Reviews for The Sky's the Limit
MissingMommy chapter 1 . 2/21/2015
That's not how I was expecting it to end. But I like it. The build up and everything was just perfect. I really like the idea of Parvati and Zacharias. That was a lovely side pairing, even if we didn't really see much of it. It was nice.

I really, really, really love the fact that Lavender is like a hardcore Quidditch fan. You don't really don't know much about Lavender from the book besides that she like Divinations and Ron. So I like that you centered this more around Lavender's love of Quidditch, and how that brought her close to Rose. That was awesome.

The only thing I really don't know is that Ron and Hermione would be disappointed in Rose's love of Quidditch. I mean, especially with Louis - their nephew - going professional, I don't see why they would be disappointed that Rose would want to. And wasn't Ginny professional for a while too?

It felt real that Lavender got rejected both times. Because sometimes things like that happen. I like how Seamus just knew that it was a girl. It really shows how good their friendship is. (Also, Deamus in your story. Hellz yeah!) The ending was great. It left it open where maybe they decided to try or maybe they didn't. Though, I am curious if that did happen.

Overall, it was just lovely.
autumn midnights chapter 1 . 6/27/2012
Wonderful oneshot! I do kind of wish that Lavender and Rose got together, but I still think it worked the way you wrote it - not to mention I love Astorrose as well, so I can understand why. And yes, you definitely do need to write a sequel to this. I love the hint of SeamusDean, since I enjoy that pairing, and of course the mention of Astorrose. The friendship between Lavender and Parvati is written really well, and I confess, I have thought of ParvatiLavender before and I like that you included that. The building friendship between Lav and Rose is also awesome, and I really liked it. I like how Rose is like Ron, and she's blunt and Quidditch-obsessed. I love your characterizations of Lavender and Parvati as well, and overall this is a really excellent oneshot and I loved it. Keep up the great work!