Reviews for First Try: Team Tetsuo
Guest chapter 6 . 4/16
why is he called The Boy
Aya Wanderlust chapter 41 . 4/15
Your stories are quite... how do i say this... realistic in a way and how thorough the plot was written so fluidly. Everyone can write, yes, but not many can pull off what you did. I'm so amazed.
Aya wanderlust
Nibiki chapter 41 . 4/11
Gah! Finally an update, Thank you! I was hoping for more on the Naruto front, but the Sasuke part had me laughing.

Looking forward to the next chapter. Ja!
Kittens Kat chapter 41 . 4/2
Awesome story! More Please! Thank you!
Seraphimxii chapter 41 . 3/28

So I havent been on ffnet in forever. Moved over to AO3. So happy I came to see how the stories were doing over here. I'm still very much in love with this and I cant wait to read more.
Vaughn Tyler chapter 41 . 3/20
Toris Lietvu Laurinatis chapter 41 . 3/14
Recently updated Yayy having so much fun te reading and reading new material on this series.
Silvanon of the Orchard chapter 41 . 3/2
I love this story! I liked the new chapter! Though at the end there I had a sudden vision of Naruto taking apart Gaara's "puzzle box" and causing havoc. That'd be a rather spectacular way to fail the Chunin exams.
Krisymkk chapter 41 . 3/1
Well I was certainly excited to find that this had been updated!

Will you continue to update? And if so, how often can that be expected?

P.S. I really enjoy this series that you've got here. )
Mister Whitey chapter 41 . 2/27
Finally First Try: Team Tetsuo has come back to
maxridelover chapter 41 . 2/26
glad you're back, i hope you have gaara understand the error of his ways!
sarah chapter 41 . 2/26
for all sasusaku lover check out this story "Gold Digger" by Shelmondaa lately she being uploding every 2 days and i have to say is my n 1 fic
Grizzmon chapter 41 . 2/25
Well that was somewhat funny.
insaine-since-1996 chapter 41 . 2/25
I just re-read this for the 3rd time, still as good as I remember! Keep up the good work, and hope you have a nice day/night~
CaliArena chapter 41 . 2/25
You made my day! I didn't know I was missing this so much until you updated it. Thanks. It's amazing!
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