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Anonymous chapter 8 . 11/21/2015
It's 1:06 AM. I started reading this story around 11:20 when I found it linked via your Tumblr. I don't intend upon putting it down anytime soon.

Although I am not a SebaCiel shipper, I haven't been able to put this fic down because your dialogue is brilliant. The incredible range of emotions, the battle of motivations, the completely twisted power struggle that I just can't fully appreciate in canon arcs is so embellished and well-portrayed here, it's fascinating. I've gone from frustrated to horny to laughing out loud ("He set down his pipe and looked me full in the face. 'What did we just do?'") in the last 2.5 hours - and I've had to look up more words in the dictionary than I'd care to admit. Bravo on the incredible writing, and although I do my best to stay away from anything longer than 3 chapters, I am looking forward to the rest of this story.

And really: you had me at "wax play."
fluffy-fuzzy-ears chapter 19 . 11/18/2015
Oh my Goooood that was amazing. You write smut SO well (along with everything else of course).
Guest chapter 10 . 11/15/2015
It's literally 2amon a school night and I can't stop reading this
valre chapter 40 . 11/17/2015
I've spent this whole past week reading this fic whenever I could find time and I'm trying so so hard to not cry because my makeup is not waterproof and if I let go I won't stop until tomorrow.

I decided on the second chapter not to review until the very end, because even though I started on this thinking it was going to be a cliché Sebaciel coming of age, I realized a few chapters later that this wasn't really what I thought it would be. Magnificent Depravity is what those poems warn us about, to not fall in love because it's an all-consuming monster, and I see that in your writing. What an amazing, complex work of art it is.

I stayed captivated throughout this entire fic, even though, I admit, I didn't feel like continuing, mostly at the beginning, where everything was so idyllic and playful, but then somehow it began to latch on and I couldn't stand to put it down so I got dragged along into Ciel's ruin, all the way to his end. Good god, I loved, loved, loved, that we saw it all through Sebastian's eyes, and that he was able to consume Ciel's soul. I wonder if he cried afterwards, if he experienced some deep crash, or if he took comfort in Ciel being in him?

There are so many more things I want to compliment you on, that Grell would be the one to collect Lizzie, Harcourt's transformation into a woman, the parallels between the pregnancies, how Ciel was such a spoiled wretch some times and a beautiful angel at others, these were all extra ingredients I enjoyed in Magnificent Depravity and I've got to congratulate you on a job so well done, you are so amazing. Much love! Thank you so much for MG, it's been wonderful.
iamjustakiddo chapter 40 . 11/11/2015
Alright, i don't know if you are going to read this, but i would like to write this nevertheless.
I discovered this fanfiction two days ago and to be honest, at first i was kinda critical. Actually, i knew about this story for quite some time but i never actually read it. But then i gave it a try and at least by chapter 3 i was hooked. At first i thought this was to be a chliché Sebaciel-porn-fic. And that is maybe also the only critique i can find to your fic. I don't really favour fics with so much sex in it, but that's just my personal opinion. But i was wrong. It was not at all as i was expecting.

Now to the actual compliments i wanted to give you. This story completely threw me off guard and left me wondering after almost every chapter. Sometimes i wanted to cry, sometimes i was plain furious or i just simply apreaciated how the characters evolved, interacted and how you captured them in an interesting way. I binge-read the story and finished in one day. I was always unpatient to know how it will continue, what will happen next and how all those mysteries will be solved. It was an emotional rollercoaster. There were some bits that made me wonder about my life and about myself.
As i reached the end, it left me bawling my eyes out. I could not contain myself and I still can't say why it touched me so much. As i mentioned before, the sex wasn't really my thing but you made me enjoy the story nevertheless. Your writing style, the way you presented the characters, how you captured the spirit of this era. And the ending was heart breaking, life destroying, but it was the most beautiful ending. It could not have been better. Everything was perfect about it.

I have never written such a long review on a fanfiction. I may not consider this one of my most favourite ones, but definetely the most surprising and influential one! I congratulate you on this masterpiece, that managed to shake my soul and heart in such a way. I feel like i haven't consumed it, but the story consumed me, breaking me to pieces.
As this is getting kinda long, i should come to a finish.
Thank you. Thank you for this unexpected journey i took along with my most beloved characters.
And thank you for mentioning Dorian Gray.
I hope you stick to writing, don't ever give it up.
poisonshrooms chapter 39 . 11/5/2015
I'm far from the first to say this, but like so many others, I am at a loss for words. However, I will attempt to say what I feel I cannot say anyway, probably in entirely too many words.

I discovered this fic five days ago, and have voraciously devoured it every chance I get since. Heck, my utter engrossment in this fic was half the reason I was late to school one morning - and I had an AP quiz that morning, I might add. It was only two weeks ago that I really got into the Kuro fandom, and within a few hours of rediscovering the show, I was already on the hunt for SebaCiel fics. I read quite a few over at AO3 - none were more than 15k words or so, but they made me fall in love with the pairing nonetheless. I purposely chose to review this chapter and not the final author's note, but I did read it. You have indeed, at least in my mind and surely in many others', written the SebaCiel fic to end all SebaCiel fics. I feel like I have a fanfiction hangover (and I use the word 'hangover' in the best possible sense) of sorts. I can't read any other fanfics in the fandom, at least for a little while, because I feel the need to hang on to the bittersweet emotions that this fic has instilled in me for as long as possible and reading any other fanfics would override that. I can't even watch the anime or read the manga. That's how perfect this is.

I can honestly say that I can count on one hand the number of times a piece of writing has made me so sad that I was moved to actual tears. Reading the final chapters was one of those times. This fic has brought me through so many emotions; I can't even begin to name them all. This chapter, the one I am reviewing, was so heart-wrenching to read that I could not get through it without stopping intermittently. In all my years of reading, I don't think I've ever empathized as much with characters' raw emotion, love, and despair, more than I have with those in this fanfiction. Chapter 21 was one of the most intense scenes I can say I've read; Chapter 36 was one of the most heartbreakingly beautiful. They complemented each other perfectly, and revealed just how much both characters progressed in such a short time. And thinking about those chapters now, after knowing how the story ends, makes me want to start crying all over again. I can only thank you for making the end as ambiguous and abstract as you did. Now we readers are free to interpret for the best possible redemption in that silver lining - perhaps, salvation for both of them, and the possibility that both of their souls can continue on, in some exalted plane of (non)existence? For the sake of my own emotions, this is what I choose as my personal headcanon 'epilogue'.

In my nearly four years of reading fanfiction, this is the longest review I've ever written. I daresay, it's even lengthier than the essay I'm supposed to be revising right now. Similarly to what I stated earlier in this review, I can honestly count the number of times I've been compelled to lavish such praise to a fanfiction on one hand. I wrote this to do something productive with all of my intense emotions as much as to actually review, which I suppose is an accolade in and of itself. It looks as if I've made a complete and utter sap of myself. Well, at this point, I suppose it's useless trying to pretend I'm not a complete and utter sap. Thank you for writing one of the most brilliant, heart-wrenching stories I've had the pleasure of reading.

(By the way, it may seem strange, but the general sentiment of Sebastian's character development by the end can be likened to, at least in my mind, a strange inversion of the ending of The Last Unicorn. I don't know if you've read or seen it, but I would definitely recommend checking it out. Maybe that comparison doesn't make sense in anyone's mind but my own, but I'd thought it was worth mentioning.)
haldolhs chapter 39 . 11/1/2015
I’ve been struggling to write a review for this final chapter, searching for the “perfect” words to celebrate the completion of this story and what is, for you, the culmination of a nearly four-year labor of soul-rending love. You’ve poured so much of yourself into this novel, have bled all over every chapter, and it shows. You’ve given your readers a resonating story driven by fully-fleshed, living, breathing characters who brook no casual observers, but instead plunge their fists into readers’ chests, wring their hearts, and savagely take that which characters portrayed by writers who can’t or refuse to loose themselves from the chains of their inhibitions can only hope to receive.

I have no “perfect” words. But I can give you my honesty without inhibition, and what I’ve written above is the highest praise I can give any writer. I’m a voracious reader, but I’m also a very fickle reader, and demanding—or perhaps I’m just lazy, because the fact is I blatantly refuse to work to become invested in a novel. I’ll give anyone my cursory attention—up to about 5000 words or so. I’ll open the door if no one answers my knock, step inside, and take a look around. I might even wander out of the foyer and explore another room or two if I sense something interesting. If the writing is akin to a dilapidated shack, I’ll see myself out in a hurry without so much as calling a “hello,” but even if the writing is as grand as a glittering palace, if I’m still wandering about on my own when I’ve reached that 5,000 word mark, I’m gone. I don’t care if you’ve spent 16 weeks on the NY Times bestseller list and the critics are cumming all over themselves about how fantastic your novel is, so far as I’m concerned, it sucked. On the flipside, I’ve ADORED novels that have been savagely panned by the critics simply because someone immediately answered the door when I knocked, took my hand, led me inside, and didn’t let go.

As a reader, to me the single most important aspect of any novel-length story isn’t anything so grand as mastery of writing skill or originality of plot or profound message or some mind-blowing spin on a theme, but that sense of presence that never takes the reader for granted, that takes the reader by the hand and says, “come and walk with me. There are some things I want to show you, and some things I need you to see.” Might be all that presence shows me is a goldfish swimming in bowl atop an old television set tuned into the damned 700 Club, but so long as I feel that presence’s hand in mine and sense the intensity of meaning/emotion that presence has for the goldfish, I’ll feel honored to have been shown.

When I came and knocked on A Magnificent Depravity’s door, you flung it open, grabbed me by the hand, yanked me over the threshold and said, “It’s about damned time you showed up! Come on! You HAVE GOT to see this!” You weren’t wrong. You showed me a something a helluva lot more profound than a goldfish swimming in a bowl, but even if you hadn’t, you couldn’t have possibly been wrong simply by the virtue of your unwavering presence, investment of self, and conviction. You grabbed hold and infused me with your enthusiasm and your emotion, and while you pulled me into a room where I wasn’t overly fond of the décor a time or two, you never let go and so I was never lost—was never even given the option of leaving.

This final chapter was perfect, in my opinion. You held my hand while I suffered through all the seven stages of grief and then rewarded me with the beautiful ambiguity of your ending. Honestly, I’m not a huge fan of ambiguous endings. I find the majority of them lazy and I’m often left with the feeling that the author lost interest or conviction coming down off the peak of climax—kind of like the lover who simply rolls over and falls asleep. What happens next? Will you wake up to an empty bed in the morning, or will there be snuggles and then pancakes? But your ending—I couldn’t have asked for anything better. You’ve given me finality, and thus a satisfying sense of closure to the story, but you’ve also given me the luxury to interpret that finality however I desire, and the fact that I feel no need to know how you, the author, interprets that finality speaks volumes about its strength and effectiveness.

There are dozens—and probably hundreds—of novel-length Kuroshitsuji stories on the various fanfic sites. About two dozen routinely make it on the fandom’s “best” lists that circulate the social media sites. Of those couple of dozen, I’ve attempted to read all of them and I’ve managed to read six in their entirety—no one came to greet me and take my hand with the rest. A Magnificent Depravity is one of 3 novel-length Kuroshitsuji stories that I enjoyed so much I’ll read them again without just skimming through to my favorite parts, and one of 2 that so resonates within me that I’ve felt moved in significant ways. The other novel is Devilish Impulses by Kitty Gets Loose.

As a writer of Kuroshitsuji fanfiction, what I’ve written above is truly the highest compliment I can give you.

Thank you for giving us this story, my friend. Thank you for bleeding all over it. Thank you for seeing it through to the end. And thank you for taking me by the hand and refusing to let go. I doubt I’ll let a year pass before I walk through A Magnificent Depravity with you again.
Zee chapter 40 . 10/28/2015
I haven't felt this way in a while. The reason I read so much like many is to immerse myself in a story so much that it takes me out of real life and right now I don't think I will be able to do anything but contemplate and cry over this story
I can't even articulate what I'm feeling after finishing this, but I like to think I can feel some of their despair and that's all I'm ever looking for when I read.
Thank you! I am waiting anxiously for anything else you release.
Guest chapter 39 . 10/26/2015
That was a beautiful ending, it was so magnificently gorgeous. I cried tears for the characters you grew, and created to make your own. Ok, I sobbed. Because it was just so tragic, with Lizzie's suicide and self-hatred, and Ciel losing his sense of importance. I think you really carried through with a beautiful story, and I look forward to the art and to the next couple of developments you make with this novel. Thank you so much!
such wicked words chapter 40 . 10/27/2015
TheUnlikelyNovelist chapter 40 . 10/26/2015
I enjoyed every word of this story, and cried for it at the end. Lizzie's self-hatred and the bereavement she felt from Ciel and her experience of rape nearly brought me to sobs. It was just so heart-wrenching for her to be abandoned and spit on by the person she loved the most. *Sigh, and I can't even begin with Ciel. He was stripped of his pride once, and felt that again with the abandonment of what all he believed in, but I think that was what made the story truly amazing. Though I'm really not into tragedies and such (I'm too much of a wimp!) you surely caught my eye with this. It was just so beautifully written; I commend you for creating something so marvellous. I really look forward to seeing the art and the developments of this novel! Love, TheUnlikelyNovelist.
Cynthia chapter 40 . 10/21/2015
*long sigh*
I didn't think we would ever get here. Long fan fic writers usually give up after a while but i am so happy that you stuck with us through everything. Even through your lifes hardships. I remember that time :( But you made it through and created a ground shaking story.
I loved every chapter of this and i hope to continue to see your art, your podfic, your e-book and everything you ever aspire to be.
and like i usually say,
More please!
Guest chapter 40 . 10/19/2015
I just wanted to say this fic is one of the best fic I've read. This could be an original novel and I would buy it. I cried, so so hard for the ending. I hate sad ending and was dreading this...however the ending was just too beautiful and nothing else would have been better.
I guess my head canon is that Ciel's soul will forever remain with Sebastian, damned or not.

Look forward to hear more of your projects.
Kimberly T chapter 39 . 10/18/2015
I hope you don't get offended by this, but I know that if I don't write it all out and show -somebody-, it'll eat at me for weeks:

Epilogue the First

The ball had been a grand success! The Phantomhive servants had done their job well, and the master had told them so as he bid them take the carriage and return to the estate, on the same night of the ball. "Sebastian will remain here with me for a few days to clean up," he had assured them with a smile. "Go and get the manor ready for my return." It had seemed odd for them to be leaving so late at night, but they'd followed stranger orders in the past. Any bandits looking to rob their coach would get the last surprise of their lives, and cleaning up after a party was never as satisfying as preparing for it, so they left the townhouse and returned to the estate at dawn.

They got the manor all ready for the master's return, and then they waited... and waited...

When they heard the official news of Lady Elizabeth's death, they were shocked and saddened. And when they later heard the rumors, they were outraged. "Lies! It's a pack of lies, being spread by enemies the master made while takin' care of the Queen's business!" Bard repeatedly insisted, though Mey-Rin refused to say a word either way nor look anyone in the eyes.

Finally unable to wait any longer, they all piled into the carriage and headed back to London, arriving in the middle of the night, much like when they'd left. They found the townhouse empty, the door unlocked, a dinner never cleared from the table. But there were no signs of a struggle; the master and Sebastian had just... left, for parts unknown.

"They're not coming back, are they?" Finny said tearfully a few days later. "What will we do now?"

"I can make inquiries, with those who have connections to the Phantomhive family... through the master, or his father," Tanaka said slowly, seeming to have aged and shrunken further in just the last two weeks. "You will not find yourselves cast out on the streets; there are others who would welcome our unique talents. Though you may need to learn another language, such as German..."


Epilogue the Second

Falling into the sleep of Death, knowing how the Church condemned suicides, Elizabeth hadn't expected to wake up ever again... and certainly not to wake up squinting, in dire need of spectacles. But she had, and the man slipping the spectacles onto her face had informed her that she was now a Grim Reaper.

"Don't think of it as an eternal punishment, dearie; just as a new phase in your existence!" Grell Sutcliffe had told her with a rather alarming grin. "And a chance to become a success in a totally different society, but on your own merits rather than needing a husband to measure your worth!"

Elizabeth took his words to heart, perhaps more than he'd intended; rather than learn the routines of the Administrative section that most female shinigami worked in, she set her sights on field work in Dispatch. She began learning her new duties with all the dedication that she had once attended lessons in etiquette and fencing. And she resolved to put from her mind her former love, the one who had failed her so, after she had failed to be enough for him.

And she succeeded, getting top marks and outshining many of the male trainees, and going entire days-or what passed for days here-without thinking of him (of them) or of everything else she'd left behind.

Then on the day she was declared ready to choose her own Deathscythe, flanked by Grell Sutcliffe as she approached William Spears' office, she heard just beyond the door a strange voice saying, "Please ensure she receives these afterwards." A strange voice, ringing with unearthly beauty, and yet it seemed so familiar...

Mr. Spears' voice could also be heard, saying flatly, "Regardless of your changed circumstance, I am not your errand boy. You had best deliver them yourself."

The other one said, "I doubt she would welcome my-" and cut himself off abruptly, when Grell lunged forward and shoved the door open, calling out with incredulity, "Bassy?!"

Next to Mr. Spears stood a supernatural being positively glowing with power, all white and silver, beautiful beyond compare... and yet, his face...! She gasped, "Ciel?!" No, no it couldn't be, men like him were always damned to Hell, the Church had said...

Well, the Church had actually gotten a lot of details wrong, hadn't it?

The silver-white being smiled at her. "Greetings, Elizabeth... and yes, I was Ciel, before. I was also Sebastian, before. Not long after your death, we... merged, you could say, and completed each other. And ascended, to the state of grace that I—that Sebastian had fallen from, long ago."

Sebastian, and Ciel?! He really did resemble both of them... and if Sebastian had been a Fallen Angel before, that actually explained a few things.

He handed over the large bouquet of flowers he'd been holding, saying softly, "I will not be so selfish as to ask your forgiveness, for all that you suffered because of us. But know that I regret causing you pain, and wish you well here."

Elizabeth noted the flowers, and their meanings: The purple hyacinth symbolized sorrow and regret for having hurt her. The white hollyhock and snapdragon were for non-romantic encouragement, and assurance that she could do anything she set her mind to. And the white heather symbolized a fond farewell, with a final wish that all her dreams come true. "Thank you, Seba- er, Ciel, er... what shall I call you now? Sebaciel?" It sounded vaguely angelic, anyway.

He chuckled softly. "If you wish."

Behind her, Grell sighed in loud resignation, "I'm never going to get that good hard rogering, am I?"
Kimberly T chapter 40 . 10/18/2015
I've held off on reading and reviewing on this for months, because it was tagged as "Drama/Tragedy" and I'm just not a big fan of tragedies. But after seeing it on so many people's Favorites list, and after noting that it was finally completed, I decided to give it a try. And now, a full day of reading later...

"Words fail me" is so damn cliché, and at first looks untrue because here I am typing words, right? But it took me hours, instead of the usual mere minute or two, to decide what I want to say:

Thank you.

This story does indeed sink into depravity, but that is not what makes it magnificent. No, this is rare but oddly beautiful love story; of two creatures who should not have loved each other, drawn to each other despite themselves, and finding out how love can truly transform. Of embracing ruin, and yet ultimately finding redemption.

This story is full of drama and tragedy, but it is also beautiful, and haunting, and it is without a doubt the best damn Kuro story I've read all year, possibly the best ever.

Thank you for writing it and sharing it with us.
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