Reviews for Honor Among Thieves: The Unwilling Nightingale
Hathamari chapter 97 . 9/4
I imagine it must be strange to get reviews even after all this time.
Just wanted to thank you for that journey, even if it's - regrettably - over now. It's one of the best fics I found in this fandom, there aren't many ones that get me so emotional.
I laughed, I cried and the end all but ripped me apart.
Guest chapter 97 . 8/29
It's an amazing and heart wrenching story. The best story I've read about the elder scrolls
Halorith chapter 97 . 8/23
Sweet Talos, what a ride!
This is easily among the best Skyrim fanfics I have read (and I've read a lot!).

Firstly, I must say I love how you incorporated in-game characters and storyline with your own ideas. It makes it a much more interesting read. I especially love all the Dark Brotherhood contracts (gone wrong), and how Avalon is Listener, rather than Tiberia.

Your understanding of the Aedra/Daedra is also nothing short of impressive! It's great how you kept bringing everything back to them, and I feel like I understand them better myself now because of it.

I love how you give in-game characters motives and back stories that aren't in the game, and how you tie them all in together so seamlessly. Plus, Scar or Story is hilarious D

Also, THANK YOU for not making it overtly sexual, as so many fanfic writers tend to do.

Your skill as a writer makes for a compelling story and highly enjoyable read. (I read the whole thing on my phone, from a place where the only internet access is outside in the bitter cold wind- totally worth it!)
I could say more but I don't want to bore you with my blubbering. You are an incredibly talented writer and I hope you keep at it. Bethesda should commission you to write this as a novel!
Eleiri chapter 97 . 7/25
You are cruel. Making ninety-some chapters (wonderful ones) and then KILLING OFF THE MAIN CHARACTER but still writing some chapters, twitching the knife as if it hadn't been enough that they won't have a happy life! I mean, the story is great and I loved every bit of it (although, for me a little more Bryn&Ty would've been better), but why can't they have little halfblue children running around in falkreath? I get it, a lot of writers kill of the main characters and let everyone deal with it but I'm so sad now :( I'm not surprised though that this is one of the - if not the- most read brynjolf fanfictions. So complex and so greatly written! Worth every second of the time I spent reading instead of sleeping at night... (Yeah it's half past midnight and I should get up at 6 to work, but never mind... Worth it). I totally adore you for this fic and I'm going to stalk your profile maybe I can find some other things to read *handrubbing* *evil muhahahaha*
love, eleiri
MirwenAnareth chapter 66 . 6/15
Well, Sheogorath's mad eyes, that was some chapter. Why do you always make your characters grey instead of black and white, so when you kill off a villain, I still feel bad for them? :P And now I'm worried about Tiberia too. This... Darkness doesn't seem like the nicest being out there.

I wanted to ask if you would mind if I used the idea of the mages raising their hands with palms facing themselves in my own stories. I'd give you proper credit in the notes, of course, but I find it simply brilliant (well, your attention to detail in general is brilliant) so I'd be happy if I could.

As always, thank you for the wonderful story.
MirwenAnareth chapter 46 . 5/22
I see I commented too soon on Avalon again, I apologize. Still, I can't quite understand how they could just accept a member of Morag Tong, especially since she plans to return... unless the Night Mother sensed that she would stay. Well...

Anyway, a few pointers. First, I actually think that your plural version of "Thu'um", "Thu'umme", is not correct. Since it's actually the Voice, not a Shout, so it should technically be uncountable. Never heard "Thu'umme" being said in the game.

Second - Tiber Septim was not the last Dragonborn before this one. It was actually Martin Septim (yes, he was indeed a Dragonborn, though he had no time to even try learning to Shout). If I remember correctly, someone in Skyrim (I think it was Arngeir himself, but it might have been Esbern or Delphine, or maybe even Balgruuf) said that most of the emperors of the Septim Bloodline had been sent to the Greybeards to study the Thu'um. Also, there are speculations of Mankar Camoran being a Dragonborn since he could "speak another tongue", "speak fire" and wear the Amulet of Kings.

The thing with Nazir is strange. I wonder if it's going to be explained somewhere in the following chapters (knowing you, it probably will). :)

Also, I wonder what a blood bond is... I thought it was something from a lore, but I searched for it and I can't find it anywhere, so it's probably something you made up... I hope there's going to be more on it, since this development is kinda sudden and I don't really know what's going on with those two sisters. :o

I kinda like how Ty can be a bit childish from time to time. And Keerava's awesome. :D

Well, on to the next chapter. Please, let me know if my reviews bother you, I can stop. It's just that I love reviewing almost as much as I like getting reviews. :D
MirwenAnareth chapter 45 . 5/21
Well, this is... strange. I guess I finally found something that doesn't sit well with me in this story. Three things, actually, but one is definitely just a matter of opinion.


The first one is Avalon. I mean, yeah, she hasn't been there much, not so much has been said about her either, but still... she first saved Neva and was all bitchy towards Ty, but then they suddenly act like best friends... let's say Ty forgave her because she's just that kind of person, but Avalon? She works for the Dark Brotherhood who once had a contract to kill Ty. And honestly... once the contract is made, Dark Brotherhood doesn't stop until the target is dead. Not even the Listener has the privilege to spare the life of the target. So I find it kind of odd. Also, as a former member of the Morag Tong (who, by the way, follow Mephala and not Sithis) she is more likely to be hunted down than accepted to the Brotherhood. Avalon just seems kind of inconsistent at the moment.

The other thing is Brynjolf. He being a "below average thief" is... weird. As I said, this is just a matter of opinion, but, as much as I don't care about the Dragonborn, I always viewed him as one of the most skilled members of the Thieves Guild. Yeah, he treated it as "business" and his skill mostly relied on being able to lie his way through pretty much anything, but you know... there are all kinds of thieves and not all of them specialize in lurking in the shadows. In fact, I think the Guild would be doomed without someone like Brynjolf. (Still, I always imagined Brynjolf as the kind of thief that would manage to steal your purse in the daylight in the middle of a crowd without the need to even use the shadows.)

The last thing that bothers me sometimes is how you suddenly describe something in a very gamer-like manner so it pulls me out of the story and makes me think of all this as a video game. I mean... I know Skyrim IS a video game, but in my opinion, a story should be written like a story, so when you describe a ring and add that it was enchanted to strengthen stamina, or Ty explains how she "forged all the way up to daedric", it sounds strangely technical and very unfit for the story. I think it would sound nicer and more natural if you for example phrased the enchantments as feelings - like a ring that gives one strength of five men, or a sword that drains life force and gives it to its wielder (instead of one with "devour enchantment"). As for the forging thing, there was a scene in Skyrim where that blacksmith apprentice in Windhelm whose name I don't remember (the Ulfric fan) mentioned that she had problems forging orichalcum. She was told to leave it to the orcs so she could focus on other materials. That made me think that it's not really necessary to be able to forge everything in that skill tree in order to make ebony, dragon or daedric weapons. Of course you need to do it in the game since they can't make it that easy for you but imagine it more like the actual alternate universe. (It's actually the same as the damage output of various weapons in the game. In real life, the damage dealt is mostly dependent on your skill, not really on the material in which your weapons are made, so that should be only a small bonus to the wielder.)

Anyway, despite all that I've said here... well, yeah, I'm a real nitpicker so I apologize if I upset you, that's never my goal. So despite all that, I still find your story very interesting and I keep getting hooked every time I get back to it. I wonder what they're going to do about the army on their doorstep... and when they're finally going to meet Karliah. I love the woman, can't wait for her to make her appearance.

Again, thank you for the wonderful story. :)

And I hope the stuff I wrote here is comprehensible, sometimes I have to fight the language barrier. :D
MirwenAnareth chapter 31 . 5/18
So... first off, thank you very much for your reply to my review. Always happy to make people happy. :D And yeah, the thing with The Song of the Dragonborn was explained a few chapters later, so all's well and I apologize for doubting you.

As I was reading mostly on my phone during my travels with the internet off, I couldn't really review so I want to make up for it because this story definitely deserves it.

I must say I LOVE what you did with the lore. You work around it with amazing care and thoughtfulness, so even though you dump some of the quests on other characters rather than the Dragonborn and some of them take slightly different paths, it still doesn't feel lore-unfriendly at all.

But what really amazes me is the way you depicted the differences in the cultures of the various races of Tamriel, and the cultures themselves. In a very natural way you created such a complex image of the Elder Scrolls societies... I've read many fanfictions here, some better and some worse, some were truly amazing, but this particular aspect I haven't found in any of them except this one. Every time there's an event going on in your story, every time your characters do something specific to their culture, I'm taken aback by how deep your story goes without any feeling of pressure or forcefulness.
At this point, I'd like to ask you whether you just make all these things up or you found them somewhere in the lore. I found the holidays you mentioned here, but not the traditions and rituals related to them.

Also, your main story... it's unbelievable how perfectly it fits into the lore. And your interpretation of Sheogorath is perfect! Just... wow. I guess I've run out of words... :D

As for this particular chapter... this is so clever! I've always wondered what you're going to do with Mercer, but... wow, I should have thought about this. The hints were there, but you sure hid them carefully. :D

Ahhh, you sure got to me. I always manage to find mistakes in the stories I read, or things I don't like, and try to write some constructive criticism for the authors... but so far there have been none in your fic, except for a few typos that don't really matter (and I might have felt slightly sorry for Cyrano, he seemed kind of fun... ahem :D). You just make it so believable that it's... unbelievable. :D Until now, Dragonrend was the best Elder Scrolls story for me, but I'm switching to yours, because I found myself in this one and so far there hasn't been a single line that I'd find boring or out of place. And you made me realize so many mistakes that I do when writing my own stories! So again, thank you for posting this amazing piece of work. I hope you become a professional author if you're not one already. I'd definitely buy your books.
MirwenAnareth chapter 3 . 5/8
So... I started reading your fic today, having found it among the most popular ones here. So far it's fantastic and I thank you for your amazing work. It's very easy to read, its flow is awesome, the characters... I can't even describe how perfect of a job you did, depicting their characters flawlessly through just a few lines. It's amazing.

The only thing that bothers me slightly is that your heroine comes to the city, pretends she knows nothing about the Dragonborn and then, all of a sudden, she sings the song of the Dragonborn? Well, it might be explained in the following chapters, but it sounds very odd to me.

Anyway, except for this, wonderful job. I guess you get that a lot, but I still wanted to express my opinion. Thank you for writing it for us. Might review some more later.
Cheshire jade chapter 97 . 4/25
I can't private message you, so I will settle for writing this here. This is my favourite story of all time (coming from an avid bookreader). I am such a huge fan of the elderscrolls series and a huge fan of this as well. It takes a lot for me to cry. A LOT and yet I shed just a tear that's how amazing this story is. It now holds a special place in my heart. I found myself making my own character in my mind and placing her in parts of the story that she would fit (without changing the story). It's been a long time since I could do that. You deserve so much more credit then you are given. I am running out of words to use without being repetetive. If you have any kind of social media or if you are uploading new stories somewhere else please send me a message at . I would love to follow you there.

Thank you so much
cheshire chapter 1 . 4/16
I read this fanfiction a little under two years ago now. I cried so hard, this is the best fanfiction I've ever found. I think it's time I revisited this masterpiece worthy of it's own book and get emotionally attached again.
~ (instagram)
22dreamer chapter 97 . 4/4
This story withholds true beauty, i actually thought that killing Tiberia was a good idea because It set a true legacy to the dragonborn..*holds up wine glass* "well done"
Pokybyte chapter 97 . 1/9
Read the whole thing in a couple of days. Absolutely brilliantly written, well done. One of the best fics I've ever read.
SonOfNeptune86 chapter 1 . 12/14/2015
Love this story so much, but absolutely hate that you killed off Tiberia.
N chapter 97 . 11/13/2015
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