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SillyOtakuGurl chapter 5 . 8/17/2002
I LOVE YOUR FICS! Tasuki and Miaka togeter, i love that idea_ PLease keep the fics coming!
Chibigreen chapter 5 . 8/15/2002
Funny chapter! The part where I thought that Tamahome was going to beat the beep out of Chichiri beeping scared the beep out of me. Beep is such a useful word... _
shadow priestess chapter 5 . 8/14/2002
May I comment that you are a very special person? Yet strangely misinformed, as I like to think that _I_ am Chichiri's most devoted fans. *runs out of fingers to count the people who have said that before her* oh well. I like. As long as Chichiri gets out with minimal physical and mental trauma...
Safflore chapter 5 . 8/13/2002
Ohayo! (waves) All of these updates are overwhelming me! And gosh darn it, I'm late again! Hm. (narrows eyes) Deja vu again, I see. (sweatdrops)

Now, onto the actual review! (Not that you haven't heard any of this rambling before, but...) Wow. With Shin stuck up your throat, though, wouldn't it make everything from emotional prep talks to mindless screaming...difficult? And yes...Tomo was fantastic. (Girl spit and cooties, anyone?) And so was the Tamahome/Chichiri interaction! Bad luck and the colour black seemed to be the themes of the day (ya think?). How pleasant. (rubs hands together) Such a perfect atmosphere for a wandering raven. (claps) Great work!

Ah, yes, and on a parting note, thank you for reviewing my fic! (kowtows) To ask you to read any further than chapter 5 is degrading of me to mention and even more degrading of you to grant, so I'll just lay off the subject for now. -

Ja ne! (flies away)
bashou-chan chapter 5 . 8/13/2002
Ahh, I've only got a minute! Just wanted to say that I'm very very glad to see this updated! It's so cute! _


peas: you had me really scared with Tama-chan! ~giggles~
Aynslesa chapter 5 . 8/13/2002
Shin...down throat... :: shudders :: Anyway, I LOVE this! I can just picture it all happening in my head. _ Can't wait for the sequal to White Stones, or the rest of Casting Stones. :: thinks about what Tamahome will do if he finds out about Tasuki and Miaka's scenes :: he he he
Chaotic Serenity chapter 5 . 8/13/2002
Very funny, Roku-sa, I enjoyed it all. Tomo was adorable, and Chichiri's girl...maybe you should put a leash on that one. Plus, Tamahome, Chichiri, and Nuriko were precious. *hugs her Seiryuu seishi happily*

And thank you, Roku-san, for respecting the fact that may criticism and reasons for disliking the pairing in your fic-no matter how much you disagree-is just as significant and deserves as much respect as anyone else's opinion.

And Kaze-chan...Who said I didn't like non-canonical pairings? I don't mean to sound nasty at all (Chao-chan doesn't like to fight), but have you even looked at some of my more recent works?

Anyhow, I love your story so far, Roku-san! Can't wait to see the "Clash of the Titans" when Tamahome finds out what's been going on with his lover and best friend...

With love,

-Chaotic Serenity
Kaze-chan chapter 5 . 8/12/2002
When is my computer gonna behave? When am I gonna get out of the light booth? When am I gonna get to stalk a seishi? ~grins~ "Stalk" being a fairly loose term, of course. "Ask Mits to be my older brother" bring a pretty tight one, also _ I didn't even get to cheer Nuri-chan with Mouse and Ryu-chan! ~sniff sniff~ Ahh, I'm just givin' ya a hard time since you're an inconsiderate wench with time management problems _ Your words, not mine, don't blame me!

Anyway, I still love this. Chichiri's Girl trying to motivate Tama would of COURSE blow up in her face, and of course Tama knows Miaka and Chiri better than that! Heeheehee, it's so much fun to watch all this! And actually getting to semi-participate is always great.

Mental breakthrough I think I've made: authors (me, you, Mouse, Ryuen, etc) torture their favorite characters the most I think because we're so familiar with them that we -know- how they would react. With other characters we're not as familiar with, it almost seems wrong because we can't represent their emotions as well. Just a thought, but maybe it applies to more people than me _ See ya next time, and keep going! And GET CAUGHT UP ON YOUR E-MAIL! _
Crazy Lady chapter 5 . 8/12/2002
Usagi: ::boncing hyperly in her seat:: That was great great great! ::has had 40 cups of coffee now::

Crazy Lady: ::watches Usagi jump up and down, sighs:: I still havn't seen Inu-Yasha...

Usagi: ::laughs:: Maybe cause your Evil Minute Hen got him. D

Crazy Lady: Nope! For he's mine! ::laughs insanely, blinks at seeing Tomo run to the woman's bathroom while screaming and staring at his hand, only to come running out of the woman's bathroom histarically:: ...And he's off.. ::starts humming the fox chase music::

Usagi: ::blinks, looks around while pooring herself another cup of coffee:: Who?

Crazy Lady: ::points to the screaming Tomo:: Tomo no baka..

Usagi: What? You mean the guy that tried to rape Miaka?

Crazy Lady: ::sweat drops:: Uhh..Don't you mean one of the guys that tried to rape her?

Usagi: ::doesn't hear this:: I'm gonna kill him for messin with my girl!

Crazy Lady: ::sweat drops, watches as Usagi gets up with an insane look on her face and pulls out a metal bat, watching as the bat suddenly lights up on fire and runs after Tomo screaming out a battle cry::

Crazy Lady: ...And I thought I was insane! . Anyway, this chapter was really good so far, and I can't wait for the next chapter. Also, if you wish to ask me more questions my email has changed to . If you wish to ask me further questions or anything. But anyway, I'm sorry if I had insulted the mightly one with the whip. I just love Tasuki and Miaka pairings is all. So sorry about that. ;; The story is going very nicely and I don't mind the wait for the next chapter. This story is worth the wait! Well, hopfully I'll be seeing more of this story soon. Till then, byez! ::grins happily and looks up at the ceiling then at one of the balconies, gasps at seeing Inu-Yasha up there:: INU-YASHA! HAHA! I FOUND YOU! ::gets out her frying pan and disappears, while her insane laugh echos in the air::
mirth chapter 5 . 8/12/2002
heh . . . feh! fuss all you want girlygirl, i like long chapters! anyhoo, now that my ribs need taping due to long bouts of uncontrollable laughter, just thought i'd drop my two cents. Gods this just gets more hilarious by the moment. Looking forward to seeing Shin's influence *the Bob Fosse, take was GREAT!* and quite suprised that it took Chichiri's Girl this long to come up with the tantric sex suggestion _ survived the 5,000 mile magical mystery tour and looking forwards to the next chapter of "Bridge". Kudos! cheers, later, mirth
Chichiri's Girl chapter 5 . 8/12/2002
Eoooooooowwwww, baby! Give me Chichiri, the Tantric Sex Manual, a pissed-off Tama and (kekekekeke...the cackling queer) Tomo, a swallowed shin by Madame Director and what fun! I had a great time reading this chapter tonight. All I can say is that you'd BETTER follow up on that one side-line story or I will be extremely pissed off. Monks with blue hair make my day!
Chichiri's Girl chapter 5 . 8/12/2002
Eoooooooowwwww, baby! Give me Chichiri, the Tantric Sex Manual, a pissed-off Tama and (kekekekeke...the cackling queer) Tomo, a swallowed shin by Madame Director and what fun! I had a great time reading this chapter tonight. All I can say is that you'd BETTER follow up on that one side-line story or I will be extremely pissed off. Monks with blue hair make my day!
aikido-chan chapter 5 . 8/12/2002
As I pick myself up off of the floor from laughing...

The Suzaku handshake! Ha! You are parody-ing my reactions to the parody! So many layers! It makes one's head veritably swim. Maybe I need to go take some more vitamins.

Oh, you"slut for love" you, just keep going - more sex and innocent and not so innoccent deception. And what effects will Shin come to have on you? Illusions? Homoeroticism? - oh wait - you already have that. And of course, I'd like to see more of Mitsukake, literally and figuratively.

On the serious side, I thought the visualization of the dream sequence was neat-o. And Tasuki's desire for the dream of fiction to never end - it was touching, and we in the fan fiction world can understand that one.

Kryssa chapter 5 . 8/12/2002
EEEEEE! *shatters all windows in a 25 mile radius* Another CS chapter! We've been such good readers we get another double-length chapter! YAY!

Lesse... what shall I comment on first? Uhm, how about dialogue? Too funny! And I think I recognize some of those lines! *giggles innocently* I can't imagine some of us saying anything like that, can you? Aikido-chan and her pills was hilarious, Mouse-chan and Ryuen throwing roses at Nuriko... so much fun! And so many of Chichiri's lines had me cracking up so much my dad actually asked me who I was talking to. Speaking of pills... now that you've swallowed Shin, does this mean you're going to be able to do illusions? That could be intensely amusing (if not overtly disgusting... "girl spit!" heheheheh).

Actors and nutcases... all of 'em! You've got Mitsukake acting like a real person (which an actual sense of humor), Chichiri doing some pretty wicked special effects, and Tama doing some wicked things in general! You're right- this isn't a play, it's a day care! I love how all the Seishi gang up on Tomo to protect their beloved Director. And your sister... let her know we're worried for her mental health and that perhaps it would be best to visit Mits in the near future (like now!).

Uhm, yeah I think that should do it for now. I love this parody, love your characters and their... odd personalities, and I simply adore the overall sense of fun and camaraderie flying around here. I'll be waiting ever-so-not-patiently for the next chapter! Luck and love.
bashou-chan chapter 4 . 8/10/2002
Ahhhhh...why haven't I reviewed this..! I haven't been on ff.n for so long and look what I've been missing! And seriously, altho I've been dropping my writing doesn't mean I've been dropping my reeaaadddinngggggg...about Tasuki. ~giggles~ I absoolutely love this spoof! It's so cute and adorable and giggly and makes me feel kinda cool for getting a line in each chapter so far. Heehee.

Oi. What's this behind-the-scenes action between Tasuki and Miaka? Hmm? I don't get it! I thought she was with Tama-chan. Gah, just what I need, another confusing love triangle! ;;

And I'm not sure if I reviewed your Chiri fic, but you must know that I love it! I have absolutely no clue who The Doctor is, but he seems interesting enough. And besides, who's gonna complain about a not-paired-with-Tasuki Chichiri fic? Not me for suuuure, and definitely not Chichiri's Girl! _ Hehehee...

And so, what I was meaning to say: keep writing! I haven't been active on ff.n lately, but if you keep updating, then i'll stick around for sure! You might even inspire me to write something...~a lightbulb glimmers faintly above Bashou's head~

Anyway, yeah. ; Keep writing. Or I shall bombard you with questions or "why why why!" and threaten to run up to stage and elope with Tasuki. Or better yet, during a particular scene ( 10?) stand up and shriek something along the lines of "Roku! Absolutely scandalous! What are you trying to portray, an x-rated movie! How could you distort my childish views of innocence left in this world!" and maybe I might start some sort of riot amongst other people in the audience...say...your mother? ~winks and cackles~


(agh, haven't emailed you in awhile, should remember to do that... talk to you later!)
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