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PetalBomberVineDayo chapter 1 . 4/25/2016
Name: Petal Bomber
Title: The Sapling Bomber
Origin: Super Bomberman 2, OC
Class: A Fighter, Patrols the Tree Garden
Blood Color: Light Pink
Element: Wood
Faction: She is with her brothers, one of which is Plasma Bomber, and her sister Pretty Bomber
Petal Bomber, dubbed the Sapling Bomber, is the second youngest in her family of 6 (parents, Sun and Moon Bomber, vanished), is pretty solid for a fighter. Although her bomb power is 3 and fire power 4, she has the Seed Bombs, which can explode on contact or when they land (like in Pokémon), and her mech, Vine Dayo, is much like Mask Change, only less terrafiying and more like what it's name says, it acts like Mask Change too! Going in a patern that you may need bomb timing or the Bomb Glove to defeat it. She likes Candy, Cakes, any sweets! And Soury sweets too, but dislikes sues, stu's, anything overpowered, and dislikes it when she's being bossed on. Oh personality! She is kind-hearted, yet naive and always looks up to both Plasma Bomber and Brain Bomber. She shows kindness towards those wanting to save the world, and wants to destroys the bad guys!
PaloozaChu chapter 1 . 3/2/2014
RoseOfInk chapter 1 . 2/28/2014
Sounds fun, lets do this.
Name: Y.Y. Ran (my username for short)
Title: angelic ninja of the yinyang and the roses? (IDk)
Appearance: A black ninjasuit with a painted red rose and a yin-yang on her belt. She has green/brownish eyes with a golden circle around the pupils. Her hair isn't shown. She has white angel wings, but she isn't a prayer warroir
Personality: She has a changing personality. Sometimes she is all YOlO and makes fun, sometimes she is really depressed and sometimes she is just quite and cool. She is shy, but is not afraid to make friends. She loves Hetalia, Total Drama and also other shows. She has a weird, creepy side which made her hang her stuffed amimals once. She likes anime with blood in it, but also comedy. To make this a short, a random girl with a creepy side.
Blood Color: blood red
Faction: Fanfiction Empire, obvouisly.
Weapon: her many OC's, and her pen, which can make everything real what she writes, what includes giving her all kinds of skills by writing it on her body, she can split herself into two, a random YOLOing girl and a goth-like, cool boy
TheLunaticChild chapter 1 . 11/29/2013
Name:Putra Mizan Firuz bin Mahirfuddin
Personality:A soft and kind person which is easy to be seduced by the others. He also like to smile.
Blood Color:Bright Red
Appearance: His hair is black, his eyes is green.
Faction:Fanfiction Empire

P.S: He is one of Hetalian. OC
charismabreak500 chapter 1 . 11/8/2013
this sounds fun!
Name: Glitch Easteregg
Appearance: heterochromic eyes(left purple right red) pale skin,long,straight,white hair reaching her waist,white dress,white knee socks,black doll shoes.
Personality: Yandere...a deranged psychopath that seemingly appears like a cute 7 year old girl
Weapon:Knives under her dress and a chainsaw on rare occasions..
Blood color:scarlet
Faction: Fanfiction Empire
ArthurBonnefoy chapter 1 . 1/1/2013
Name: Nytheria Teer
Title: Scaled Wolf
Appaerance: Female, Tall, Black Hair, Black eyes
Personality: More than a little bit insane (addicted to fighting and loves the sight of blood), hyperactive, funny, does not approve of any type of bigotry, racism,sexism or pretty much any thing ending in -ism, Loves Hetalia
Blood Colour: Teal (just 'cos its an awesome colour)
Appearance: Black silk shirt that flares out at the sleeves, Black Jeans, Black combat boots. Blue denim jacket, bright red belt across body.
Weapon: Daggers (held in belt) and two pistols
Faction: Fanfiction Empire
PM if you want more information
Guest chapter 1 . 12/18/2012
Idiosy the Crusader
The Mad God
Brown hair and grey eyes
Blood Color:
Crimson red
Faction: Fanfiction Empire/Jo Belle and The Prayer Warriors:
Meh,it depends on whether you think I was a troll or not.
Clockwork Pheonix chapter 1 . 8/17/2012
I'm kinda late, but...

Name: Pheonix Marielle

Title: The Feathered Dragon

Appearance: She has curly dark brown hair that reaches just below her neck, bright green eyes, and is a tall girl who stands at about 5'10''. She is somewhat physically fit, although is certainly no athlete, and is often seen wearing a long red coat (occasionally with a light-colored scarf, but only in really cold weather), over cargo pants and a dark green tank top and either sandals or tennis shoes, depending on the temperature.

Personality: She tends to be rather eccentric, as well as a bit off a cloudcuckoolander, and often seems to be off in her own world (even to the point of schizophrenia). She often says things without thinking, and tends to be rather reckless, although when given an order she will follow it. She makes plenty of sarcastic comments, to the point where she doesn't have a very good reputation. Oddly enough, when faced with opponents, she gets a crazy.

Blood Color: Teal

Weapon: a katana

Faction: Fanfiction Empire

If I accidentally made her a little Sue-ish, feel free to edit.
lmao goodbye chapter 1 . 7/31/2012
Heyyy you! I read up a bit about this Jo Belle person .. I guess that's what made me want to join in on this fun little war you have over here ..

Name: Melody Kyanzah Nintendo (Yeahh, you can spell it as "Nint3ndo" if you want. That's how I usually spell it, sooo yeah. x3)

Title: Broken Record

Appearance: Melody has long, dark brown hair with rose pink and light blonde streaks. She has long bangs swept off to the side, with shorter hair in the back and longer strips that are curled in the front. These strips are about chest length. She has a fair skin complexion which can burn easily without the aid of sunscreen. She has ocean blue eyes, thick eyebrows, a somewhat bony nose and narrow lips. She is fairly short, and has an average weight for her age group.

Personality: Melody is a loud and cheerful person, but finds it somewhat hard to open up to strangers. She can become angered very easily, especially by people who think they are far more superior to her and others, but are actually far, far worse ..

Blood Color: A normal, human blood color of red. (If I have to choose one, just make Mel's blood yellow. xD)

Appearance (Attire): Melody typically wears a pair of white shorts with a tight black tank top. Over that she wears an lightning yellow vest with black buttons. On one hand, she wears a red leather glovelette. On the other, she wears a double-ring shaped like the Gemini sign in a bright silver color, representing her Zodiac symbol.

Weapon of Choice (Figured this would be needed ..): Melody wears a blue belt with a pouch hanging off the side opposite of her red glovelette. Inside are a set of twin daggers with black blades and a white handle. Tied down the handles in a criss-cross formation are purple and gold ribbon, knotted at the end in a long bow.

Faction: Fanfiction Empire (Oh Grambi .. I hate trolls. xDD)

If you need any other information, please don't hesitate to PM me! -
Useless account n 4559 chapter 1 . 7/28/2012
I think it's an interesting idea, so I think I'll join...
For the record, although he was originally a bomberman, if you want he may be human.

Name: Ruko Clockworker
Title: Silver Chaos
Gender: Male

Appearance: Long silver hair, but noticeable reflections of light purple and blue as it reflects light, purple eyes, but it is seen that the lateral edges are blue and near the pupil is red, use a black overcoat, with three zippers on the back in the same style of Black Rock Shooter in the anime, black pants and a sleeveless white shirt with high collar, black boots with silver side buckles, black gloves with silver rings on his wrists.

Weapons: Claws (the same style of Vieras assassin class in Final Fantasy Tactics A2) and a katana

Personality: Most of the time without emotion (you rarely see him reacting in some way), always thinks of rational measures before attacking, do not care about the war.

Faction: none, he is a bounty hunter, will follow who pays more or give a good reason for him to help

Anything send me a PM
Night Star chapter 1 . 7/20/2012
Name: Star Moon
Title: Indigo Archer

Appearance: Deep aqua eyes, frizzy, curly blonde hair with dark purple highlights, doesn't wear the most stylish clothes, but what's more comfortable. Sometimes she will wear things like a dark purple tank over a lighter purple fishnet shirt. Mostly wears purple and indigo.

Personality: Sarcastic, random, easily annoyed, tomboy, has a soft spot MLP:FIM

Blood Color: Indigo

Faction: Fanfiction Empire

Feel free to remove any sue-ish-ness in her!
DalekSuperFan chapter 1 . 7/8/2012
Name: Sabrina Magic

Title: The Witch

Appearance: has long brown hair with black streaks that ends right above her knees she has bright yellow cat like eyes with a ring of neon green around the pupil. She wears anything black and usually has a long tattered dark grey cloak she wears along with this she has many weird charms wrapped around her arms and neck

Personality: she is usually quite and mostly just watches but when she does talk she usually gives very good advice and she is very good at planing things. So if she suddenly gives this creepy grin when watching don't worry shes just planing something what you should be worried about is if its a good or bad thing. She can be slightly intimidating.

Blood Color: Dark Green

Faction: Fanfiction Empire
Hi welcome to Denny's chapter 1 . 7/5/2012
Hey, I just discovered you, and I love your work! Here's an Oc for you. Feel free to alter him if you feel that he's a bit stu-ish. Just tell me first, if that's okay with you. If it's alright, could you PM me for confirmation?

Name:Zach Rathaway

Title: Mr. Muffin

Personality: This guy is a complete lunatic who loves MLP, Hetalia, and Doctor Who. Zach hates moronic bigots like the prayer warriors and Jo belle with a violent passion. If he even so much as goes near one, he'd erupt with anger and try to murder them violently. The man's a Pan-sexual who flirts constantly with his boyfriend, Chris. Even to the point of crudeness. He enjoys reading crazy and stupid (but not offensive) fanifcs.

Blood Color: Violet

Appearance: A tall, small built guy around 19 years old who wears slim glasses, (kinda like the tenth Doctors) even though he doesn't need them. He wears a brony t-shirt, and a green trench coat (even if it's like a hundred degrees out!) Jeans, light blue high tops. Floppy, long-ish, brown hair.

Faction: Fanfiction Empire
Guest chapter 1 . 7/3/2012
((NakuraXchann. Wouldn't let me post again. TTTT))
I'm really sory if I'm making it harder for you to write, but I just realized how much of a fail that description was.
Name: Saika/Striker
Gender: Either a slightly girlish looking guy or super guy-like girl. Haven't really decided yet
Appearance: Black, messy hair, (think black haired, slightly more feminine Prussia) blank red eyes, long black jacket with white horizontal stripes at the bottom, sleeves, around hood; long vertical stripe down each sleeve. Under that, a black plain T-shirt, as well as straight black jeans and black sneakers. Fights with a long blade that loks like a cross between a samurai sword and a sashimi knife, two pistols, and plenty of knives. Sometimes carries around a laptop computer.
Personality: A sociopath, believes that the best way to have fun is to manipulate and toy with people. Thinks that the war is yet another oppurtunity to play with people and eliminate a few enemies. Is easily able to find out people's secrets and motives, and will gladly ruin lives for fun. A little bit of a troll and also is an underground technology expert and expert hacker. Diagnosed with bipolar and paranoid shizophrenia.
Faction: Fanfiction Empire, more or less.
CitizenOfHedwigpolis chapter 1 . 7/2/2012
Lol, this looks fun, so imma join. )
In my experience, stories like this usually aren't very good, but kudos to you if you manage to pull it off. It's too soon to tell.

Name: Enselle Mada
Gender: Female
Title: The Jade Balance
Appearance: Green hair, about shoulder-length, usually pinned up in a large, black, butterfly clip. Usually seen in a black dress with a Chinese collar, modeled after Megurine Luka's in the song Toluene (look up a video, not a picture). Is also seen carrying a short staff/throwing spear topped with something that looks like an Iron Cross with an extended blade for the top.
Personality: Heavily cynical. Does not believe in the sincerity of the war, or of the Admins' motives. Is not convinced that the Fanfiction Empire is much better than the alternative.
Slow, subtle corruption or fast, destructive oppression?
An admirer of the version of Megurine Luka from the song Toluene.
Nihilistic, believes defeat is inevitable. Bugs the hell out of the more idealistic hero types.
Faction: Neutral, in a way. No one really knows what she wants.
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