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dinotopian chapter 10 . 10/16/2012
Thank you!
nonymouse1 chapter 10 . 10/16/2012
"I did not do anything to you. You did it to you. You work so hard to keep those memories away that you have walled yourself up, hiding from your pain. No one can hide forever from pain, Spock. Not even you."

DEFINITELY worth the wait. Thank you.

Star Trek V was on tv the other day. There was a Star Trek marathon. I know Gene Rodenberry hated the idea of Sybok and I hated that movie. But, after so much fanfic lately involving Sybok, I find I'm becoming rather more attached to the character.

Still not over Amanda's demise, though. That was completely unfair. : (
Noneworking chapter 10 . 10/16/2012
It was well worth the wait! Thank you for such a wonderful story. You parts with Sarek and Amanda melt my heart!
sf.fangirl chapter 4 . 10/15/2012
I have very mixed feelings at Sybok at this point, so you've done well. He seems a loving step-father, but he's become a criminal. His "end justifies the means" has led him to violent robbery and "mind-rape" both of which have to be crimes. Unfortunately considering this, he does not appear to be redeemable. He needs to do some jail time for his crimes so I can't imagine how he's going to get much of a happy ending.

You do a great job with the little things, though, like Sybok's friendship with the Captain that gets hit in the head.
ukyryo chapter 9 . 10/15/2012
never in my life been so anxious for an update as I am now, I mean every day I check if already upgraded and is really frustrating. secure these very busy and is compressible, you just mention my anxiety.
I hope to hear from you soon.
sf.fangirl chapter 7 . 10/14/2012
Well done! I have liked Sybok up to now; he is a loving father/step-father, but the forced mind meld with Spock was pretty horrific. The shift to bad guy was very sudden, but he is one isn't he at least some of the time. OTOH his childhood bedroom sounds neat and his relationship with Amanda very sweet. She must have been a breath of fresh air to a poor motherless child.

The middle portion on the other hand was hot and shocking. Honestly until the next chapter confirmed it, I thought that Amanda's second appearance in his apartment was a figment of Sarek's fevered imagination. It's a neat way to take the fear of what might happen during Pon Farr off the table. They've already survived it unscathed well before the relationship gets off the ground. I do wonder how much the Vulcan healer must have said to Amanda to explain Pon Farr well enough so that she knows what the solution is. (I mean sex is not a solution for any human feverish illness.) And even through all his lust and in the middle of Pon Farr, it's obvious to this reader that he's in love, but he hasn't defined the emotion yet. Poor confused Vulcan hasn't had those feelings before.
sf.fangirl chapter 8 . 10/14/2012
I like how you very briefly present ultra-competent Uhura who in the midst of a bridge takeover analyses the precise origin of the attackers based on mere accent,, but its kind of hard to accept that these poor farmers could manage to take over the bridge of the Enterprise. What kind of flagship are these kids running? Embarrassingly poor security.

The T'Pau - Sarek scene was awesome. First Sarek's innocent/naive (?) idea that his clan matriarch is the person to ask advice on a relationship with a human. It's very alien. The whole "I will take some tea" as a stall tactic. And Sarek's inner argument and musings about Amanda; again you do an amazing job of describing his turmoil of emotions while still seeming fully Vulcan. He struggles with mastering his emotions where Amanda is concerned but he's not running around and acting illogically or emoting everywhere. It's all internal with only very small signals visible to Amanda.

"Someone who evoked qualities in himself that he didn't know he had—a willingness to see things from her point of view, an eagerness to do things that gave her pleasure or made her work easier?" - Beautiful!

I do confess some disappointment that Sarek's confessions/actions which lead them into a sexual relationship are driven by an intoxicant. I personally dislike that in stories because I'd prefer Sarek to figure out his emotions and take action on his own. At least it only affects some Vulcans, but you do think there would be warnings about anything that would cause such an affect in Vulcans as it could cause serious embarrassment if Sarek hadn't acted so discreetly wild and crazy.
sf.fangirl chapter 9 . 10/14/2012
I have read "My Mother, the Ambassador" and loved seeing the events from chapter 2 in that story here form Sarek's point of view. I do desperately want to see the pay off though. How did Amanda respond to his declaration? MM, TA chap 2 said that Amanda called that moment the end of beginning so I do hope we get to see some of their middle before they get to the marriage issue (the politics of which were a tad to heavily-handed parallel to gay marriage political debates in the US for my taste. I don't like reading about Vulcans being stupid.) I do hope for more Amanda and Sybok too.

Sarek's POV was great here. You have imbued him with emotions but describe very well Sarek's struggle to avoid expressing them and avoid acting on them. I think this chapter describes the Vulcan emotional struggle very well while I still totally believe that he appears stoically unemotional to all humans and Vulcans surrounding him (except for Amanda). This is something that a lot of authors do badly, but you did really well.

Basically, still, I like to be reading more of Sarek and Amanda from your pen/keyboard. I'm here for character interactions - Sa/Am, Sa/Am and their boys, Spock and Sybok, etc. Amanda and her boys are cute. Sarek and the boys are always sadly fraught with his inability the express anything but disapproval. The action scenes don't excite me. The first bookend did not do a lot for me; although, what did Sybok do to Spock and Nyota's bond? That interests me. And the last scene was sweet (once everyone stopped pointing weapons at each other) with Sybok's new family which I think resembles his first one with his father and step-mother. We'll have a family reunion soon and I am excited about reading that!

Thanks for your wonderful story.
T'Sara chapter 9 . 10/12/2012
Hey notes...this really is a awesome story...hope you are able to update soon!
Guest chapter 9 . 10/6/2012
can you come back now and update, please? i have no qualms about beggin: please, please, please, please, please, please, PLEASE!
faithspeaks chapter 9 . 9/29/2012
Wow..Notes..outstanding update! You just get better and better...looking forward to the next update...and oh yea...thanks for taking time out of your RL to share your talents with us...I appreciate it!
CoulsonRocks chapter 9 . 9/23/2012
Another wonderful chapter! I really enjoy your characterizations and plots. There was one thing that did jump out at me. T'Pau, like other Vulcans, would not see intuition as logical so wouldn't consider using it. In fact, Kirk, in the TOS episode "The Tholian Web," Kirk leaves the message for Spock and McCoy, telling Spock, "Use every scrap of knowledge and logic you have to save the ship. But temper your judgment with intuitive insight. I believe you have those qualities, but if you can't find them in yourself, seek out McCoy."

Looking forward to the next chapter! Thanks for sharing.
Kelwtim2spar chapter 1 . 9/19/2012
I just found your story and I really like it. I am looking forward to the next chapter.
Linstock chapter 9 . 9/13/2012
Well I certainly must review because I sincerely intend to keep you working. My heart lifts when I see a post from you.
I really want to like Sybok, and he isn’t without some redeeming features, but so far I can’t like him, and now it seems he’s messed with Spock’s connection to Nyota. How dare he force his way into Spock’s mind, rip out the information he wants and break things while he does it. (*huff*)
“His alarm at the void between them is more disturbing than beaming aboard a ship about to explode. A remarkable realization”…its fascinating how you show Spock and Nyota’s deep connection in less than two sentences.
You write the action well. It is tense, believable and I don’t loose the thread of what is happening.

Your Sarek is a continued joy… one that’s clueless and in knots. He is so completely gone on Amanda and just doesn’t know it. But I adore Sarek’s cluelessness at times…“though it was possible that her mood was affected by the fact that it was 01:00 in the morning”. For all this he is still a canny politician and he certainly proved resourceful and quite sneaky. I loved how he went from planning his entirely logical goodbyes to all out espionage to find and claim Amanda without even breaking his stride. All leading to his final realization that he won’t take no for an answer … “He needed her”.
Meanwhile…back on the ship, at least the immediate threat of death has been removed and Sybok has done something right. But what about the bridge crew…
aaliyah1963 chapter 9 . 9/13/2012
Thanks much for the update. I really love this story. Everytime I see an update I cannot wait to find time to read.

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