Reviews for Spirit in Need
Luna Lillyth chapter 14 . 10/12
Ah, I liked it :)
Aegorm chapter 6 . 8/10
Even Danny isn't stupid enough to believe he's still on earth. Which means he should also realise it's safe to use his powers. He saw normal teen controlling the elements for fuck sake, so why shouldn't he use his powers? Kinda annoyed with that.
ElizabethBathog chapter 14 . 5/30
Great story! Thank you for writhing it! :D
Ninjagorulz chapter 11 . 5/28
Dude. Just get a phone that works everywhere from the Doctor and know Chuck Norris' number. OP FOR LIFE.

EmeraldSeaGamer chapter 13 . 4/28
XD I was having trouble not bursting out laughing at the creepy Aang thing XD I could only imaging him standing there all
EmeraldSeaGamer chapter 11 . 4/28
XD I loved the angry Katara bit XD I think that is sweet that she cares for him so much.
Candy Phantom chapter 12 . 4/18
Yay! My brother left for at least ten minutes!
Candy Phantom chapter 10 . 4/18
Help! My brother is being annoying!
Candy Phantom chapter 8 . 4/18
Crush the phone! Crush all of the phones!
Candy Phantom chapter 7 . 4/18
Oh, I almost forgot. Could you give this virtual cat to Vlad? *gives virtual cat* I wonder how many times I have done this. I always forget how many virtual cats I give away.
Candy Phantom chapter 4 . 4/18
No shopping! *runs and hides in the basement and continues reading awesome fan fictions* Seriously, sometimes I hide in the basement. XD
Candy Phantom chapter 1 . 4/18
It was ok, just add more parts about getting his pelt in the ones with Skulker and Danny. :D
Zyenna chapter 14 . 4/2
This is a very interesting story. Love how you went about it
GhostAnn chapter 14 . 3/14
This is such a cute story! I really enjoyed it.
(for those who read reviews before reading the story... there are spoilers ahead.)
It made me giggle when they played truth or dare. I like the fact that this could have happened, and not mess up the story of actual cannon for ether story.
So cute. I loved the way that Danny and the Aang Gang grew close. It didn't feel forced. Danny was being a bit stubborn with keeping his secret but it is a habit and something his mind and body associate with survival, so it makes sense that he wouldn't easily tell them about his ghost half.
Glad I found this story and got to read it.
LunarCatNinja chapter 14 . 1/30
Tis an awesome story! I'd have never thought to cross these two things over.
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