Reviews for The Leaf's Naruto
Twinkies4lifes chapter 23 . 4h
oi bruv, you death or something?
Shadowpawzzz chapter 22 . 11/24
Awesome simply awesome.
Kragh50 chapter 23 . 11/14
Quite interesting story, Naruto punishment seems legit and I love your writing style. I could elaborate more on the story, but I don't see the point as it hadn't been update for more than a year.
I hope you will one day continue this story or start another Naruto one and that you will keep writing.
silvereagle2121 chapter 23 . 11/10
Hey this is a really cool story and I am enjoying reading it. Keep up the good work and update it again soon.
King of Bahamut chapter 23 . 11/6
cant wait for next update
jcampbellohten chapter 23 . 10/28
So awesome! I hope to see more, seeing as from your update history I know you're still writing.
jcampbellohten chapter 12 . 10/27
It's frustrating to read the shadow clones having this huge misunderstanding because you forgot an important detail about the jutsu: a dispelled shadow clone's memories and experiences get transferred to the original and all other shadow clones still existing, not just the original. A, B, and C should know what really happened already. I'm unhappy that this convoluted scheme is working, even while I acknowledge the massive potential for character development.
Shoetsu Otaku chapter 23 . 10/23
Awe come on! Update, for me? Please? This is awesome! The tension, the fight scenes, especially some of the conversations! Please don't leave it at such a cliff hanger here?
Katy612 chapter 23 . 10/17
Please, please, please update soon :)
Guest chapter 5 . 10/11
fyi yondaime kazekage's name is Rasa you know
Sarcasm Dragon chapter 23 . 10/11
Promotion to overcome the council's order came earlier than I had thought.
P1nk4m3n4 chapter 23 . 10/9
Talk about a shitty cliffhanger... Urgh! Please update!
salty chapter 23 . 10/8
You're a horrible person. Leaving such a massive cliff hanger as you did?
QvQ chapter 23 . 10/6
Oh my god, what happens next. :( This story is so epic level, but no updates for over a year? Sadness. Utter sadness. Q_Q
razzi2010 chapter 23 . 10/1
Awesome story. Really looking forward to what happens after this. Shame that you seem to have stopped writing it :(
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