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Debbie Hicks chapter 8 . 3/30/2017
Chapter 9.
Mess with me you'r Sushi got a replacement bracelet then held my Ward then chanted in Tibeten it merged with my own skin then Rin jin ryou pryu retsu kai shi chi bai zen cchi bai zen bai bai chi chi shi bai zhou chi shi bai chen bai chi shi bai zen zhou chan bai zen baishi chi bai EVIL SPIRIT BE EXORCIZED! MARS FIRE IGNITE! The replacement bracelet turned my ownself into a priestess a bird of flames screeching at Sonvok screaming then slammed feet/legs up whriling eyes of Brown your eye color turned Purple what is onto yourself White-Red Shinto robes the hair have bangs oh no you too go a replacement bracelet Um Maggie that's my nickname look down Crap i look like Lita Kino what are you it's Raye Hino you are what spiritual i get prophectic dreams while asleep okay you want trouble pal you are lookin' ait it the name is Trouble Beware the wrath of SAILOR JUPITER! SAILOR MARS! Your hair is in a ponytail that friend my best friends were Supernatural spies trained got replacement bracelets merged Maggie was strong dressed like her ponytail loose strands Green eyes i was praying was spiritual of my religion CRUNCHED With as all of them more suddenly came too late was with memories Drained by snakes began glowing and so they then then all of the sudden Blacked out then sudenly the snakes began enhancing out strength and speed and movement trhen Marged with us then suddenly nuked from here then all of the sudden came too late shattered then felt peace calm serenity b then holding my ward chanting most spiritly then eyes fcused then all of the sudden a alien fire was blazing EVIL SPIRIT BE PURFIED! MARS CELESTIAL FIRE BALLS SURROUND! Suddenly it moved very too fastest then Maggie crossed her own arms glowed very alien called in a Voice thunder rumbled in her controls of the planet Earth Jupiter, I Call the forces storms nature and LIGHTENING SUMMON THE POWER BREW DOWN A STORM! JUPITER SUPREME THUNDER CRASH! That wew were trained actresses and actors then MERCRURY ICE STORM FREEEEEZE! It was Bree dressed in wig of Blue look down we did we wore battle fukus and boots then blacked outside poppped then suddenly crashed withg the Cullens then exploded freely with witnesses both with three then shatttered freely but too late royal vampires EXECUTED US/THEM Them murdered with him Ripped freely then suddenly torn from here then suddenly the oddest thing same Blue within blue i look like from the planet Arrakis so they Killed from here thern suddenly freed of ibodies then it was too late taken from America it was poisoning us then a strangest alien drug converted then was now a Extraterrestrial being crap we are what oh my god your eyes are Blue within blue like a Fremen woman's eye color then the bodies brought here Masters she gone Fremen with best friends are Fremen warriors hail from the planet Arrakis but have died from the waters of life convereted as a drug is a Fremen Reverend Mother is Bene Gesserit that murdered then it came too late cremated then my stillsuit was black with dirt onto it wearing a noseplug holding a ritual weapon known as the crysknife this land belongs to Shal'ud the worm god the tyrant i was now a Fremen woman was so lethal with Fremen weapons Momma mia she is what a Reverend Mother but her eye color is Poisonous he was very tall and Muscular what she is wearing a stillsuit with a noseplug gone native oh my god she is Fremen yes holy smokes she is what Bene Gesserit healed herself but they are not humans but humanoids that news of us gone Fremen who are they where they from how they live here Bella yes you look like from the 1984 science fiction movie DUNE Me oh no the lines are maturity marks i am a adult looks in my teens from pupae to Adult while in my cocoon burst freely not human like Elizabeth Maxwell studied alien maturity growths from alien people i have Blood but it altered me i became a adult person but i have come in season for a mate him i pointed at Edward fiirst we will breed like Vulcans oh my god Bella what is wrong uh oh Maggie it's my alien cycle my scent is going into Pon'farr a Vulcan time of mating i am going into the Blood fever known as Plak Tav but you too will breed me as for our days for all our tomorrows as in the time of the beginning to you my mate for our in fires of the pon'farr it shall be i will bond as your mate by scent that was it my scent was entering the Last stage of my sex drive was sending weird signals not human at all was sexually active what she is going to do bond with a Vampire for life it is a Kriosian marriage ritual when a female enters her final sex life it is called in their language Kriosan women enter a sexual change cause men to go insane of your scent Maggie yes I am glowing very alien it's Butterfly scent gasp i Am I Your mate your scent drives me Wild! Sir! she is acting like a Orion animal woman Sonvok i will do a mating dance in my stillsuit Fremen woman's mating dance Momma mia i kicked back my own heels dancing very wildly like a Orion female seducing him luring him still dancing still speaking in the Fremen dialects of the planet Arrakis that i was very wild but aroused oh no so Maggie was doing her dancing so the women were singing in Fremen fluent but galactic speakers trained gulp HELP! He freaked out from my language skills was movie galactic was acting like a warrior Strtom stop staring at her Excuse me that was it news of us/them gone native like Fremen warriors thgen blacked outside popped freely then with as all of supernaturals went with both with Vulcans Vanished took from here the corpses with blood ourses rebuilt alien blood suddenly entered Maturtity too late blown freely yup still Fremen gone Extraterrestrial then too late the bodies as all of them suddenly blasting freely with as all of them came too late the bodies as all of them burst Guards blacken veins with toxic waste with their kills burst young suddenly with the turned destroyed freed young then then suddenly exploded then caused more than as all of them more supewrmazillions of their as more many kids as all of them reported of my maturity ritual was not human anymore with them as all of them nuked as Volturi members Aro someone poisoned our guards are mutated Vampires but nuked as members taken blood that was it they were buried butr it caused him to go crazy for women with his guads took as all of women as newest mates ended up having as all of hybrids to the next so the women gone mad for both so they suddenly no more than as all of Eggs and Sperm/semen poisoned their last guards thyen exploded then were as with all of them had a very hugest whopping crop of more supermonstrous as all of them Destroyed as all of them gained more than as all of them created a army a largest more monstrous one Alice she poisoned them but the royal Vampire trained them but all gained a lot of members sent Hybrids to us had blue within blue that was it followed us/them with more came too late the world changed not us/them wwre Immortal beings were fearless people gained a squadron of my teammates then it caused the Volturi had no both unable to mate they were punished by the gods and goddesses made us celestial beings could survive longest but must overextremely lifespans then it came crashed then popped freely now too late brought here then killed then never die of it stopped maturity frozen for good so they they as all of Supernatural beings enter our spy academy with us trainers with the Cullens graduated again exploded then shattered then popped from here took from as all of blood more than as all of them suddenly more Guards with more from our building then lost from here then exploded as all of them more than as all of one last try then breeding then suddenly Nuked then created a breed of Vampire known as Red Ones exploded as Volturi heal faster but made them powerful they were sterilized that was it they were with a army of warriors were witnesses us wwre Starfleet strongest were not humans but natives were frozen by the gods and goddesses then entered a last pupe stage with them then Thrust us/them outside freed like bthem but the bodies taken then suddenly injected then more guards then exploded that was it destroyed then gained superstrength speed and grace and beauty and elegance Immortality and longevity but unable to die or age at all wrre now trained supernatural spies around the world shattered then it really happened it changed again of us/them entered the adult stage was frozen in our teens but shattered was now different from them then it came too late the bodies as all of them brought in here now shattered but suddenly nuked then more Vampires then blasting freely um ghouls we can't be killed What?! oh my god we died yes but cursed oh my god lost families to diseases and illnesses but gained their siblings that was it time-split our race into two was asleep within their as all of them vthen it happened withg the building with ISS Then nuked with us/all of them but created a newest breed of their both and with NASA With ech both with more then suddenly blew up then created a starship to begin exodus and exile with animals then Destroyed then was a vessel warped from here with more were shuttles then that was it nuked as a generational starship blown freely then suddenly took as all of tribes to Vulcan our newest world then it was too late enterd the black hole with Vulcan then EXPLODEED! Then crashed then suddenly it was destroyed there we started a tribe of our own as all of them the bodies as all of them litter
K chapter 7 . 2/16/2016
Omg pls keep going. This is the best story I've seen so far and there's SERIOUSLY a lot of stories here. PLEASE keep going. Please.
Lizakimiko chapter 7 . 8/20/2013
Your back! Yay!
TheVioletContradiction chapter 7 . 8/20/2013
This is a really good story! I love the detail you go into without getting boring and I like how you made Angela a witch; I thought that was clever :)
twilightlovengirl chapter 6 . 6/3/2013
That's was good I like Angela the witch too!
TheRubyRed chapter 6 . 12/27/2012
update i LOVE this story so much.
Uchiha Bara chapter 6 . 11/27/2012
Awesome chapter :)
Elevator Cakes chapter 6 . 11/26/2012
O guess u already know that though :P
Guest chapter 6 . 11/26/2012
Interesting story. Can't wait to read more!
Lizakimiko chapter 6 . 11/26/2012
aw man she is sitting next to edward
Holidai chapter 6 . 11/26/2012
Oh my goodness. I loved Bella pretending to faint. Mike sounds annoying. I hope Megan gets home alright.
Lizakimiko chapter 5 . 11/6/2012
please keep writing this story it just getting good
Elevator Cakes chapter 5 . 11/5/2012
Uchiha Bara chapter 5 . 11/4/2012
Interesting :) awesome chapter :)
Holidai chapter 1 . 11/4/2012
This is a very interesting story. I have not seen it in any form before which I also really like, its completely new to me. I look forward to reading more. :)
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