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Guest chapter 125 . 14h
I can't believe how long I've been following this story. And yet I'm still in love with it. Rather u finish it (I really hope u do) or not, I'm going to keep following this story. Update soon :)
Leo the zodiac chapter 124 . 7/17
I feel so sad for lady. I thought I loved nero x kyrie but now I wish that you would just kill her off and start nero x lady
Leo the zodiac chapter 12 . 7/14
Devil may cry is in capulet city
SereneCrosstamer chapter 1 . 6/16
In celebration of its fourth outstanding year as a fanfiction! Woo!
SereneCrosstamer chapter 124 . 6/8
WOOOOOOOOoooooooo...! Updates make me warm and fuzzy inside.
ngrey651 chapter 124 . 6/8
"You have no idea what I have been through?" She SAW what you went through considering you killed GOD knows how many people with your antics back in Devil May Cry 3, putting the entire world at risk for the sake of petty revenge. You act like you're better, but in some ways you're not. At least demons or the like are up front about being evil. You just hide behind a fig leaf of "honor" that you have no problem disregarding when it means really hurting someone you hate.
Guest chapter 124 . 6/7
Awe a couple's quarrel... Keep up the great chapters
Meech Macko chapter 124 . 6/7
Lady's sudden aggressive and arrogant personality reflects on an other possible reason why she works with Dante. She did say she'd kill every devil she comes across and she did battle Dante at one point, even though to a high level demon like him, and Dante was playing with her. Lady knows she cant kill high level demons like Mundus for example or other demon lord level bigwigs, and as a human she has her obvious limits and decides to work and tolerate with them.

But it really does not make any sense why she'd suddenly try to boss around Vergil or talk too aggressively, Its like she talks as if she can take him down any second...does not make sense on why a very prideful demon like Vergil would tolerate such. I can only see Vergil reminding of her place and Dante could have killed Lady in DMC3, she stood no chance and so did Vergil too, who did pass by her "room" in DMC3, he could have ended her if he truly was evil.

So far, tbh...Vergil is total OOC, its like he suddenly became weak and docile from his badass time from DMC3 where he took down Beowulf in a mere second, and had PLENTY of chances to really end Dante when he was immobile and at his mercy. He could have severed Dante's head if he truly wanted his brother dead and all he did was a lame stab and as demon, he should know a simple stab wont kill beings like them.

So what makes Lady so confident to threaten Vergil by pointing a gun at him, knowing she stood zero chance? Now Vergil get threatened by Lady! He surprisingly lets her keep threatening him.

SereneCrosstamer chapter 123 . 5/28
Yay! I love this an in glad there's is more to be read! The "We're fired! We're doing it my way!" Made me laugh. They just get along so well.
Guest chapter 123 . 5/26
Wow Vergil definitely did come a long way from how he is acting now. But good chapter please update soon
Meech Macko chapter 123 . 5/25
It was very foolish of Lady to point her gun against Vergil, if that was some-kinda threat from her, it did seem very lame on her part or its just that it would like like a human pointing a gun at Mundus to make threat...

It seems she has forgotten that Vergil is not human due to his human appearance and has gotten too comfortable ordering Dante around and Dante being sentimental lets her do it.

Lady wont stand a fighting chance against someone like Vergil or Dante, so trying to boss a prideful being like him is equal to suicide. It sure did seem Lady was being too arrogant considering her lame threat to Vergil. One thing is Vergil will NEVER as a character let a human boss him around.

Tabbycat169 chapter 122 . 5/15
Please keep going this is AWESOME.
Guest chapter 122 . 5/7
YES YES YES! Finally an update, been so anticipating a new chapter. Can't wait for what's to come next
Guest chapter 2 . 4/30
I love the premise and I think your characterization is spot on. This would make an amazing continuation to the anime. That being said, the writing is a little clumsy. Not bad enough to distract me from the content, but not good enough to be unnoticed. The pluses make up for the minuses, though, and I will be continuing this series.
SereneCrosstamer chapter 121 . 4/17
And suddenly I thought of Vegdax vs Vergil.
They clash.
Vergil- "You wouldn't know swordsmanship if it bit you in the ass." (That's not what he would say but eh)
Vegdax gets enraged. "I don't know swordsmanship? Ha!" (More stuff happens)
"What has you so convinced you are stronger than my brother?"

This just came to mind thinking if Stylish Crusades.
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