Reviews for Happy Endings Only Exist in the Movies
Guest chapter 1 . 7/23/2012
Wow, you just absolutely blew me away because I'd been thinking about WHMS in relation to B/R just the other day! Did they really post a tweet saying Barney was going to be watching it for 24 hrs straight? Man, these writers never cease to amaze me!

Anyway, that's off topic because this is about me telling YOU what an AWESOME understanding I think you have of the HIMYM characters and especially Barney and Robin of course. I've read this and your other fics and I can honestly say that I don't think anyone has got inside their heads in terms of understanding their motivations, esp in S7 but also before, as well as you do. I'm pretty into analyzing the show, but you helped me understand things I never could get my head around, like why Robin didn't appear to be upset at first when they broke up in S5, why she got together with Don, other stuff like that. There's often a lot of wishful thinking in the fandom, I think, about what the characters are feeling at particular times, but you're a lot more realistic about it and as a result it works! I think you see them how the show writers themselves want us to see and understand them, rather than just through shipper goggles - even though clearly you ship B/R bigtime - and I bow down in awe. I think you actually made me understand S7, lol! Thank you for writing. xx Oh and please finish your story where Robin moves to London, I love it!
AnnaYesMaam chapter 1 . 7/6/2012
Lovely tribute to Nora and a very realistic portrayal of poor post-breakup Barney. I enjoy all your works, but this one especially rang true to me. I wish it didn't work so well as a one-shot because I'd love to see a continuation!
Phosphorescent chapter 1 . 7/1/2012
Oh, poor Barney. *hugs him*

Another lovely, heart-rending piece from you.