Reviews for Stylish Crusades
VergilXSparda chapter 139 . 11/29
He was defeated even with Dante just using the Royalguard style.

Vegdax really was a casul.
Hellsink Bathhall chapter 139 . 11/26
Damn son. I honestly still cannot believe that this story is still .
VergilXSparda chapter 138 . 10/29
You sure that "S" wasn't supposed to mean "Stylish", Dante?

Also, I think currently this fic is one of the most famous long-running DMC fanfics, if not the only.
Guest chapter 138 . 10/19
Happy Halloween to u as well. Every chapter is definitely a treat can't wait for more
Angel Wolf chapter 8 . 9/23
Ya know, i think the reason why you have an allure is because you can take such great situations from other sources and tailor the classic devil may cry universe to them. That takes significant talent to do.

Regardless, there's of course several flaws. But that wasn't the point you were going for. I've said this before in reviews of other stories; sometimes, the mistakes and flaws give the work a much more distinctive character. Anyone wondering what i mean by that, this story embodies that sentiment.

This kind of story isn't supposed to be perfect! This is the kind of thing that's supposed to tell a story in the confines of a classical sense. The original series is beloved, by me as well, and that's what the flaws help to capture, the honesty of the original series. It ISN'T realistic. It ISN'T award-winning. It ISN'T Shakespearian. And that's because the original isn't either.

Also, i give you props for making me like Nero. Could never stomach his antics in the original game.

Keep it up, ya beautiful bastard.
Angel Wolf chapter 3 . 9/21
Thank you god. I read and reviewed the first chapter of a slash fic (long fucking story)

It was written so well . . . but it was so dumb . . . but it was written so well!


Oh dear.
I'm losing my sanity over here. I just needed to cleanse my eyes. I'd take a poorly-written story with a sensible plot over a flawless story with the worst fucking plot any day.

TAKE IT AWAY GECKO I AM SICK I MUST DIE!111! 12113JHH OUU!~!)(~(!U)**HBBF CHCBN CNBJWDH!(H(#!U()U#**ue3i289108t331h0ih1vbudsacbbuh398900u49ureu9aaallsjllllllllllllllllllllllyououygfhdsba...

Okay, I think i've calmed down a bit. Great chapter, meant to get back onto this story sooner. Some of the same flaws from chapter 1 are still here but i don't give a flying fuck, it's not yaoi, praise be to you.

Will be continuing to read until my mind recovers from the fractures.
Rankin de Merthyr chapter 23 . 9/8
Mmm... I like the set up for this arc. Looking forward to it.
Meech Macko chapter 137 . 9/8
After all the battles Dante and Vergil has been through...they are still loosing, especially Vergil, considering how thoroughly defeated he is at present. I thought all these previous battles should have counted to their growing experience and power...

With many demon lords and kings on the loose, things are getting more and more convoluted.

Dante did manage to fight off Demon Emperor Mundus with minimal aid and even took down two other demon kings like Abigail in anime and Argosax in DMC2. So he's got potential. Vergil managed to take down Beowulf in mere seconds.

Rankin de Merthyr chapter 19 . 9/8
So far, the only thing I've learned from this fic is that almost everyone other than the main cast is fucked.
Angel Wolf chapter 1 . 9/4
Ah yes. Practically everyone i know at one point has told me 'read Stylish Crusades!' 'Stylish Crusades is badass man' 'You should read Stylish Crusades, it'll help you learn how to write.'

Well, well, well.

What can I say? I'll eat humble pie; i admit it. It's awesome. A very fun tale mixing anthology with dmc, it's not the best written or particularly well-plotted stories necessarily, but god damn it, it's just really endearing because it's such a blast.

The character's are perfect. The grammar isn't so distractingly bad that you can't tell what the fuck is going on. And best of all, it really does FEEL like a god damn devil may cry story, and that seems to be something Capcom is determined to deprive us of for the foreseeable future.

C.B. Magique chapter 137 . 9/2
I have a feeling those tablets are going to spell JOSHUA.

Damn, Vergil got owned. I'm now really curious as to what exactly will have to happen for either of the Sparda brothers to go toe-to-toe with a demon lord.
VergilXSparda chapter 136 . 8/7
Woohoo! The crusade continues!

Also, shouldn't it be "Nelo Angelo"?
Guest chapter 76 . 7/13
I wish the game had these stories as DLC. Please please please keep this up all of my friends are rabid DMC fans and will keep an eye out for more.
Guest chapter 136 . 7/12
This is my very first fan fiction story I've read and I will keep reading it as long as u write it
C.B. Magique chapter 136 . 7/11
5 years... that's a kind of dedication I admire. I only hope I can do the same.
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