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animefan29 chapter 2 . 7/15/2012
OK, did not see Levy coming. Though personally I have been kind of a Gajeel/Levy fan. I find the way Gajeel has been acting disinterested in her yet is finding reasons to hang out with her amusing.

Speaking of amusing the scene where Natsu asked for fire and the doctor got whacked on the head was priceless.

The word surge is usually associated with electricity when there is a sudden burst greater then the normal voltage passing through the lines. So I would say that surge is either some kind of electrical based magic or it is body power amplifications.

Since you want to use your own OC's I'll just provide some ideas for magic.

1. Weather magic - Advanced branch of wind magic focused on creating localized weather phenomena such as sandstorms, tornadoes, rain, and thunderstorms. The weather phenomena produced is generally on a much smaller scale then natural weather, but in this small concentrated form it can pack quite a punch. The most powerful spell is lightning crash, a spell that requires total concentration and at least 30 seconds to prepare to call down a natural lightning bolt. While slow to prepare once unleashed the natural speed of the lightning makes it impossible to avoid.

2. Magic Missile spell - The magic missile spell allows the caster to shoot a concentrated ball of magic to physically impact the target. The benefits of the spell is that it is simple to learn and has a low magic cost, and advanced versions of the spell can home in on targets even if the caster can't see them. The downside of the spell is that it is fairly weak, usually having no more impact then a grown man's punch. So while a strong mage could shoot them all day without getting tired, it does not do much good against something that had high durability.

Element using wizards have been known to combine magic missile with their element to create an element bolt.

3. Arrows of Betrayal - Enchanted arrows that cause the struck target to turn on their friends and allies and relentlessly attack them, even going so far as obeying the caster's orders if it helped to pummel their friends. Arrows can be defended against by enchanted armor.

4. Holy Cross - A holy spell that creates an impenetrable magic barrier around the caster. Although protected from all attacks the caster can neither attack nor even run without dropping the spell. What most do not know (not even the users of the spell) is that Holy Cross has one weakness in that it can be penetrated by magic attacks that have been reflected by other forms of defensive magic.

5. Solid Air - A spell that binds the molecules of a fluid (pretty much any gas or liquid) giving it the properties of a solid. The spell is mostly commonly used with air because it allows the caster to make invisible walls. A skilled user can make an entire invisible labyrinthine maze.

6. Necromancy (not Zeref magic) - A branch of magic that allows the caster to reshape inanimate objects into a human form and manipulate them like puppets. The caster can control the puppets directly or give them preset commands.

7. Nature Spirit Magic - As opposed to directly creating and controlling elements through their magic, nature spirit mages uses Nature Spirits as intermediaries in manipulating the world around them. Unlike Celestial Spirits that can think and act on their own, Nature Spirits are usually very neutral and inert, requiring an outside will to manipulate them into action. Among the most powerful Nature Spirit spells is the summoning of a Spirit Warrior, an entity made of a natural element summoned to fight for the caster. Arguably the most advanced spell is Galdiat, the Sword of Light. Galdiat is a concentrated blade of light that can cut through any defense with the exception of Holy Cross, however someone knowledgeable in Nature Spirit Magic can mitigate the damage even if they themselves cannot perform Galdiat.

8. Beast Master - Beast Master is a branch of magic focused on forming an empathetic and mental bond with beasts, allowing for a greater degree of understanding and cooperation between mage and beast. Many beast master spells are oriented towards the care of animals such as feeding and grooming. Not to be confused with animal training Beast Masters have been known to tame and work with powerful magical beasts such as griffins, manticores, and wyvrens. The only creature never known to have been "tamed" by Beast Masters are dragons.

9. Magic Knuckle Dusters - A pair of knuckle dusters inlaid with lachryma, a magic tool suitable for people normally incapable of using magic on their own. Each knuckle duster is inlaid with four small lachryma crystals that can each be charged with a simple spell. Skilled users can combine the spells from two or more of the lachryma to create a new effect. For example a combination of the "Stone Fist" and "Gravity Fist" spells creates "Magma Fist".

10. Shadow Stomp - A spell where the user steps on his opponent's shadow, paralyzing the body.

11. Taboo - An area-of-effect "gambling" magic where the user establishes a "territory" where a list of rules is in effect and the breaking of the rules results in the separation of the soul from the body. Potential downsides are that the user must remain in the territory for the spell to remain active, and is himself subject to the rules he established. He can make new rules at any time, but previously established rules cannot be rescinded without undoing the territory. Any new rule must be publicly stated. Should the territory be lifted the souls are returned to the body.

12. Lightning Flash - A spell that allows the user to move at a speeds equal to lightning, but only for the length of time it takes a bolt of lightning to reach the Earth from the clouds. The user must wait five seconds between each use of the spell.

13. Cellular Regeneration - Body manipulation magic that allows the user's cells to begin regenerative treatment of injuries at the soonest possible moment. Even if their body is completely bisected by a sword strike the regeneration will repair the damage before the body can die. Users of Cellular Regeneration can push their body to its limits and beyond because damage caused by overexertion is fixed almost instantly. Because of this users of Cellular Regeneration typically have monstrous strength and speed, fighting with a highly aggressive style that relies on regeneration for defense.

14. Spatial Connection - A tricky bit of magic that connects the user with the target via a spatial anomaly that the user can open and close at will. When open any damage the user takes is transferred over to the target, and vice verse.

15. Infallible Marksmen - The user marks a target. From then on anything the user throws/shoots will home in on the target until a new mark is determined.

16. Water Tool - Through physical contact the user manipulates water to take on any form desired. The water could be as supple as a whip, as hard as a hammer, or as sharp as a sword. A forbidden version of the spell mixes the user's blood with the water, giving it acidic properties.

17. Blood War Paint - An esoteric forbidden branch of fire magic. The spell involves the user marking their body with their own blood, drawing out the inner fire of their soul and pushing their body and magic to its limit. In many ways the magic is like doping in that for a temporary power-up they experience a crash later.

18. Damage Converter - A risky magic known to be used by masochistic combat mages. The spell converts damage into power and stores it until used. The more damage the user takes the more power is stored.

19. Familiar Spy - Spell that allows the user to share a portion of an animal's mind. The user can then direct where the animal goes and can see, hear, smell, feel, and taste everything the animal does.

20. Fluffy Suds - A cleaning spell where the user generates a mass of soap bubbles to clean away grime.

21. Beserk Spell - Mind manipulation magic that turns the target of the spell into a raging mass of anger and rage that can only attack everything it sees. Because of all of the aggression and anger the target's brain naturally floods the body with hormones and chemicals such as adrenaline, causing a small increase in power. However because they are blinded by rage they target puts little thought of technique or self-preservation in their attacks. A little known fact about the spell is that it can be "watered-down" so that the aggression is maintained but the target also maintains the ability to use techniques and maintains a shred of self-preservation. The off-side (if it could be considered such) is that the Beserker will only attack those that show hostility.

22. Shadow Warriors - User splits his strength amongst solid illusionary copies, the more copies there are the weaker each is. Although solid enough to deal damage the copies are easily dispatched with a strong enough hit. Each time a copy is destroyed the remaining shadow warriors receive its share of strength.

23. Music Magic - Sound based magic that relies on musical rhythm and harmony to produce effects. Music based spells can be used to lull the enemy to sleep, enhance an ally's power, hypnotize, or induce emotions such as anger, pride, and serenity.

24. Bomb Magic - Injects volatile magic in an object. Once injected the slightest stimulus will cause the magic (and the object it is within) to explode.

25. Alchemy (you can guess what this is based off of) - User uses magic to change the shape or physical state of target object.

26. Anti-Gravity Boots - Magic tools that allow the wearer to defy gravity.

27. Dream Invasion - Magic that allows the user to invade and even manipulate the dreams of others.

28. Ghost Walk - Spell that allows the user to turn intangible and invisible.

29. Slime Magic - A disgusting magic where the user consumes fluids and then mixes the fluids in their bodies to produce substances that can be secreted from any part of their body. Exam
F yeah chapter 2 . 7/15/2012
Read that it was Levy and cheered in my room. I do hope she is a part of the harem. Levy is awesome )
NAFNAF509 chapter 2 . 7/15/2012
Awesome chapter :) Keep up the good work.
Anaklusmos863 chapter 2 . 7/15/2012
my god epicnis in the making
update fast
linked chains chapter 2 . 7/14/2012
You sir are a genius so please keep on going strong and finish strong I love the story and im posting this before i review :D GO GO GO i wish i had some that skill but im holding off until i get into university or collage
Lightningblade49 chapter 2 . 7/14/2012
A really good follow up,im enjoying the Oc's and Levy's early inclusion.
Mariena D' Alonna chapter 2 . 7/14/2012
OMGGGG I'm so hooked hehe :)))
Natsu is so funny when he's being squished into bosoms and acting like a tough guy!
Arvingen chapter 1 . 7/11/2012
Hi, from what u said in the end of The story of a dragon, a knight, and a fairy hunter (about a person from tenrou ark) I would think he will meet ultear or meredy...
And dude plz don't ever stop writing these 2 storys i love em so much!

Bad guy. How about a shaman?
Name: Emga the wicked
Race: Human
Age: 64
Body: Weak
Magic: Strong, illusion and beast magic.
He can create illusions and summon magical beast to do his fighting.

Bad guy
Name: Trisom The Fighter
Race: Human
Age: 27
Body: Strong,
Magic: Normal, enchantment magic
He fights using his magic to power up his body.

Bad Girl
Name: Medina The Snake woman
Race: Lamia (Half snake, Half human)
Age: 36
Body: Fit
Magic: Charm and Poison magic
She lure her targets in with charm then feasts upon them.

Feel free to change them however u want! actually kinda fun to create them. As for extra characters

Name: Wil
Race: Human
Age: 23
Job: ?

Name: Ella
Race: Human
Age: 43
Job: housewife

Name: Edogawa
Race: Human
Age: 34
Job: ?

Name: Arith
Race: Fairy
Age: ?
Job: Traveling the world

Feel free to change anything u Want
animefan29 chapter 1 . 7/9/2012
For girls, ever since I saw your other story I thought of Natsu having a harem of "bad girls." Members of enemy organizations and dark guilds like Ultear, Meredy, and Angel. However you said that Erza was one that you decided on and you have selected another that you want people to guess on, so I will say Lucy.

As for OC ideas, well I am not sure about full fledged OCs but I can give suggestions for powers. Like a mage that uses magic boomerangs that home in on targets (and maybe explode).

An anti-mage mage who can use reflective surfaces to reflect magic attacks back at the originator and can travel and spy on people via mirrors.

A three member gang of illusionists. The first illusionist can manipulate light, thus has degree of control over what his opponents see. The second can casts manipulates sound waves. And the third casts illusions via olfactory senses. I imagine this gang would mostly be thieves or maybe assassins.

Another gang idea would be similar in that they officers where one is an olfactory illusionist but they also have a guy that can discharge electricity, a girl that can conjure fireballs, and another girl that conjures ice and favors the use of swords, (None of the latter three are in the same league as the Natsu, Laxus, and Gray that we know in the manga). The gang would also have a master who can use the four types of magic the officers use.

Another group of bad guys can be experimenting on children to create a drug that makes the user temporarily half-man/half-beast. You can even reuse the slavery/rape thing by adding in that the bad guys also want to make permanent transformations to create "exotic" slaves that would sell for a fortune.

For some reason I just imagined Lucy getting kidnapped by the above gang and getting turned into a cat-girl (like in the Fairy Hills special) before Natsu rescues everyone. I imagine that would get Happy to stop insulting her.

One extra character could be a support type that Natsu meets, a chief who builds health and physical power through the secrets of his "magic cooking". There are a lot of potential ways this could go. I mean you can use it at face value, or you can make the chief a non-mage who just makes really good food. Or he could be one of those well-meaning but inept medicine peddlers who say they have miracle drugs when in fact they have nothing more then bitter tasting sugar pills.

Another potential arc would be where Natsu is trailing (or being trailed by) a guy who is releasing Zeref created monsters. Nothing on the scale of Lullaby or Delora, but little things like the D-ranked monsters from the Magic Games competition Erza won.

And that's all I got for now.
Coltshooter96 chapter 1 . 7/8/2012
Awesome man i love this story you must add mirajane. an also add edos erza like in your other story and ultear and cana. think about man
Dragonmaster1296 chapter 1 . 7/8/2012
great chapter man. the idea who should put in is mirajane, juvia, and kagura
NAFNAF509 chapter 1 . 7/8/2012
Quite an interesting idea :) Can't wait to read some more. Keep up the good work.
Generic chapter 1 . 7/8/2012
One Character who I can see you Implementing is Cana, you seem to like the amorous types and she just does not get near the amount of love she deserves.

Personally, I would like to see Mirajane just because she is my favorite, if you are looking for advice, I would say keep away from girls who have an established love interest because it will be a pain to work around.

Anyway don't make us wait long for it, I see plenty of potential for it.
jamiregui chapter 1 . 7/7/2012
Whatever you do, you need to put Erza and Mirajane in the list of girls going in the harem. Those two are just too good to be left out. Please update soon :)
Lightningblade49 chapter 1 . 7/6/2012
Why dont you try Kagura mikazuchi & Yukino(Sabertooth) for the Harem i haven't seen a fic with these 2, Erza's another i could see as well.
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