Reviews for Honor Among Thieves: The Unwilling Nightingale
Explosiveo chapter 3 . 6/26
whut. How does she know the song of the Dragonborn when only a few hours ago she was supposedly questioning what a Dragonborn is?
Nightingale Elite chapter 97 . 5/28
I absolutely hate you. You made me cry. Don't ever make me cry. This has been a great story and was so powerful that you moved me to tears (THAT is rare!) and other crap. This has been the best FF I have ever read! I would love to see more of Tiberia, if I can handle knowing her future. Don't ever stop writing!
Chail the Clasher chapter 2 . 4/18
Aww I like Nazir :/
TheCaramelSecrets chapter 97 . 4/9
You made me f***ing cry. You don't kill main characters like Tiberia, man! You goddamn George R R Martin! God! Agh, man...
Advent of Shadows chapter 17 . 3/14
Any time the protagonist is capture by the thalmor, I immediately lose interest.
Everything Under the Sun chapter 86 . 2/28
I was going to wait to ask this until I finished the story, but I just can't wait that long to ask x)
I love writing, fiction and fanfiction alike. I dabble with some stories here and there, but I can never seem to finish any of them. Then I go and get an idea for a Skyrim fanfic. I think it's got great potential. I even wrote out this HUGE character sheet (literally like 10 pages long per character) for the main characters, so now I practically know the characters better than I know myself, but I'm still struggling on actually writing the story.
So, I'm wondering, how did you start writing this story? It's so long, with so many different plots that it's more like a series than a book. According to writers digest, a fantasy novel should typically run about 100,000-115,000 words. Yet, here you are, with a story nearly 300,000 words long, and you wrote it in 7 months! Well, I guess you could have written a good portion of it prior to your initial posting of the story, but according to fanfiction it took you a total of just under 7 months to finish it. I am amazed. Utterly amazed. Especially with such a well thought out story.
How? How did you do it? How did you start it? Did you start writing with a small idea and just build from there as you wrote? I find that can create some plot holes, at least in my case :P Or did you have the whole thing sorted out before you started writing?
My problem with having the whole thing sorted out before I start writing is I get disinterested. I'll think of something else I want to write or I'll procrastinate by reading other things. If I do become interested, and create this awesome scene in my head, I'm usually not able to write it all down. I jot down the bulk of it, then act out the entire scene in my head. But, problem is, by the time I am able to write, I'm disinterested, because I acted the whole thing out in my head -.- It's a vicious cycle that, frankly, I'm getting tired of.
I guess I'd just like some advice :)
Everything Under the Sun chapter 85 . 2/28
Yeaaaaaahhh... so this isn't going to be good.
I think I'll just take a few steps back before continuing.
Everything Under the Sun chapter 83 . 2/28
I did not expect the second head comment xD
Everything Under the Sun chapter 82 . 2/28
I rather enjoyed this chapter. I'm quite fond of Khajiit (a khajiit I called J'ajma was my first playthrough of Skyrim .) and bosmer alike. I liked seeing Ja'Rak and Little Faldil.
Everything Under the Sun chapter 81 . 2/28
OHMAGOSH. Favorite part of this ENTIRE story!:
"I saw Sheogorath lean over to Vilkas and ask, 'What are they talking about?' And vilkas reply, 'I haven't the faintest idea.'"
I just
It's so
I can't even explain how much I loved that.
Everything Under the Sun chapter 80 . 2/28
:D I am so excited to see Sheogorath. Hands down, favorite Daedric Prince.
Everything Under the Sun chapter 79 . 2/28
Haha I cannot tell you how many times I've used "we're all mad here" xD
Everything Under the Sun chapter 77 . 2/27
"Mila's friend Babette."
"Mila's friend Babette."
"Mila's friend Babette."
YUP. I read that right. *panics*
Everything Under the Sun chapter 76 . 2/27
Hmm... so maybe the memories brought on by the talons aren't triggered by Mercer's blood? Interesting little plot twist there :) I'm kind of glad Mercer hasn't quite left the story yet. You made his sad story very intriguing and... well, human x)
Everything Under the Sun chapter 75 . 2/27
Poor Rune :(
I'm soooo happy Hadvar was even mentioned! :D He's always been one of my favorite npcs.
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