Reviews for Immortal Janto: The Full Series
allonsyand221b chapter 125 . 7/2
So. 200,000 words and seven hours later and I'm finally up to speed. You've real talent for writing and you make use of your great vocabulary. The only thing is that you don't seem to update very often, which is a little disappointing. Nonetheless, I enjoyed this fan fiction so far. Would you ever consider having "guest writers" write chapters? It'd be a fun way to update more often and maybe lessen the work load. Just a thought. I look forward to the next installment.
allonsyand221b chapter 86 . 7/1
Nice chapter. I've literally been doing nothing today but reading this (ridiculously long!) fanfic for the past three hours. I guess I can understand why you don't like Rose, but then you see times like the Impossible Planet episode where she refused to leave without Ten or in the series 1 finale when she nearly killed herself for Nine. And she certainly saved the Doctor's ass a few times. Having said that, my favorite companion is Donna, and though I'm not a Doctor/Donna shipper I definitely approve of their friendship.
allonsyand221b chapter 2 . 7/1
Just finished chapter two. Thank GOD somebody on this website uses correct grammar. The story is also interesting, and even though I'm not a shipper of Doctor/Donna, the way you got them together is interesting. But I'm wondering why Ianto and the Doctor couldn't have just travelled five years into Earth's future in the first place...
sandysan2013 chapter 125 . 6/30
As reveals go, that went well. Neither lady ran screaming from the house so maybe, just maybe, the boys have found allies.
I love Janto chapter 125 . 6/30
I'm glad that they were told. Took long enough.
Margaret"s ungle was there.
Thay helps the ladies in beliving,

They might be better off staying the night.
The kids won't mind.
BananaLollypop chapter 125 . 6/29
Gahhhh the cuteness! They're so adorable O just can't :'))
sd4ianto chapter 125 . 6/29
I think that was the next natural step to take.
Warrior.Hero.Madman with a box chapter 66 . 6/26
Can u have them die more often. Sorry
sd4ianto chapter 124 . 6/7
Nosy neighbors!
el33ri chapter 124 . 6/5
McLeronR chapter 124 . 6/4
snickers madly loved it!
I love Janto chapter 124 . 6/4
Good thing Jack and Ianto are very good at making things up as they go along.
The last thing they need is to be living next door to the nosy person.

The weird stuff will always find them, no matter where they are living.

With all that is going on in you're real life, some thing will be bound to slip in.
Just be glad that you have a safe outlet for it all.
StealthyMagicUser87 chapter 123 . 3/24
These are all so sweet and amazing! They make such a cute couple, and I have laughed so many times when reading this. I look forward to more!
JimMoriarty'sGirl chapter 123 . 2/5
That is so bittersweet, but I love it.
sd4ianto chapter 123 . 2/5
Now the Doctor can fix him-them?
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