Reviews for The Prisoner
Christina chapter 28 . 7/14
Beautiful story,but so sad for Maleficent. :*(.
Arilee chapter 28 . 7/13
Ohmygod. OHmygod. OhMYgod. OhmyGOD. You're amazing. This story is amazing. I only found it today because an author who's story I read on ao3 said she read your story and was inspired to continue hers and Ohmygod I can see why. I absolutely cannot wait for the next chapter. I love what you've done with Rose and Maleficent and the strength you've let Rose develop even if she doesn't realize it and is still confused about who she is. You're amazing.
Guest chapter 13 . 7/11
You've done great with this story.I felt sad for Maleficent tho.
Christina chapter 11 . 7/11
Another great chapter.
Christina chapter 3 . 7/10
Very good chapter.I knew she could turn neutral and not all evil. :)
Guest chapter 28 . 7/9
This is a hell of a story and I just wanted to say that I spent the whole day reading it and - wow. It'll stay with me for a while. You managed to kick something that always feels like it's a tender hurt/comfort fic into overdrive and sustain the emotional momentum through 200,000 words. That's kind of extraordinary. Also you clearly want to torture your readers and are a very very wicked human being. Wow.

I feel like I owe you more than this, for 200,000 words, but I'm not even sure what else to /say/. You're amazing. Oh and Sara had better die a death gruesome and detailed and satisfying enough to soothe the loathing in my heart, I don't think I've hated someone that much in a long time.
Guest chapter 28 . 7/9
Yay! You're back! Thank you
Hey chapter 1 . 7/7
Please plz do not abandon this story
Guest chapter 28 . 7/6
Ali chapter 28 . 7/5
This story is beyond amazing. I have no words for how breathtaking it is. I fell in love with this since the first chapter and as each chapter progressed I loved it more. It is a mesmerizing journey into their world and so well written. I hope you will update soon. The ending had me in suspense and when I read the last sentence I couldn't help but smile. It was perfect for the ending of the chapter. Thank you for posting this.
Lourdes chapter 28 . 7/1
Hola, no sé si entenderas español.. Pero igual te quiero decir q es increíble esta historia y en definitiva un gran alivio saber q la continuaras y la has continuado por tanto tiempo ya.. Yo recién la descubrí cuando ibas por el capitulo 27 y vi la fecha 2012 y si me dije fijo hasta aqui llego esta historia ayer al ver un capitulo
28 llore T.T es maravilloso q la continúes gracias gracias ! Y esta parte ... "Estas cadenas no se hicieron para mantener un dragón." Es asi como O.O ... Owwww!
TrissyLizzy chapter 28 . 6/24
This story is seriously the best story I have ever read! I'm not kidding, it's so well written, so thought out, elaborated, descriptive and wow I cannot begin to describe how amazed I am that you can write so well! Sorry if that sounded weird but I just wanted to say that I love this story! And asdfghjkl I can't wait for the next update! Please please please update soon! *throws you lots of imaginary cookies that will motivate you to write* XD
Stormy Trix chapter 28 . 6/23
OMG Absolutely enchanting. The thought processes of the two, the emotions between Maleficent and Rose. The feeling of dread, heartache, and then hope and realization. absolutely enchanting.
Tarheel1023 chapter 28 . 6/22
Hi there, I don't think I have reviewed before and I apologize for that. You are an amazing writer! I love the greatness in your detail and storyline! To me, I'll be honest with you, I wasn't much of a fan of the "Malora", pairing at first. But, I have enjoyed your story some much that I have read other stories with the same paring and enjoyed them just as well! At this point, I'll ship Maleficent with Aurora as much with the other sex. I find her character so interesting that I don't think it really matters to me anymore. Thank you for continuing and don't let people bog you down for such criticisms. This is much better than some of the other romance stories I've read before with like lets say a Maleval pairing. Don't be ashamed of your choice in pairing is what I say! Can't wait for next chapter! Keep up the fantastic work!
Obsessive Imaginings chapter 28 . 6/22
Wow, gripping. I was sewn to my screen as the chapter wore on. I couldn't stop myself. I could feel the emotions between them. I could not anticipate how Maleficent would get out until the very end. I will look forward to the next chapter eagerly. "Roses heard wrenched in her chest" should be "Roses heart wrenched in her chest" BTW.
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