 21 . 9/25/2002
Jesus H Corbet, that was a hell of a story. Sorry I couldn't review each chapter like you did to mine, but I was desperate to read on, without losing momentum (You know what I mean.)
karislight chapter 21 . 9/23/2002
OOOOOOMMMMGGGGG! LOL i just got done reading it all! You put me in your thanks? WOW! thanks soooooo much! I don't deserve being thanked. Since i just got done reading the story and cramed 9 or 8 chapters in my head. SO SWEET! KENYAKO SHALL LIVE ON! LOL, A sewual? Oh my... *pushes her glasses up to her nose* i will wait for it, that it, unless it's already out O.O (sweat drop) i hopey you read this. i love da story, good job! (clicks fav story and author boxes*
Isofonia chapter 20 . 9/15/2002
I really liked this! Great work! You're an amazing writer.
Ryuujin Blue Z chapter 21 . 9/9/2002
Wow. Completely and utterly amazing. I loved every bit of it. I have to say that I think that was one of your happiest endings, minus the part with Daemon. Anyway, I wish you luck on the sequal. I can't wait to read it.
Talen Avalon chapter 21 . 9/9/2002
Ken: You're going to have to forgive Talen for not reviewing lately. She ended up getting grounded for pratiing witchcraft in the house.

Kaiser: No kidding! I mmean did you see her-


Kaiser: Oops...

Ken: Oops is right..Talen NEVER calls you Emperor outside of a story unless she's mad.

Kaiser: It's the same thing with YOU! She never calls you by your last name unless she's mad at you!

Ken: True...Nic, could you wait until Talen's no longer grounded before she reviews? That would be very much appreciated.

Kaiser: Talen's bad spellin has rubbed off on didn't spell that last word right.

Ken: You aren't perfect with your words, either...

Kaiser: ...
Guest chapter 21 . 9/9/2002
Great job! that was the best fic i have ever read!
Gaia Lao chapter 21 . 9/8/2002
Lol at that last line in the endnotes! Wow, that was such a sweet ending with Osamu saying his farewell and Wizardmon coming back. You really encorporated a lot from the series here in addition to bringing in your own creative ideas (Crest Guardians, Light Masters, etc.) A great story overall, and it seems like Daemon's going to be the main villian for the sequel, instead of the D-reaper...or maybe you're going to put them both in there. (G: What are you trying to do, make her muses come over and kill us for giving her more ideas?) _;;; Erm, nevermind. Thanks for the mention at the end, and you're welcome. I'd write more, but I have to go help out with a birthday party for my local library. I hope to see you around, Nic, and MSN IM me some time! ;) Er...that is, when I'm not away...
Gaia Lao chapter 20 . 9/8/2002
Hmmm, sequel, eh? Probably with the D-reaper returning? (G: Just stick with reviewing the chapter.) Oh, right. I like how Ken was all good and moody there. :) Now it's time for 'Samu to fulfill the prophecy he's been hiding all this time, huh? I didn't see that one coming. (Gwen: Maybe 'cuz you're always reading her stories after midnight when you can't think?/G: She could think?) *whacks G upside the head* Last chapter, here I come! :D
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