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Marlza chapter 15 . 8/11/2012
I love happy endings, so glad Noah has been found safe and well, looking forward to the arrival of the new baby.
notactiveaccount12 chapter 15 . 8/10/2012
YAY! Another chapter :) :) And I'm going to review it straight away so I don't forget and you're waiting another bazillion years for me to post it :p haha

I know this chapter was only a short one but boy oh boy was it a strong and powerful one! I absolutely loved it :) soooo darned good!

You've got Jen down to a tee in this chapter: her stubbornness, her determination, her love for Nick, the line about her heroically trying to push through the pain was a particular favourite of mine. Fantastically written as always! (man I need to get myself a wider vocabulary, I say that ALL the time! haha but what else can I say because your writing is that bloody good! haha :) )

Ahhh I think this little baby is going to be a bundle of energy just like it's brothers :p hehe. More edge of my seat stuff here, with Jen refusing to go anywhere until she has her husband by her side and she knows her son is okay. Ohhhh soooooo goood! SO MUCH TENSION! You seriously should be proud of yourself, your writing just gets better and better :)

NOAH! Phew! I can rest easy now :) haha I was honestly so worried about him and the rest of them too...Nick,Jen and Liam but now he's okay! Ohhh load off my chest!

The detail and the descriptions in the part where Nick could hear Noah crying out, FAN-BLOODY-TASTIC haha :) Seriously, sooooo good. Tears welling in my eyes right there. Ahhh can't wait for more! :)

notactiveaccount12 chapter 14 . 8/9/2012
I LOVE how you described the urgency that Duncan was driving with at the start was amazeballs! What a vivid and potent image.! I had tears too- when Nick finally reached Jen and he saw her and and and... :'( haha. And Nick wanting to cry...oh BOY. WAY TO MAKE THIS STORY TEAR AT MY HEART! What are you trying to do to me here?! :( haha

Even in this heart stopping moment you managed to write in this gorgeous little depiction of the love Nick and Jen have for one another- so beautiful :) Could never read enough Nick&Jen moments :) They're just so gosh darned perfect for each other!

Can't even tell you how much I loved this chapter! Seriously. I know I've said this a few times but I really think this is one of your best chapters :) FANTASTIC writing :D

AND OHMYGOSH F****************! haha. Nick and Allie's conversation and the runner and ahhhh crap! If I thought I was on the edge of my seat before I'm almost sitting on the floor now :P. Loving reading these chapters again :)

notactiveaccount12 chapter 13 . 8/9/2012
SO SO SO sorry that I keep forgetting to review these last few chapters- they keep getting away from me! :p But here we go :) ...

OHMYGOODNESS that line where Jen talks about Noah being mentioned in the same breath as the likes of Madeline McCann...heartstopping! Before that I was sort of thinking..oh no Noah will be fine, he's just off playing somewhere but it'sall the more real. It adds a real sense of seriousness to the situation, extremely well written there! :D

You've really placed the reader in Nick and Jen's shoes, you can really feel the grief and despair that they're going through. A tear or three, or possibly more ;), was shed throughout the chapter. Why can't they just have a happy family with lots of joy and everything that a perfect family should be!

GASP! JEN'S IN PAIN?! I knew it was a bit odd- that something wasn't quite normal about the pain. AND NOW SHE'S ON HER WAY TO HOSPITAL?! WAHHHHHHHHHHT! :P haha

But thankgosh that it's Stanley with her though- now is it just me or is he quite the father figure in her life or what? :) Ahhh I LOVE their relationship, it is so beautiful and heart warming and a perfect little subplot to the crazy turmoil Noah's dissapearence has added.

EEEEP! I was completely on the edge of my seat towards the end there. I can't even imagine what would be going through Nick's mind when he heard what was going on. WHAT A BLOODY FANTASTIC CHAPTER RISS! haha apologies for the capitals but seriously, really fantastically written :D

notactiveaccount12 chapter 12 . 8/5/2012
Ohhh Nick :( If I could give him an even bigger hug than I wanted to before I so would- heartbroke again and even more when he said "Jen blames me for this." He seemed so full of despair, like he's just at such a loss. And not just because his son is missing but because he thinks the love of his life, the woman that means the world to him, holds him personally responsible for what has happened (even though she doesn't, not really, but silly Nick thinks she does :p haha). That required several tissues there.

But this line... " "What are you talking about? Even this afternoon, even tonight, she still turned to you totally in love. Have you never seen the way she looks at you?" Duncan asked incredulously.

Nick shrugged again. He had his doubts it would be that easy. "

Duncan could not have put it more perfectly! She loves him more than she knows or Nick knows and YES Nick it is that easy. She loves you pure and simple and you love her! Ahhh the doubt is so frustrating but I love reading it- because your writing is so fantastic, as always! :D

THE MAN! I KNEW IT I KNEW IT I KNEW IT! hahaha I remember reading that part where the man comes to talk to her and instantly being creeped out but thinking nothing of it and just storing it away in the memory bank but bringing it back like this ahhhh so good! creepy though- and the way you wrote Jen and Nick's reactions there, brilliance my friend! :)

The lyrics as always- wonderfully chosen and placed :) :)

The Liam bit was beyond words adorable! That little family moment, and Liam wanting to help look for Noah...I can't imagine what Jen and Nick would've felt right then. The thought of possibly losing Liam aswell as Noah would just make them feel sick, it'd kill them to lose him too. I think that scene, where they are just sitting in his room, like they're affraid that if they take their eyes off him for just a second that he'll dissapear... I think that's my favourite scene from this whole chapter :) And I think Jen sees a bit of Nick in Liam when he asks if he can go looking for Noah...but that's just me :p hahaha

I really do love the Stanley and Jen relationship- so much respect and trust and admiration and you hit the nail on the head (sorry for saying that yet again but I still can't find another way of putting it haha) here. You were so spot on with how they are together and what would be said and how things play out :)

Awwww Nick and Jen's hug at the end- I wanted to be happy because it should be this really beautiful and lovely moment but it was backed by so much heartbreak and sadness and worry so whilst there was the love there it also broke your heart a bit because we know how worried they are.

WONDERFUL chapter Riss ! :)

notactiveaccount12 chapter 11 . 8/5/2012
Even though this is probably the third time I've read this chapter (I will admit I did go back to my emails and read them all again and again and again- too good not to :) hehe), oh boy did it have me on the edge of my seat!

I love how you've written Jen's emotions/reactions etc to this whole thing that is unfolding and all the tiny little details, like the polished wood the table is made of and the 'daring little tryst' and the cup of tea and and and... haha ahhhh so so good!

Stanley and Duncan! eeep- I'll admit I think my reaction was somewhat similar to Jen's it's like oh thankgod familiar faces but then you go hang on a minute they're Homicide...this could mean something really bad and then panic mode sets in! But you wrote the tension and suspense in there beautifully, even though I had read the chapter before it certainly hasn't taken away any suspense at all.

You were totally spot on with Stanley and Duncan's relationships with Jen too- I think the Duncan bit was my favourite :) Because we know they really clashed when he came back to Homicide but they became really close, like in Guilty As Charged, they really care about each other :) :)

Ohhh how I just want to hug both Nick and Jen and re assure them! He is so dissapointed in himself and she's so distraught- caught myself with a few tears at the end there, especially with that line (and I know you know the one I mean hehe) because it's just so emotional and potent and so heartwrenching, you're really showing Jen's anger and despair over Noah's dissapearence and it was so wonderfully written. But for as much as we're seeing Jen react so openly about it, it doesn't overshadow how Nick is feeling either. Because we see how he's so upset and feeling so guilty about it that he just doesn't really have the words- of course until the end when he 'plops down dejectedly on the double bed' (LOVED that bit by the way :D ) and he admits what he's thinking.

And Jen getting close to him at the end of this despite what she's just said... ahhh 3 3 they're still SO in love it's too cute for words! :D hehehe

notactiveaccount12 chapter 10 . 8/2/2012
wow, major apologies first up, didn't realise I had't even reviewed chapter 10 yet :O but I shall start the catchup right now :)

Hehehe you had me grinning straight away with that first little paragraph :) What an adorable little description of Nick and how he feels about their boys and his thoughts about the new baby. Absolutely freakin gorgeous :p hehe I love reading about that side to Nick, I can really imagine him acting/thinking like that if this kind of story line was explored in the show.

LOVED how you described Noah with the whole football thing, and how he looks up to Liam and Noah. Adorable :) Perfecto description of siblings hehehe gosh those boys are cute!
And stubborn Noah hehe- I can't decide whether he gets that from Nick or Jen, perhaps a combination of both? haha that'd make him double stubborn!

Ohhh boy! that tiny little sentence where Liam hops up on the couch and pats Jen's stomach- so adorable, heart warming, just gahhh so cute :)What a perfect little family they are!

OHMYGOSH NOAH! Nick and Jen- sweeping into protective parent mode so quickly, fantastically written! You really hit the nail on the head there- I could really picture their faces going through all the emotions they'd be feeling :) And Jen having Liam glued to her side...oh boy you can feel the heartbreak starting to set in, she's so worried.

Edge of my seat already! Now off to read the other chapters :) x
flash chapter 12 . 7/29/2012
Sorry that I haven't reviewed earlier, but I must say that every chapter has been better than the last, I'm really getting into this story now. So glad to see that the whole crew has arrived. Looking forward to the next chapter!
Guest chapter 9 . 7/22/2012
THEY'RE OKAY! squeeeee sooo happy :D hahaha :) :) I had forgotten bits of this story already (bad memory I know, I've a shocking memory haha) and had forgotten that this was when things got better for them :D THEY'RE HAVING ANOTHER CHILD TOGETHER THEY SHOULD BE SO IN LOVE RIGHT NOW ITS INSANE! haha

the detail... rawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! WHY SO BLOODY GOOD? hahaha Your writing is seriously beyond fantastic, I don't know how you do it!

I loved the bit with Liam and Noah fighting in the back seat :) SO spot on, it reminded me of many road trips when me and my brother were getting up to no good in the back seat. Hahaha it made me laugh so much, the entire scene did- I could picture it all happening. The innocent blue eyes description about Liam- loved it. I could just see the look on Nick's face and hear him thinking that Liam has Jen's eyes... :)

Now this bit... :

" Jennifer sat slumped in the middle seat still, the bottom strap of the seat belt hidden under her growing stomach. Noah was turned in what looked to be a very uncomfortable position in his booster seat towards her, his head resting on the very tip of her shoulder. Liam too was slouched in towards Jennifer and rested his head against her side, his upper body tucked safely under her arm. Her hand rested on his leg as she kept him close to her and he held the upper strap of her seat belt loosely. All three were sound asleep.

Nick smiled and drove towards the house, knowing how lucky he was. "

OHMYGOSH talk about cuteness! That just melted my heart, the entire little section. It was the most gorgeous little description of their family.. AWWWWW is pretty much all I can say right now :) hehe

As for the end... ;) hehe thankgosh they've got their little spark back! and well...hehehe!

Can't wait to read more :D x
notactiveaccount12 chapter 8 . 7/15/2012
Ohhh so much heartbreak :'(!

How is it that you continue to write amazeball chapter after amazeballs chapter? YOU MISS are a fantastic writer. And you should be so proud of this chapter and all the others :)

I think this chapter is one of my favourites, because it's the perfect mix of the sad stuff that makes you want to cry (and perhaps on more than one occasion I shed a tear despite having read it before haha, it still gets me- especially the phone call gahhh) and then the fluffy, sweet stuff at the end. One doesn't outweigh the other, it's fantastic!

So many more wanting to lock them in a room moments too haha

I was reminded too, because of Jen's stubbornness, of that moment in Killer Moves where she tells him she can stand on her own feet. She's beginning to realise that she needs him so much. And dammit Nick haha I know he's trying to do the right thing by her but it's just as much his decision as it is hers, like I said another one of those let's lock them away moments haha

ABSOLUTELY fantastic chapter :D :D it's so good re-reading this story again for the second time :) I looove it :) can't wait for the next bit :) x
notactiveaccount12 chapter 7 . 7/15/2012
THIS CHAPTER *sniff* this one is one of the saddest chapters you've written...but AHHH so so so good!

I know Jarvis was only in this for a second but hehe you totally hit the nail on the head with him there. It's totally something he would say and I had the best picture in my head of that entire little scene hehehe

Oh the tension is absolutely bubbling at this stage- I love how you've built it up and up and up...even though I'd read this before I was totally on the edge of my seat :) Awww Nick- I know he's trying to do the right thing by Jen with this pregnancy but ohhh man I want him to hold her hand and stay with her right through it. It's your decision too Nick! AHHHHHHH! haha

That line Jen says about splitting up :'( She's still so scared to lose him!

My heart breaks from about there on in and when she takes the shame here in saying I cried yet again. Your writing is so full of emotion and it really drives this chapter. You should be proud of what you've done here! :)

Had another one of my ' let's lock Nick and Jen in a room and leave them till they sort stuff out' moments haha. Far out I love this story so much :D

The end was the most heartbreaking moment for me though I think was the line about the gum boots :'( I could see that so clearly in my mind. Noah's gum boots considerably more dirty then Liam who I'm sure would somehow manage to have his boots a lot less dirty haha.

I'm off to read the next chapter PRONTO :D hehe xx
Guest chapter 6 . 7/10/2012
Ohhh boy this chapter... :'(

You can really feel the anguish and just how torn Jen is feeling here. Their relationship is truly being tested and I love that there's a few bumps in the road here and ahead for them (as bad as that sounds :P haha), because you're staying true to what may happen in reality. It's not all rosey but STILL love all the happy fluff haha :)

LOVED LOVED LOVED the inclusions of Jen's thoughts scattered throughout- very clever :) and it works so well :)

Nawwww Noah :) hehe what a cutey...I love the show pony line, fantastic little inclusion. Although I'm trying to figure out whether he got that quality from Nick or Jen... hehehe

This bit: " The silence was smothering – so smothering he wanted to go and sleep on the couch, but didn't dare even allow himself to entertain such a thought. He knew it wasn't the right way to approach things." heartbreaking! and the end too. Poor Nick, I just want to give him a giant hug :) hehe. Wonderfully done this chapter, really liked how whilst you spent a fair bit of the chapter focussing on how Jen was feeling and highlighting just how important that was you brought in how sad and uneasy Nick felt with arguing with her at the end there and that was beautiful :)

Can't wait for more! :) x
notactiveaccount12 chapter 5 . 7/8/2012
So sorry that you're having to read me repeat myself constantly (having you emailed my initial reactions to these chapters when you wrote them) but ehhh like I've said, I'm loving reading these chapters for the second time round :)

Your attention to detail is fantastic- loved the little line about her packing the box with things like pancake mix...that is SO something I remember my mum packing as a kid when we went away on holidays. Always the pancake mix hahaha :) The tension between Nick&Jen is building like crazy, she is becoming more and more frustrated and poor Nick so far looks to be completely oblivious.

But the sweet moments when it's the four of them are just heart-meltingly gorgeous. You've really hit the nail on the head with Nick and Jen's characters here I think and throughout the entire fic. You've captured that stubborn side we saw to both of them (in the case of this chapter Jen) and then we see how Jen just can't stay mad at him, she loves him so much and all the anger seems to melt away because she knows she can't live without him...gosh I hope that made sense! hahaha

The door moment- cuteness and adorable again! I just wish Nick would speak up and tell her exactly what he's thinking, that he thinks she's a wonderful mother and how strong he thinks she is. NICK! hahaha

As for the end well... ;) hahaha Nick&Je Awww that little line at the end- with Nick liking how Jen was at the weekender :) sweeet, although after noticing it again this time it makes me wonder whether he feels differently at home :O Can't wait to read the next one...again :p hehehe

notactiveaccount12 chapter 4 . 7/7/2012
Love that you posted this one up so quickly! :)

A chapter just for a flashback...YAY! This family just gets sweeter and sweeter :) It's so good that you haven't just gone for the rosey, everything is perfect family picture. You're showing them enjoying parenthood but you're showing the struggles and that's so good to see. Because more often than not in fics people just show how wonderful things are and don't show the true side. Fantastical writing as per usual :)

Your descriptions are absolutely amazing- especially with the scene with Nick having Noah in the shower. Firstly that was just melt your heart adorable, so cute and the way you wrote it was wonderfullly done :) I think one of my favourite parts to the chapter. And Jen holding him on her chest on the couch, so so so cute! ahhhhhh 3 this fic! hehehehe
notactiveaccount12 chapter 3 . 7/7/2012
I had forgotten how gosh darned cute this chapter was and how adorable the Buchanan family are. You had me smiling throughout this whole thing. And I love how when Jen is annoyed with him Nick still finds the most gorgeous ways of comforting her and being there for her.

" they swapped cleaning weaponry like pros. " Not sure why but I adored that line, seriously one of my favourites hehehe

*sniffles* bit of a tear at the end there. Just beautiful. The entire thing; Jen and Noah having that little moment and then when Liam met him for the first time...oh boy. SO BLOODY CUTE AND ADORABLE and all things beautiful :) You've captured the whole family thing so well. And I know we never ever saw this side to them so writing it can be hard but there is no cliche here whatsoever and you and I both know of some terrifyingly bad family fics ;) hehehe and yours is certainly not one of them because this is AMAZEBALLS!

I so love reading your fics :) And it's great re-reading this one and picking up on little things I didn't see the first time :) more please soon :) x
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