Reviews for Honor Among Thieves: The Unwilling Nightingale
Experiment 282 chapter 97 . 3/29
I read this whole thing probably from 9:30 PM and now its almost 5:30 am and I am almost in tears. I was so drawn into this story. I don't know what else to say other than *slow clap*
Lurker chapter 97 . 3/6
I've read this whole story, all the chapters, and I actually enjoyed it. And one of the best fanfictions I've ever read. I found this fanfiction by typing random things into Google x). You've put so much time in it, and i can see you love it yourself. I gotta leave now, keep up the good work.
shadowkat678 chapter 58 . 2/25
Can I just say I SO called this, like, from the moment they did the guild justice thing? He seemed to actually WANT her dead. Then the thing about "indigo" killing his friend? I love when I'm right about stuff. :3
EmperorofEmperors chapter 2 . 2/21
That review was not for you madamehyde that review was for the bitch trollface 2000 just look on my DNA abd duelists fanfic and see what see fuckin said to me.
EmperorofEmperors chapter 1 . 2/21
Completely pathetic. A stinking pile of rot is what this is. One of the most senseless, annoying, and, frankly, retarded pieces of trash I have ever read.

Four chapters of absolute horseshit, spewed from the "dreams" of a mentally diseased load of bull, which is you, with the single difference of the chapters being the name of the character having the most awkward interaction ever with your asshatted self-insert. You are nothing but a scumbag, a complete moron, an absolute idiot who deserves to have all your limbs cut off and shoved down your throat. Then, a bullet through your skull.

Also, I'm not afraid of you or your pathetic bitching. Go ahead and bite me.

And guess what, motherfucker? I bite back.

Undeadmonkey8 chapter 97 . 2/5
Whew, this has been an awesome story. Took me a couple of days of serious reading to finish it, but I'm glad that I did. I love Tiberia, she was an awesome dragonborn and I'm very happy with the way that you portrayed everyone. All in all, this is one - as anyone in Skyrim would say - Oblivion of a story, and I'm glad that you took the time from your life to write it for us.
Keep Writing, Keep Rocking,
DragonsDeadAndDancing chapter 97 . 1/26
This story is one of the best fanfics ever and you are one of the best authors ever.
And, as with many good stories, I have no words to express its greatness.
DemonicCatGirl chapter 97 . 1/19
Damn its been a long time since I've reviewed. But what an exceptional story! On the critical side, only a few typos, and perhaps a glossary for the draconic/dunmeris at the end of the chapter (or as a chapter). I occasionally couldn't remember word meanings, and it pulled me from the story a little.

However, please don't let those little critiques take from exactly how much you accomplished with this work of art! Tiberia truly came to life as so very few OCs do. She was real, flawed, inspiring, frustrating, and so easy to connect to. Amazing characterization, in all the characters. The story transitioned smoothly, and always kept me engaged. Wonderful details and creative manipulations of the stock quests and characters. You are every bit as skilled with storytelling as Tiberia was with smithing and being a terror. Thank you so much for sharing this masterpiece.

And on a personal note, I love how it ended, no matter how much I cried. I am definitely going to be reading this again!
Squishymeansyay chapter 97 . 1/2
Milady, there are no words for the masterpiece I have devoured. Your story clicked into my understanding of Skyrim like a puzzle piece I didn't know was missing. Tiberia was perfectly flawed, fire and snow, and your writing style reflected it so well. Culture, language, battle, nights around the fire. I never considered some of the things that seem so natural, wolves not getting hungover, the struggle with the Thu'um. Nordic marriage traditions, the involvement of Dovahzul in ritual. The three sisters. All woven together so masterfully I was positively giddy at your skillful dual-wielding of language and thought. I never cry after a story. But liquid offerings have been shed for this absolutely stunning story. Thank you for writing this, in-se-zulle.
RT Podcast chapter 9 . 12/28/2013
Honey doesn't spoil.
DevoutOfSheogorath chapter 91 . 12/28/2013
Other listening suggestion: Within Temptation - Iron!

You cant live without the fire,
its the heath that makes you strong,
cause youre born to live and fight it all away!
You cant hide what lies inside you,
its the only thing youve known.
Youll embrace it and
never walk away!

as if the whole song had been written for that angry little elf of yours...
Ace of Spies chapter 2 . 12/23/2013
Nazir is my favorite in the Dark Brotherhood.
Wolf and MR Lover chapter 54 . 12/15/2013
Aw, Ohahviing is so nice here. I'm gonna summon him next time I'm in Skyrim. *Laughs evilly* And maybe teh other dragon I can summon from the Soul Carin that I forget the name of. And then we'll all go to a fort with my husband, Vorstag, by my side. HAHAHAHAHAHA!
Wolf and MR Lover chapter 53 . 12/15/2013
Shit! What happened to her?! I'm very worried for everyone's safety.
Wolf and MR Lover chapter 32 . 12/14/2013
Farkas is so mean! Really, "So him a favor, and don't some back next time." Really?!
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