Reviews for The Leaf's Naruto
hamsterville chapter 23 . 3/12
Great story. Was bout to get pissed when naruto was gonna be exiled but then you made him chunin so it evens out Haha hope you continue this story
SilvasPrickle chapter 23 . 3/10
Damn this is one nice tale.
I really want to see how you'd wrap up Naruto's story.
BeatheBoredom chapter 23 . 3/2
This is one of the best time travel stories I've ever read. I keep re-reading it, even! I hope you continue it.
Dazzle chapter 23 . 3/2
Ah, man. Yes. That a lovely end to the chapter. Cheers.
i30817 chapter 23 . 3/1
I was a bit pulled out of immersion because i simply find unbelievable that they didn't question (vigorously) what exactly was the conversation with Rain. Otherwise, interesting.
Chau-Omaii chapter 23 . 2/27
Hey, when would you update author? It's been a looooonnngggg time and I can't wait to read about what's going to happen to team seven. Naahh can't wait for them to kick assess again like they used to
! please don't make us wait. anyway the story is great! Ja'ne!
MerryKitten chapter 23 . 2/23
Amazing story! Kept me awake and reading long after I should have been sleeping...Now I've got a headache and droopy eyes :) But it was worth it.

Thank you!
I chapter 23 . 2/15
I love your story but this is retarded. Naruto is the literal glue that holds the team together, exiling him completely opens up Sasuke and Sakura to all kinds of pitfalls. I understand the need for the plot development but surely the hokage would not be that stupid
Guest chapter 1 . 2/7
Way to start with the biggest fucking cliche ever. Seriously what is the fandom obsession with edgy emo black clothes for 'real' ninja? No one in the show uses stealth period.
MomoYoMaki chapter 23 . 2/6
Wow... I LOVED reading this take on Naruto and hi struggles. It drifted away from the norm, but he's still Naruto. I truly hope you find the time and inspiration to finish this eventually!
scarecrowing chapter 23 . 2/2
Such a good fic! Please update!
kabir0399 chapter 4 . 1/19
Ellimist01 chapter 11 . 1/17
This chapter was really stupid. As soon as Hidan somehow got his hands on Naruto's blood and you made Naruto get hurt in the next scene, that was enough for me to quit this. Honestly it's been getting ridiculous for a while now and those things I could accept. Not this though. Dropped
OriksGaming chapter 23 . 1/17
Huh. Well, a lot of conflict with Danzo(he's such a self righteous bitch) in this chapter, that was fun. Can't wait until you continue this, if you do.
kabir0399 chapter 1 . 1/16
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