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Guest chapter 1 . 11/21/2012
Aww I love cute passinant and funny stories like this! Love this lemon!
Sexy Ice King chapter 1 . 11/12/2012
Usually when I see a NaLu fic rated as M (and we all know what that means) I groan a little because I think: is this just another pointless, plot-less lemon?

I mean, I still read them regardless. LOL. Perhaps I'm sad? Maybe. However, I prefer if people wrote lemons with actual meaning and emotion, instead of simply writing it because sex is fun and cool and it's hot to see Natsu and Lucy going at it for no god damn reason.

I'm pleased to say, this was not one of those fanfics :). It was a one-shot yes, but a one-shot with a purpose other than: look at all this sex they're having.

Firstly, upon noticing how tiny the scrollbar was, I was instantly happy. I hate when any chapter of any story (be it a multi-chapter or a one-shot) is less then a page long, because I'm done with it in two seconds. This took me a while to read so yes...I was happy. Props to you for that.

Secondly, I loved the characterisation. Yes, I felt that perhaps Natsu's character was slightly OOC (in regards to him seducing Lucy and ect) but at the same time, he is a teenage boy, and although he's not characterised in the manga as a pervert, he is shown to be in some instances. I do agree that Natsu isn't as innocent as what around 97% of writers on here let on. He may not react like this, in the way you've wrote him (playing Lucy at her own game and seducing the life out of her) but I can't see him backing off in confusion and lack of understanding. He has a penis, he'll know what sex is. Overall what I'm saying is: At first I was like 'hmmm' but then I was like 'ahhhh'. I do loves me a seductive Natsu alright ;).

I loved Lucy in this too, and to be honest, I think you captured her perfectly. Lucy is shown to be confident in her sex appeal and she knows she's good-looking, but at the same time, she's rather innocent and reserved. She doesn't hesitate to try and seduce the bad guys, but the moment people pry into her private life and joke about her having relations with male members of the guild, she blushes and gets embarrassed. I can see her doing this, acting coy and playful with Natsu as a test/joke at first, but when the tables are turned and it's for real, she gets trapped.

The development of their feelings for one another was refreshing as well. Like I said, quite a few of these NaLu lemon one-shots (or any lemon one-shots) just dives right into the sex scene without any history! It's rather annoying. I liked how you played out their feelings for one another slowly, until they realised they were in love with each other :).

This was really good, and I'm currently checking out your other stories. You're a good writer, and I hope you keep producing more exciting chapters to read :).

Kirsty x.
NerdGirl19 chapter 1 . 11/11/2012
It was written great and made my mouth water :) Keep at it :)
Nanda Kuchiki chapter 1 . 11/9/2012
OMG! This Natsu was so sexy!
My hormones! *o*
This fic is perfect! Congratulations!
Guest chapter 1 . 10/20/2012
oh come on. i like the evil natsu, no like other nalu that are present him as innocent, people natsu is a guy, and guys are not innocent at all, they are beast for nature. from all the readings i have done from romance and adult books this show is true, plus when i ask my friends that are guys about what they feel when they see a girl of their lincking they say the same. i am girl, and only hearing what they feel i get scare, so have there i like your story, you were more realistic, plus i been describe by many that i evil heee-heee
ghi chapter 1 . 10/17/2012
please i am begginng you to write more lemons on natsu and lucy with muchmore detail and lemonseyness
Demon-Art-Lover1 chapter 1 . 10/6/2012
Galaxytrain chapter 1 . 10/3/2012
Merry K.S chapter 1 . 10/2/2012
This was a really good story! I really liked the build up and seduction. The only thing I can only note that needs improvement is the act of sex itself. You had a lot of foreplay that was in character, which was really good, but when the sex started it felt bare in details and far too short. Since this is your first lemon however, this was a fantastic first attempt. Sadly, a large number of first lemons do not turn out very well so it's wonderful to see an exception! Thank you for this lovely fanfiction!
Guest chapter 1 . 9/24/2012
but slowly and surely i continued to read and glad i finished it
im also very glad this is a one-shot lemon otherwise i prob would have dropped it ;;
fun read and i hope to read more of your stuff in the future! :D
thesinner chapter 1 . 8/27/2012
i can't help but point out that natsu does have excellent hearing and how come he didn't hear the exchange between mira and lucy.. xD but hey i ain't the other and all you're fics are so freakin' awesome! :D
Mukuro234 chapter 1 . 8/26/2012
I loved it good writing
Cyeshinni chapter 1 . 8/23/2012
Ah, that was awesome!
woofyy chapter 1 . 8/22/2012
lol nice story ) hope you'll write more ) good luckies with your future stories )
SunsetRika chapter 1 . 8/17/2012
I love this one-shot! The way you portray a teasing Natsu is actually so like him and relates to his actual character :) Please write more Nalu you're one of a kind :)
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