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Softrock-showtunesgirlscout22 chapter 27 . 7/27/2012
Awww so sad this is over! But I really liked it while it lasted :) can't wait to read more from you
EnchantedWorlds chapter 27 . 7/27/2012
Aww what a perfect end. Loved everyone of your stories
tate4eva chapter 26 . 7/26/2012
Lol nice. Jealous Snow.
Softrock-showtunesgirlscout22 chapter 26 . 7/26/2012
Awww so sad this is almost over! I am really going to miss James being a dork but sweet with the flowers love your story :)
vicky chapter 26 . 7/26/2012
I love your fanfiction is the best ..!
RMSroswell chapter 25 . 7/25/2012
Eeek! I adored the last few chapters! The Urn Plant was very believable. I could just see Snow going around doing all of these crazy things simply because she didn’t want to admit she missed the dwarves. It was too cute, and I loved that line where he says ‘sweetheart, I’m holding an urn plant’ I thought it was so funny especially with the expression I pictured on his face!

Violets, how appropriate. I like that you do your research and the history or myths about these flowers goes into your story. It makes reading this even more interesting and I appreciate that you know your stuff! :D Anyhoodle, I loved this chapter, I cannot believe Snow went missing for a year! Goodness, that’s a long time, but I’m okay with it because she saved the kingdom! I was happy to see that the people were feeling ashamed for saying less than kind things about Snow, I’m a little vindictive in that way. But the flowers were very sweet, and her return was kick ass, as it should’ve been.

I liked the Wolfsbane chapter a lot, typically I prefer Snow winning in a battle of wits but when James wins in that way I do not mind Snow losing one bit. :) It was short, but so cute! Then in the next chapter, of course Snow can tell what he’s going to do! Haha they’re open books to one another and I find that to be very endearing!

Great story, I’m a little sad that there’s only one more chapter left, but! That’s okay. :D
Oh, one more thing, the whole concept of the Dragon War is so interesting. If you ever need another idea for a story, I don’t think anyone would mind if you reused that. I personally would love to read more about that particular point in Snow and Charming’s life, just saying. ;) Haha Anyhoodle! Happy writing, and I’m looking forward to the next chapter! Thank you! RMS_Roswell
Softrock-showtunesgirlscout22 chapter 22 . 7/22/2012
Just finished reading up to here and I love it! Sweet! Love Snowing even more :D thank u!
RMSroswell chapter 21 . 7/21/2012
-Creeps out from behind a corner- Umm hi. I’ve been reading this story well, since the beginning annnnd I’ve never left you a review. I know it’s terrible! And I’m oober doober sorry! DX So to make up for my lack of reviews I’m going to try to leave you a good one for this chapter!

Anyhoodle! I think this story is absolutely adorable. I love fluff, It’s one of the best things to read in a story, so this makes me very happy. :D I think your characterization is great, Snow, Charming, and even some of the other characters that you’ve thrown in here are written quite well. Snow is my favorite person…ever and it’s really important to me that she is in character, and you’ve definitely done her justice.

Now! On to some of my favorite chapters! From the beginning I’ve liked this story, but you really caught my attention on chapter five. I loved the whole story about the daisies, what they mean to Snow and why they freaked her out so much. It was very creepy and I loved it!

The Gardenias chapter was one of my favorites! I liked that we had to figure out who was talking on our own. And you know what? It wasn’t difficult to. You write both of them well enough that you don’t need to specify who’s talking. I’m going to go ahead and guess that pretty much everyone was able to discern Charming’s dialogue from Snow’s.

Chapters ten, eleven, and fourteen were very good chapters. I Loved the ending of ten where Rumple is mourning and I just thought all of eleven was adorable. Little Snow and James getting into a mud fight seems so appropriate for the two of them. :D In fourteen, I was surprised that James figured out Snow was pregnant first, I don’t think anyone’s ever done that before! I loved that Snow was upset with him, it made me laugh.

Now chapter fifteen was probably my favorite. It was very short but I just loved it. The idea that Snow’s love for James protected him in battle is so romantic. The next chapter about the poppies was very clever! When I saw poppies on the list I immediately thought The Wizard Of Oz, but I didn’t think you would put them in your story! That was amazing, brilliant idea!

Okay last little bit, chapters nineteen, twenty, and twenty-one were wonderful. The Snapdragon chapter is tied for my favorite so far. I loved it! Snow White is awesome and has a bit of a temper normally, but when she’s pregnant and jealous it’s multiplied by like thirty! I loved it. I had a huge smile on my face the whole time I was reading it! Very well done!

Well I’m sorry for not reviewing! And I’m sorry that this review is so long, once I started I couldn’t stop! Anyhoodle, I love this story and I’ll definitely try to review more regularly. Thank you for all of the updates! I look forward to the next chapter! RMS_Roswell
Guest chapter 20 . 7/20/2012
Loved it! Oh my gosh so well written and sweet. Amazing job, you have got some serious writing skills there. Can't wait for your update!
LittleLizzieZentara chapter 7 . 7/18/2012
That was different. I was thinking it would be another tragedy; I'm glad I was wrong. I liked the creative use of the flowers in this one. And the line "Oh Grumpy I won't ever forget you but please, you have to help me wake James" had me giggling.

And just FYI, I'm dealing with a pounding headache so this may be the last review for the night. But I'll try to catch up soon.
LittleLizzieZentara chapter 6 . 7/18/2012
Disney? More Disney? Bring it on! :) I like both, personally.

That was at first confusing and then depressing. I have no idea what fairy tale it was. Let me know, so I make sure to never read it.

I think that people who like tragedies would like this chapter, though.
LittleLizzieZentara chapter 5 . 7/18/2012
Flowers from someone other than Charming? Uh oh.
Wow, you have the queen's voice down perfectly. I could 'hear' the actress saying every word.
This one was actually a bit chilling. But I liked it because it reminded me of the show so much.
LittleLizzieZentara chapter 4 . 7/18/2012
The image of them chasing each other on horseback already has me smiling.
We could try true loves kiss but I don't know how many times that'll work - This line is hilarious!
Awwwww...I love that last line. Enough that I think you should use it again in a cute Castle one-shot sometime.
LittleLizzieZentara chapter 3 . 7/18/2012
Magically pregnant? I'm giggling already.
Hmmm, did I miss that episode about Rapunzel? Could be, since I missed a few.
Criminal I can handle, wife is just fine but little? I have lived with little men and I am not little; Grumpy is little, I am tall and beautiful and I am NOT being unreasonable about this. - LOL
Those poor council members! :)
LittleLizzieZentara chapter 2 . 7/18/2012
You wrote them so well I could just picture this scene. I had no idea that's what the Ambrosia flower meant; actually, until this fic I'd never heard of it. The way she 'scolded' him made me think of her being a teacher in the 'cursed' world. Except this is set before that, so...hmmm. "For every day I can't be with you physically and eveary day I am" is a beautiful line; I like the romanticism and dedication of it.
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