Reviews for Slithering in the background
autumn midnights chapter 1 . 6/27/2012
Yes, mew, this really does need a sequel! I loved this, really. Astoria is one of my favorite minor characters, to be honest, and I especially like your portrayal of her here. I love the mention of her fighting in the final battle, because my version of her always does as well. The closeness between the girls is really sweet, and I like how Tracey became friends with both the Greengrass sisters. I love the hints of PansyBlaise and TheoDaphne, also, since I ship those pairings as well. You've characterized everybody so well, and since we don't really know much about them, that's awesome. And how they fell asleep together - I wanted to squeal, that was just so damn adorable. I love the pairing, also, and I think they'd be good together, especially how you've written them here. Great job!