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Lourdes chapter 27 . 4/23
Es increible ! Amo esta historia y a la vez la odio tantas cosas y tan complicadas! Es perfecto! Llorando por leer el proximo capitulo! Sigue porfavor!
Guest chapter 27 . 4/18
Please update soon, the amount of awesomeness in this story is so, well awesome. I wish that one day some amazing director will find this and make it into a movie or TV show (with you there to help with directing of course). I would most definitely watch it :) ;D
Nink chapter 27 . 4/3
All these freaking cliff hangers are going to drive me matter than a hatter
hainbane chapter 27 . 4/3
Interesting story. I only hope that Sara tortures Rose to death. It would be a just punishment for her disgusting betrayal. After everything that Malificent done for her she sided with her useles mother and rapist husband.
Neemoweemo chapter 27 . 4/2
Thank you so much for updating!
ArtWaffle142 chapter 27 . 3/29
Obsessive Imaginings chapter 27 . 3/29
Whoof! Combat! Drama! Declarations of love. You have written big here Masquerade. Was on the edge of my seat. My blood was pumping throughout most of it. Very much looking forward to the next.
supersayana chapter 27 . 3/29
Man, this story is so sad D_:
TheChiaroscuro chapter 27 . 3/28

ROSE- MALEFICENT- Fuckffuxkfuckfxnkcucjdbxb?!

Irene T447 chapter 1 . 3/28
I am still in a state of awe over the large block of something Protodayka posted. If someone has that much time to write, not a review but a rant about himself and what he thinks, he should just write his own fanfiction and leave you well enough alone. Better yet, I suggest Protodayka get a day job and become a productive member of society instead of clearly spending far too much time on sites like these in an attempt to make his mark on the world. The difference between people like Protodayka and the rest of civilized humanity is that we came to your story and read it. And we continue to read it because we enjoy it, not because we expected it to fulfill any character obsessive expectations.
When I found this story it wasn't about plot arcs or continuity. I was a sixteen year old girl confused about her identity and searching for answers when answers otherwise could not be given. Your writing helped me feel okay about myself, my thoughts, my feelings. You have a poignant, eloquent style that I love to read, and the depth into which this story goes is well beyond what one would normally find in your average novel. You are a skilled writer, and I think you know that. But most importantly, you do have the power to touch other peoples lives through the written word. And I want you to know that you and this story are very important to me.
Harley Quinn Davidson chapter 27 . 3/28
Oh snap. Poor Malificent and poor briar rose. Love the story and can not wait for more.
clair-de-neptune chapter 27 . 3/28
Noirmalfoy chapter 27 . 3/28
Just to keep it REAL... I LOVE THIS STORY AND I LOVE THE LUUUUUUVVV BETWEEN MAL MAL AND ROSIE ..AND YES IT'S FEMSLSH AND YES IT'S THE WORLD BEST SLEEPING BEAUTY FANFIC! I just don't understand that people don't get that this story has femslash. And people who keep ranting because they want to change this awesome story should be ashamed of themselves. Crazy homophobic people! Of course the story is more than the romance between our favourite couple, I just wanted to point out that Briar Rose and Maleficent are in fact, IN LOVE
Concolor44 chapter 27 . 3/28
Well ...

... crap.

Honestly, I don't see a way out of that. This situation is what I was afraid of, what I have seen you aiming for. But you have a deep bag of tricks, and a flawless handling of the language, and a keen eye for plot, so ... yes. I trust you. Sort of.
protodayka chapter 24 . 3/28
..."What we will let them have is a field of their burning corpses and a sky of their own ash to chock upon!” And if we Maleficent fans loss the war and become extinct, then let The Prisoner story be a monument to our actions. A monument that shows that WE the real Maleficent fans did exist at one point in time and that we fought as fans to keep the real Maleficent alive and refuse to conform to the way the world wanted us to. The Prisoner is a symbol of showing it is the fans who know the characters and stories that they love, not the corporations that own them. It is a symbol to show that the real people who continue the legacy of what they love are the fans; weather it’s a character, a story, a franchise, or a universe. It is a symbol of remembrance to the artist before us; showing that while they may be dead, their characters will not let them be forgotten. I do not know if we as Maleficent fans will ever see the Mistress of All Evil again, but while people say the 2014 film killed her, her soul is merely in slumber. And until she awakens weather it’s in a few years or a few decades; it is up to US the fans to keep her alive. I as a Maleficent fan am doing so. Masquerading as Quality with her fan fiction has done so. Now it is YOU the fan who must do so as well. The question is now this: are you a good or wicked fairy? THERE IS NO MIDDLE GROUND!

UPDATE: In fact, Maleficent just may have taken a nap. Just a few hours ago before this posting, I came across a video of WDW Radio talking with Ridley Pearson; the author to the Kingdom Keepers series. [The series that brought Maleficent into the 21st century, and the main reason why I became a hardcore Maleficent fan.] Before I hated this author; for not just making Maleficent’s character weak, but by also making a bad sci-fi/fantasy story that had so much potential. Before, I saw this guy as being stupid, despite having backstage access to the Disney Parks at night. But NOW, I see him as a guy who loves Maleficent, and despite failing to making her evil, he was far closer to the Maleficent I knew as a young boy than the Maleficent that I saw on May 30, 2014. So I guess now Ridley Pearson isn’t the one I should be calling stupid. Now I can call Angelina Jolie and 90% of Maleficent ‘fans’ who love and support that f*cking movie stupid. What made me change my mind? His opinion on the 2014 Maleficent movie, and I quote.

“I didn’t love ‘Maleficent’, I'll just go on the record here in the box; because I think it’s really damaging when you have an iconic villain, who is all over everybody’s list as the top 1, 2, or 3 villain in all of Disney’s history, and then you decide… a group of guys in some room decide they’re going to make her sympathetic. And I walked out. I mean I just could not take it. It cuts me to my stomach, that they would take such a great villain and make her sympathetic. And I thought ‘who are you people that are going to make me feel sorry for this wonderful creep of a witch.’ And I know the movie did unbelievable well, they’re probably going to make Maleficent 5, 6, and 7; but it just really turned my stomach. So sorry people, but I did not care for the movie.”-Ridley Pearson

Ridley Pearson, you are now redeemed in the eyes of the Protodayka. Proto and the Maleficent character inside me speaking: the author who was once my greatest foe is now my greatest ally. For the enemy of my enemy is my friend. People of the audience, this guy is one of us! He’s a Maleficent fan! He is for the wicked fairy cause. And you know what; were as before in other past reviews I made for fan fictions (such as When Worlds Collide and Redeemed), I usually tell people to not get the Kingdom Keepers because they were a disappointment. But NOW, I’m telling you guys to support this author and to buy his books. A guy who supports the 1959 Maleficent is a guy who earns MY support. In fact on March 31, 2015 (3 days from now of this posting); I want YOU to go buy Ridley Pearson’s new book called The Return: Disney Lands. It’s the first book in a trilogy that is part of a new Kingdom Keepers series. If you want to learn of the untold story of Maleficent’s time in the 20th and 21st century; I recommend starting with The Return: Disney Lands as your first Kingdom Keepers book. You don’t need the last 7 books to know what happens; but if you’re that curious, I recommend buying Kingdom Keepers 1: Disney After Dark. Why am I asking you to buy these books? It’s because these books still have the 1959 Maleficent character that we all love, and she IS going to be in The Return. Why; because the front cover of the book is the REAL Maleficent, with a Dragon in the back ground, and green light everywhere! If that doesn’t tell you the Mistress of All Evil is returning, I don’t know what will. I’m telling you to go to your nearest book story, buy The Return: Disney Lands, and throw away your Blu-ray copy of ‘Maleficent’. Now your saying: ‘throwing away 20$ of a Blu-Ray copy down the drain sounds like a dumb idea.” My response to that is this: ‘NO, throwing away 55 years of a great Disney Villain down the drain FOR 20$ is a dumb idea.” Seriously people, if you want to keep the real Maleficent alive, BUY THIS BOOK NOW! [As for Maleficnet 5,6, and 7; unless the Defiant One, the Prosecutor, or the Primordians are in it, then NO, don't give me sequels!]

I thank you the audience and the author of The Prisoner for having the time and patience in reading this entire review. That is absolutely EVERY POSSIBLE thing that I can tell you about my opinions of The Prisoner story. But I want to ask you the audience this. What do you think of The Prisoner? Which Scenario in the Ideas section do you believe fit with the story? (Yes, I'm late now with Chapter 27). Do you want me to tell you about Maleficent’s greatest nemesis by talking about the Kingdom Keepers? And should I tell you about the Staros Theory? [If enough attention is made in the review section, and the author allows me to share this idea with you, then I’ll tell you the Staros Theory. If not, I’ll have to share it with you till The Prisoner is a completed story and has an end.] Quality if you reading this, I would love to talk with you via PM, as I’m your #1 fan to this story; and I want to help in making the Prisoner a stronger story. As to everyone else reading; don’t forget to post your comments and reviews for The Prisoner and I hope to be back with you guys soon.

Until then this is Protodayka signing off...BANG
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